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3. Blonde in army.Military fashion

3. Blonde in army.Military fashion

Before survival school,probably, it’s my last girlish joy This factory sew clothers for Russian Armed Forces and here will pick up the uniform for me Elena Popova goes to serve in the army under the contract She already proved that she has exellent physical condition Today Elena will learn about the latest updates in military fashion Coat, another coat waistcoat And that all for only me? Yes Called this VKBO – all-season basic uniform (23 items) Summner suit consists of suit itself – coat and pants headdress take all wicking linen That’s how solders must look at summer What’s special in this unifrom? This unform has a high content of cotton It handled with anti-mosquito agent that’s why mosquitoes will not bite you within two years Now I’m dressing pants. that solders wearing at -40C I do it in boots, nothing wrong Why so many zippers? Almost all – the zipper and velcro. For quickly removing and put on clothes In the case of injury unbutton pants and bandage let’s without injury Ideas took from sportswear, ski wear We tested this suit and responsibly say men can feel comfortable from +40C till -40C, if he selected layers сorrectly Now we can count all layers 1,2,3,4,5 VKBOprovides up to 8 levels of temperature protection All ? No , you can wear vest if will be too cold Price of full suit – 65.000 rubles. Serviceman receive for free I’m like army principle – beautiful in the line – strong in battle Now , attention girls . All this wealth placed in a bag it weighs 7 kg We womens are not surprised by such a problem as the cabinet сannot be closed

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  1. А что там такого дорогого, аж на 1500€? 

    Ведь это тряпьё только берцами по плацу стучать.

    Солдату ещё нужны:

    Каска и бронежилет (кевларские от 1000€)
    оружие – как минимум 1000€ на АК-74М
    индивидуальные средства радиосвязи (500€)
    а также против "непопуасов" НАТО
    ПНВ и (или) тепловизор – от 2000€ до 10000€.

    так купите лучше снарягу для БОЯ!

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