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29 WEIRD Items You Cannot Take in a Carryon Bag (on an Airplane)

29 WEIRD Items You Cannot Take in a Carryon Bag (on an Airplane)

hey everybody the Transportation Security Administration created a list of items you absolutely cannot bring in a carry-on suitcase if you are flying in an airplane since we are in an airline family I have subscribers ask me all the time can I bring this item in can I take this through security so I have made a video to help you with 29 things that you cannot take through the airport security in your carry-on bag with you through the scanner through the terminal into the airplane and put it above your head or under your seat these are carry-on bags and when I say carry-on bags I’m talking about my carry-on suitcase that would fit above my airplane seat like in the overhead bins or like a bag that would fit underneath your airplane seat like a duffel bag a backpack purse or handbag so this video is about 29 items you cannot bring in those carry-on bags the number one item that you cannot bring inside your carry-on suitcase or your carry-on bag is bug spray liquid bug spray in a can and it might be confusing because in grocery stores they offer them in less than 3.4 ounces this is 2.5 ounces but you cannot bring it in your carry-on suitcase you can put it in your checked suitcase now a checked suitcase when I say that I’m talking about suitcases or bags that are taken from you at the ticketing counter before you even go through security and they will be in the belly of the plane while you’re going through security and walking to your airplane we recommend and what we’ve used when we went to Costa Rica was sunset it is a liquid lotion it comes in trial sizes like two ounce portions and it is a sunscreen repellent sunscreen and it is a bug repellent now all in one and I think the highest it comes is in 15 SPF and I use it two hours on a beach and ever even got burnt anyway that’s an option for you let me know in the comments below if you buy your sunscreen when you get to your vacation destination the number two item that you cannot take on an airplane is alcohol no matter if it’s 3.4 ounces or less it cannot go in your carry-on suitcases or bags or your checked suitcases a lot of my subscribers asked me about insulin and different medications and does have a whole section in their app about medication going through security insulin can be taken through security no problem it doesn’t even have to go into the liquids bag but it does have to be taken out and put in the bin but it has to be clearly marked that it is in fact insulin be sure to stick around to the end because I am going to tell you a really cool helpful thing that you can do if you have the free TSA app the next thing you cannot take in your carry-on suitcases or carry-on bag is brass knuckles now I’m gonna go over like just a few of the weapons or things that look like weapons for instance you cannot take a toy sword that your child got in that Disney this summer you cannot take that on the airplane water gun you cannot take those little water guns or the nerf guns nope they look like weapons they will be confiscated they cannot go in your carry-on bags fertilizer you cannot take it in your carry-on or your checked bags another weapon that is weapon it seems obvious but my son wanted to spend his Christmas money on buying a real pocketknife and we said no it was this big meltdown because we knew we can get it through security and through airport security because we don’t check our bags as an airline family we have to take carry-ons everywhere or yes we mainly do because if we don’t get on they can’t take it off the suitcase or off the airplane and if they did have to take it off the airplane that would take forever and be delayed and it would be our fault and then we would not be allowed to use the benefits so being in that airline family any what way too much infer we ended up going back to the store and just let him buy the knife and we mailed it back to our house another thing that you can take in your carry-on bag is live coral or live fish you can take both of those and you carry on suitcases and bags but you cannot put them in your checked bags I always travel with a power bank it charges your my phone or whatever electronics you need it to charge but be sure when you buy one that it does not say lithium battery because lithium batteries cannot go inside the airplane or in the belly of the airplane I learned that from a friend Jaime IV because she had one of those handy-dandy new trendy away suitcases that is carry-on size but inside the away suitcases most of them have a little charger area where you can charge your phone with by plugging it into the suitcase that is a lithium battery and she at the last minute had to check her suitcase down below at the gate because they ran out of overhead space so they said oh this is an away suitcase you’ve got to take out the battery where’s your screwdriver she didn’t have one she had to go buy a screwdriver and miss the flight they don’t wait on you you also cannot take any kind of sized fireworks okay you cannot take a golf club I think because it looks like four can be used as a weapon you cannot use a heated gel pad or freezing pad for cold because of the gel it is a liquid you cannot take a hockey stick or a lacrosse stick you cannot take liquid bleach by the way my name is Laurie I want to say welcome to my channel please leave me a comment below and introduce yourself I make videos about ideas that pop into my head lots of travel tip videos because I’m in an airline family we have traveled and I’ve made lots of mistakes and learned so many tips I also do fashion and makeup for over 40 and I have party ideas you cannot take a slingshot in your carry-on bags in an airplane nor can you take cooking spray I guess because it doesn’t come in small enough of a form I don’t know maybe it like is too combustible or air pressure tightened or whatever you cannot take cricket bats for the sport cricket you cannot take darts but you can watch a dart competition on TV on Saturdays you cannot take an eight ball you know why because conditions are likely that you will have it confiscated if you try to pack this in your carry-on suitcase besides firecrackers or fireworks you cannot take the English poppers that you use at Christmas time you know you sit down at your table and it looks like a little paper towel tube and if you pop it or you crack it and it makes this like loud gun sound and inside is a little tissue paper hat crown and then a little bitty toy great tradition if you haven’t seen that tradition I made a video about ten advent calendar ideas for teenagers so if you’d like to watch that or any other videos that I might suggest you can click on this little eye any time during the movie and watch those movies speaking of movies like the great one Uncle Buck you cannot bring a drill or drill bits in your carry-on bags you cannot bring marijuana even if it’s legal in your state you cannot you see those dogs in the airport you cannot bring marijuana inside your carry-on bags you can’t bring a lightsaber I guess because it looks like a weapon or either something with the light that comes on with the lightsaber you cannot bring pepper spray and you cannot bring spray starch and you cannot bring a spray paint but you can bring a safety pin and the twenty-ninth thing that you cannot bring in your carry-on bags is a throwing star even if you are James Bond you cannot bring throwing stars now thanks for those of you who stuck around to the end because I have a cool tip that will help you if you have the tsa app it’s my TSA on your phone when you first open your my TSA app on your phone you’re going to have to fill out like what airport you would be flying for all because that’s part of what they do they’ll tell you like wait Tom’s in that Airport I don’t think it helps but that’s what they’re gonna ask you when you open up your my tsa app it is free by the way and then at the bottom it will look like this and on one of these tabs it says ask an agent you can ask an agent if you have an oddball item and you want to know if it’s allowed through airport security and your carry-on bags I you can see here I asked can I take already cooked oatmeal and this is his answer he said that any creamy solution or food has to be fitting comfortably inside my liquids bag like I can’t have it in the little cardboard cup that Starbucks gives me or in even a Tupperware container I’ve got to put that if it is in the container I’ve got to fit it comfortably like the liquid bag has to close just so you know thanks for sticking around for this video on 29 innings you can not bring through security in your carry-on bags pop over again soon

