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24 Hours on Maine's Coast – Overnight Adventure

24 Hours on Maine's Coast – Overnight Adventure

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  1. We hope that you all enjoy the adventure and have a great weekend.
    On to the next adventure. 😀 – Luke

  2. Just got back from this area!Its Amazing!Hint Hint….there's alot of cool stuff around the Gouldsboro peninsula….but don't take my word…well …..yeah take my word you won't be dissapointed.The black flies in June July in Maine are ATROCIOUS.Happy Hiking

  3. Great video guys. Should you decide to come up to Canada, and if you enjoy the terrain you covered in this video, take a look at Fundy National Park in New Brunswick or the Fundy Footpath. There's lots of reference material on line for both. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

  4. If you are looking for an adventure in Canada, you have to check out Algonquin Park in Ontario. Loved the video, thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey Luke if you ever make it to Washington state and check out the enchanted valley on the graves creek trail

  6. You might try wearing tactical gloves to protect the hands from squitters and it also protects them from injuries. Have you tried wearing a hat with a net, to protect your head and neck fro the pesky squitters too. Long sleeves and pants also help. You guys are such a wonderful couple.

  7. Yeah Maine sure is beautiful and I own a 7 acre slice of it up near Bangor (Ban-Gor). I was working on the cabin build while you were hiking the coast, Overseas now and home sick as all get out. Soon, home again for good.

  8. crush up pine needles an put it on yer clothing not on skin an the smill will make you inviable to the skeeders

  9. Hey Luke! I'm from Montreal. About the thick woods and mosquitoes: it's like that pretty much everywhere here up north from what I've experienced in my home province of Quebec and New England. Cheers, I enjoy watching all of you overnight adventures!

  10. If you can boil water I do not see difference burning some cedar/leaves in a pot to make a bit of smoke. Definitely bush hats and head nets.

  11. Hey! You two shuld com hiking and backpacking in Scandinavia…. That would be fun for you… Like your videos alot, Say "Hello" to your family from Sweden…. 🙂

  12. New guy to your channel…bing watching outside Buffalo NY. I really love your honesty on reviews! Would you consider researching and reviewing permethrin…? I just find it hard to believe that a chem. that can stop a tick in it's tracts, isn't harmful to us. They say it's ok when dry, what about sweating and rehydrating it…? (Think Round-up)
    Gotta go, lots more videos to watch !

  13. Hours away from the bigger city. LOL the largest city is Portland which has a population of about 80,000 people in the summer if you include the tourists. LOL there are more lobsters in Maine than people.

  14. Luke my guess is those are there for hiker's who are not prepared for the elements there are other places where people put gloves in bags for people needing them in the winter

  15. Beautiful and rugged area – I know it well having "grown up" about 30 miles further up the coast. I highly recommend you try to include a hike in Canada when you can. No visa required… just your passport (which is probably more for getting back into the US than it is to get into Canada). There are two wonderful trails in New Brunswick, and not too far over the border – one is called The Fundy Footpath (follows the coast of the Bay of Fundy over similarly rugged rocky coasts; and the Lighthouse Trail on Grand Manan Island (this one includes a short ferry ride out to one of the "Fundy Isles, Grand Manan, and is a wonderful elevated trail from lighthouse to lighthouse and around he island.) Beautifully shot video in Cutler!

  16. Love your view, video what fun! Come to Georgia, The beginning of the Appalachian trails, Savannah too is Beautiful

  17. for the gnats and mosquitos allow me to give you a hint the military gives its members a green bottle of what is called bug dope mix this with peanut butter and light it it will do the trick

  18. Grafton notch and evens notch in Maine are not far apart and are full of trails including part of AT.

  19. If you enjoy that trail in Maine you should check some of the trails we have in the western half of the srate… plus Baxter park in northern central Maine has beautiful trails.

  20. I think that was a Raven, not a crow. At least I hope crows don’t get that big. I always enjoy your videos, I like seeing someone with genuine passion for not only what you do but passion towards those viewing your content. Thank you.

  21. I'm wondering why you don't put a product list in the show notes!! Try mosquito coils, they work really well!

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