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211 Tips and Tricks for Last Day on Earth Survival Update LDOE Tips

211 Tips and Tricks for Last Day on Earth Survival Update LDOE Tips

JCF is short for Jugando con Fuerza
which is Spanish for “playing with strength”. But it is also a play on words because my
character’s name is Fuerza. So I am playing with Fuerza. Last day on earth has
revolutionized the mobile survival game genre. Even though the devs say that the
game is still in beta, there are already dozens of other games copying the last
an earth concept. Today I’m going to show you 211 tips and tricks for playing Last
Day on Earth Survival. When you first start the game you will be given the option to
customize your character and choose a name. You can go back through your
inventory at any time and change what your character looks like, but once you
pick a name you will not be able to change it again for 30 days when you
confirm your character’s attributes, you will spawn next to a truck… naked and
alone. This is the location where you will be able to build your base. Use this
directional pad to move your character over to the truck and then click the
interact button. There is currently no way to remove this truck from your home
area, so you can use it for storage as long as you want. If this is your first
time playing, I recommend equipping the knife and
shirt and then beginning to clear the area. As you approach an enemy, use this
button to sneak before the enemy gets within this line on the mini-map. By
sneaking up behind enemies and using the attack button when you are close to
them, you were able to get triple damage with the first hit, which in this case,
instantly kills your enemies. Enemies often have rope and cloth on their dead
bodies which will be extremely valuable until you build the workbenches that
allow you to craft those items. Some enemies will be bunched up like this
which requires you to fight the ones that you can’t sneak up on, but it
shouldn’t be a problem because these enemies are really weak and this knife
and shirt are pretty decent gear for your level. Once you clear the five
enemies in this area, you need to decide whether or not you want to design your
base with the trees on your land because once you chop down these trees in your
home area, you can never get them back. So my recommendation is to gather three
wood and three stone to build a pickaxe and then put your character on auto. When
you hit level 2, make sure to gather three plant fiber and use the rope that
you should already have to build a basic backpack which will give you five extra
slots in your inventory. One pickaxe will be exactly enough
to gather all of the rocks and iron in your home area and as long as you don’t
build a hatchet you won’t harm any of your trees. When you finish gathering
all the resources, go check out the abandoned base. This base is now yours,
but you will want to make some modifications. First, I recommend
gathering the resources from these broken walls and then building three
chests. You don’t need to replace these walls yet because no one’s gonna raid
your base, but you can if you want. For right now, put everything you have in
those three chests. Your weapons, your armor, the only thing you want to take
with you is your backpack. Now one thing that you need to decide before you leave
your base area is whether or not you are completely free to play or if you’re
wanting to support the devs of last day on earth. If you are completely free to
play, you should check out my video on the three best ways to get free stuff
in Last Day on Earth, but I’m not sure if those methods will be able to get you
the five dollars within the four day time limit. It might be, but it’ll be kind
of close. Regardless, if you are ever planning to spend money on this game, the
best purchase by far is the military pass. For the one-time purchase of $5, you
get access to a 119 new rewards that would normally cost
hundreds and hundreds of dollars if you bought them from the shop and it
guarantees that you will eventually get everything you need to build a
motorcycle which is very difficult to get in this game. So if you are ever
planning to spend money in this game, buy this pass and then take the task
list out of your inbox and see what your tasks are for that day. Completing these
tasks will give you points towards unlocking each new level. You can also
unlock new levels by paying 25 coins, but if you want to do that, I would strongly
recommend saving your coins for the final tasks which can also be skipped for
25 coins, but they require more points to unlock. Once you’ve memorized your task
for the day go ahead and put that note in one of your chests because you don’t
need to bring it with you to complete the quests. Now if you’re not buying the
military pass because you’re a free-to-play player, don’t worry. I got
your back. It may be a lot harder for you, but all of my tutorials are geared
towards helping players do things in this game in a way that is free to play.