Reader Comments

  1. I had a clutch in my carry-on that had a brass knuckle-like handle on it, and I got pulled by security. I didn't know why, but they said they don't allow brass knuckles or any weapons through security. Once they saw it was a part of the clutch, they let me keep it and there were no problems. However, from that experience, I learned to never bring it again.

  2. Hello! I am new to your YouTube channel. I am going to the Philippines next Monday and I’m just wondering what are some stuff you can bring in the airplane and what you cannot bring in the airplane. Thank you for the ideas!

  3. Friends its true that the rules do change every once in a while so it's a good idea to double check with tsa if you have any questions, as Laurie shows. It's also true that getting something through once doesn't mean it's allowed and you or anyone else will get it through next time. The tsa agent has complete discretion.

  4. Don't forget, too, that if you must fly with something you can't carry on, you may well be able to bring it in a checked bag. The pocket knife is an example. Larger liquids and creams can go there too. There are still some exclusions though, so check the rules.

  5. I got through with a toy sword once. Also got through with a stun gun. I totally forgot it was in my bag. I got so lucky 😱

  6. Thank you so much for this video. I will be traveling with a carry on only, for the first time. Once again, Thank you 😁

  7. Hi, are we allowed to take jungle formula roll on 50ml in my hand bag its a insect repellent but roll on? Absolutely love watching ur video's

  8. I made a flower pot for my boyfriend and I want to know if I can take it with me so it doesn’t get damaged (carryon bag?)

