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.22 Ammo storage that's cheap and waterproof

.22 Ammo storage that's cheap and waterproof

well guys I just wanted to share a quick tip with you today this is kind of a solution that I came up with to the problem of transporting 22 bullets or 22 cartridges around I always buy them in these large packs of about 500 550 or so and in the past I've always kept them in the cardboard boxes and just used them that way but obviously this isn't really the best container forum they tend to fall out or if the cardboard gets wet or something like that they they tend to fall apart so the solution that I came up with is I stumbled across these at a military surplus store I wasn't really looking for them but they caught my eye they're good size for all kinds of different uses they are personal decontamination kits so that's was their original purpose they sell them empty now they have a lid that seals up really tightly so you can tell that that was a real good seal on top of it there is a strap that it comes with that holds here holds your lid on from losing it you've got a little clip in the back and each one of these kits here hold about 250 22 Long's you know so if you bought a pack about this size you could divide one of these boxes up into each one of those there so I thought that was a really good cheap simple solution for a waterproof you know reusable good way of storing 22s I like them a whole lot better in that container now and they're not falling all over my car so I just thought I would share that with everyone and yeah maybe you can use it yourself

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  1. I suggest putting some tissue paper in one and submerging it in water over night. If the tissue is dry in the morning you have a good suggestion.

  2. Get Ammo can with seal. plastic container with plastic top without rubber seal is not moisture proof. But the extreme car heat isn't good either.

  3. Try going to Walmart and picking up a Plano Guide Waterproof Stowaway Plano Guide Waterproof Stowaway they range between $5 and $6 and hold around 300 rounds.  The case are in the fishing dept. and work great.

  4. Those cartridges are .22 long rifle, not .22 longs. There is a difference. Longs are hard to find now. These days about all you will find are .22 shorts and .22 long rifle.

  5. very good , i bouhgt a ton of these surplus and did what you did to go with other caches . but vac sealed mine

  6. well done… always thinking on how to best utilize what's available. I have access to some and may just do that for my BOB… I think I also have these small 1st aid plastic boxes that are slightly larger- they may in fact hold the full pack of 500+rds. While it's not a brain storm- at least it's a drizzle- keep up the ideas and thinking outside the box (no punn intended- re- this topic)

  7. Wide mouth Nalgene bottles aren't as tacticool, but they're cheap, waterproof, readily available, and the screw on lid doesn't bump open when packed and jostled.

    If you wanted to go very low rent, a lot of food is packaged in durable plastic bottles with screw on lids.

  8. I just accidentaly found out the best way to store 22 ammo for me in paintball pods they will hold thousands of rounds they close preety tight and they cost about 2$ each

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