So after you decide all that and you are completely naked leave the area. When you
enter the world map for the first time, a crashed airplane event will appear. In
the rare occasion that it does not appear, do not go back into your
base yet or else you will spawn the healer too early. Rather, just sprint to
bunker Bravo and then enter and exit the area and it will appear. Plane crashes
are incredible events and you only get to experienced this event two times ever,
so you want to make the most of it. I recommend using 30 energy to get to this
event instantly and then as soon as you enter the area, go ahead and try to leave
the area. When you do, this pop-up will appear allowing you to make a one-time
purchase of a military backpack for two dollars. This is the second best deal
that you can get in this game because the only other way to get this nicer
backpack is to get to level 64 or to spend closer to $10 at the shop but again
if you are free to play, no worries. When I started playing this game the
military backpack didn’t even exist yet. As you go through these chests, you want
to prioritize weapons, armor and food because those are the hardest items to
get a low level. Be sure to equip items to save room. It is important to note that
by equipping food or healing in this slot, it allows you to heal while you’re
fighting. When you’re in your inventory, you will notice a hunger and thirst
meter. You will probably start to get hungry and thirsty for the first time
during this event so since you will not be able to bring everything back with
you, I recommend eating some jerky and drinking water as you loot the area so that you
leave with these meters at 100%. You will get attacked by a couple wolves while
you’re here, but you shouldn’t have any problems taking them out. If you did not
get the military backpack, your inventory should look kind of like this
when you’re done. It might feel like you’re leaving a lot of things behind,
but all of the items that I did not pick up in this tutorial are pretty common
items and you won’t really need them until you’re much higher level so go
ahead and leave the area and return home. You can run if you want to, but you
should keep in mind that only one energy is restored every 5 minutes. When you
arrive, you will find the healer. In exchange for watching an advertisement,
the healer will give you some kind of buff. The best buffs to get early in the
game are “Muscle Vines” which restore your energy to 100 and “Brainweed Seeds” which
doubles the amount of experience you get for one hour. After you watch the
commercial, put your stuff away and then grab the knife and shirt that you got in
the beginning of the game. Put some berries in your quick slot and then
leave the area. Armor in this game has exponentially diminishing returns so
I recommend only using one piece of armor at a time until you have the
ability to make armor for yourself. If you ran home, an airdrop should appear.
Your first airdrop of the day always spawns after you leave an area when your
energy is below 70. Air drops are not nearly as amazing as the crashed plane
event but they are still a good event. Try to avoid enemies as you make your
way to the middle of map. You’ll probably get spotted by one of these toxic
spitters, but again, as long as you have your knife and berries equipped, you will
have no trouble killing anything that comes at you. When you loot the airdrop,
you get a weapon and 10 refined items. These are really helpful for starting
out. You will also want to be on the lookout for any of these rare items that
are sometimes found in air drops. But go ahead and grab everything because
at this point in the game almost everything is useful to you and then leave the area.
You can see that I started to farm the zone here because I thought it might be
more efficient, but then I realized that sometimes stronger AI players will spawn
at air drops and AI players are the number one way that new players die in
this game. Now usually that’s because they haven’t figured out the healing
quick shot yet, but I don’t care. I do not want you guys to die following this
tutorial because dying usually means you lose everything on you. So just leave the
area and go back home. Put your stuff away again and then head to the green pine
zone. The first time you enter a green zone, an AI player with half health will
attack you. When you kill him, you will find a chopper wheel. This is a very rare
item. You will never get a chopper wheel in any of the zones ever again so make
sure to take this home. After you finish looting his body, a puppy will come up to
you. Go over to the puppy and use the interact button to pick him up. This is
also a very rare item and only happens the first time you enter a green zone so
make sure to bring this item home as well. After grabbing these items, start
clearing the zone the same way we cleared the home area. This area is a lot
bigger and has a few fast biters, but it is still pretty easy to clear with the
equipment you have. Your knife is only good for a hundred hits even at full
durability so it will break before you finish clearing the zone. When this
happens, use three wood to craft a spear. The spear obviously doesn’t do as
much damage, but if you move between hits, you can limit how many time enemies are
able to hit you. Once you clear all the enemies, make sure to have a hatchet and a pickaxe
and then put your character on auto Since this video is just an overview,
I am not going to go into detail on how to get the different resources,
but if you need help getting any resource in this game, I have an entire
playlist with extensive tutorials on the most efficient way to get each
resource that is currently in the game. Using berries is the most efficient way to
heal, but they don’t help your hunger and thirst bar very much so you will get
hungry and thirsty while farming this zone. You can often find beans and water
in this chest, but if for some reason that isn’t working, just click the shop
button and go into your inbox. Everyday, at midnight GMT, 3 baked beans and 3 waters will be added here as long as you remember to collect them.