  9. Can you take a lollipop through security in your carry on yes or no I’m dying to know because I’m Gioni on holiday in 2 day I just need to know because I want to enjoy a nice lollipop from the candy store in the uk to the USA while I’m watching a movie

  10. Just to make you and your viewers aware, you can bring water guns in your carry on as long as they’re empty. When I travel over summer time and know I’ll be around kids, I always bring my super soakers. Some airports will still opt to open your luggage, however most don’t and they have never taken them

  11. Hello Laurie my name is Keshawn Spruill I’m traveling to Belize in September I’m a student studying fashion design. I would like to bring exotic skins from my trip is it illegal to bring it or should I have it shipped.

  12. If your child has a “meltdown” over a pocket knife, he probably isn’t mature enough to have a pocket knife.

  13. I'm actually trying to look for the largest size I can use for carry on. Figured I watch to see any unusual things things I should be aware of. Still gotta figure out officially what is the largest I can take. Imma try not to take the largest possible. But I'd like to know incase my family wants me to take more than I plan to take.

  14. I buy my sunscreen when I get to my destination as in the UK the highest SPF I can purchase is 50 but in the USA I can get SPF70. So it makes more sense to get it upon arrival!

  15. Thank you, I know it is not airlines job, but airlines do give complimentary stuff like hand bags. I thought if they could sell the whole line of product, anyway thanks for your valuable time

  16. In your videos a request, can you bifurcation into three categories
    1 Before travel

    2 During travel

    3 After travel

    You are doing a great job.
    Airlines should be thankful to you

    Some snacks and tea


  17. Thank you for these tips. I'm traveling with my 3 little kiddos tomorrow. Can we bring the "SL Force alarm"? Its a safety device attatched to our bags that sounds an alarm with a pull of a string? What do you think?

  18. I just came across this video and I want to correct 1 thing that you said. Lithium batteries are allowed in carry-on bags. Lithium batteries with less than 100 watt hours are allowed in carry-on bags and they will also be allowed in checked bags as long as they are in a device. They will not be allowed in checked bags if they are loose. Lithium batteries with more than 100 watt hours are allowed in carry-on bags with airline approval, but you will be limited to 2 spare batteries per passenger. These will not be allowed into check bags.

  19. Where did you get your info? So much of it is wrong. I'd like to think you didn't do it on purpose, but false info is still being shared

  20. can you bring any double sealed water bottles?? And so you can fill it up after you're done with security.

  21. You are allowed to take bug spray and alcohol in carryon. It says so on the TSA website. It can’t be 170 proof. Also, bug insecticide, such as wasp killer, etc. is what is prohibited.

  22. 1/Liquid bug spray
    5/Live coral/fish
    8/Gold club
    9/Heated gel pad/freezing pad
    10/Hockey stick
    13/Cooking spray
    14/Cricket bats
    16/8 Ball
    17/Christmas crackers
    22/Spray starch
    23/Spray paint
    24/Ninja star
    25/Water gun
    26/Brass knuckles
    27/Toy sword
    28/Nerd guns
    29/Pocket knife

  23. Thanks a million. The ask TSA app is a terrific tip. Thanks for all these calmly informative videos, immensely helpful!

  24. Okay I was wondering like normal stuff like a pillow or blanket. Now I know I can’t bring fireworks. Darn it! I always wanted to do that lmao?

  25. Thank you for this video! I have a question, can i bring a bug repellent that comes in a stick-form? Am I supposed to put it with the other liquids in the transparent bag that I have to show at the security check line?

  26. Alcohol can go in checked 🧳. Just insulate it with bubble wrap, clothing or protective glass bottle pouches (available on line) and be mindful of duty free allowances when traveling abroad.

  27. I’m going to Jamaica in 2 hour ,I’m on my aunt acc and I’m going on jet blue can I carry my slimes? Reply early please

  28. Thank you so much for making this video! This is great information for new travelers. I just came across your channel and I cant wait to watch more of your videos!

  29. havent even booked my flight yet and im already over this. TSA is a joke. all this security theatre and people are still blowing up and shooting up the country

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