These are really useful in a pinch. As soon as your inventory gets full, leave
the area. When you travel away from any resource zone in the game, it will be
completely reset. This allows you to travel to them multiple times and get
lots and lots of resources. These zones; however, never reset or they reset on a
timer and then events obviously reset each new time they spawn. This destroyed
convoy event is also an amazing event and I’d recommend going to it because it
often has a bunker alpha access card, but if you’re a new player, do not pick up
the minigun. Now if you not new, make sure to have another weapon in your quick
slot so you can switch weapons as soon as you pick it up, but I would suggest
that if you’re new, do not pick it up. Especially if you get the bunker alpha
access card. At this point you will have earned about 5 new skills. You get
skills pretty much the same way you level up, but they are location-based
and normal experience buffs do not increase how much skill experience you
get. When you click learn, you will randomly get one of 6 skills. Sometimes
you are offered the chance to buy an experience book for $2. Experience books
give you exactly half of a skill which might not seem that great, but skills get
exponentially harder to get as you get more of them so this is not a bad
purchase as long as you don’t use the book until you have at least 20 to 25
skills in that area. You can keep the books in your inbox for as long as you
want. These pine zones offer these 6 skills. The skill in this slot is usually
an active skill that you will be able to go into your inventory and set them as a
substitute for the auto or sneak buttons. And the skill in this slot has historically
been extremely rare, but the developers have made a lot of changes in this last
update and I got it in this tutorial so it might not be that hard anymore. And
some of these rare skills do not exist yet. Since this game is in beta, there are
a lot of things that do not exist in the game yet. Knowing what does and doesn’t
exist in the game is obviously important for knowing what to build, so I
recommend either watching my videos to learn this information or visiting
our website, On that website, you are able to learn almost
everything you want to know about the game including which items do and do not
exist. The mountain areas offer these six skills including the skill to access the
second pocket which I got yesterday and it is dope! Fighting in the bunker will
give you experience towards these six skills. This skill allows you to get your
health up to 120 which is incredible. But in order to get into bunker alpha, you
need to get a bunker alpha access card. The same thing is true for Bunker Bravo.
You can find these access cards from the enemies and the chests in the zones. This will usually take several trips
before you find the right access card. Bunker alpha is one of the most
difficult challenges in the game so once you get access to the bunker, I recommend
checking out my playlist called “Everything you need to know about Bunker
Alfa.” Raiding these AI bases will give you experience toward these six skills,
but the best way to get experience in this category is by raiding other players
bases, which will become available to you through the CB radio exactly a hundred
and twenty hours after you build it. And then after you build your motorcycle
you’ll be able to unlock the watchtower, which gives you access to the oak and
copper zones. Oak zones give you these six skills, and winter zones offer these.
Including the role, which I believe is the most powerful active skill in the
game. These red arrows on the map signify when the zombie horde will arrive at
your base. When they arrive they will destroy low-level walls. You can upgrade
your floors and then walls by clicking on the existing floors and walls while
having the resources required to upgrade them. The zombie horde will normally
destroy dozens of level one walls or a few level two walls, but they cannot
destroy level three or four walls. The only thing the horde does is destroy
walls, so if you let all of these level two walls get destroyed then the horde
can’t really do anything else to you. Not having walls isn’t
really a problem until you want to start raiding other players
bases, because once you accept the Raiders tasks and start raiding other
players bases you open up the opportunity for your base to be raided.
Most of your progression through this game will be determined by how fast you
were able to level up and build the workbenches in your crafting menu. The
garden bed is going to be your best source of food for the long haul, but it doesn’t
give it to you quickly. The campfire is crucial for making coal, which is the
most efficient fuel in the game and it can also help stretch how much food you
have. The woodworking bench and furnace are the two most used work benches in
the game. I recommend building two of each of them and keeping them busy as
soon as you can. The CB radio allows you to access the dealer, who doesn’t really
offer that great of deals, and then five days later the Raiders, which is a much
bigger benefit. As you can see from the CB radio in your base many of the items
in your crafting tab require you to assemble them after placing them, which
usually costs a lot more resources than it does to place them. These are
important but pretty self-explanatory. Obviously the motorcycle requires
assembly, and you should know that it takes even a really active player at
least a month to complete it. It could take a lot longer than that. If you
want to know everything there is to know about building your motorcycle, you
should check out my video on building it. The dog pen also requires assembly, but
it is not nearly as hard to complete. When you finish it, you’re able to
release the puppy you got earlier. These four crafting tables are pretty
important but also self-explanatory. The doormat allows you to pick your spawn
point in your base so that you don’t always spawn near the truck. Then we
get to the sewing machine. In my opinion, the sewing machine is the first step in
the intermediate play in this game. It allows you to turn fiber into cloth and
cloth into thick fabric. These are crucial ingredients for so many
important items in the game and I recommend crafting it as soon as you can.
One of the most common mistakes new players make is using their resources
towards assembling the motorcycle instead of saving them to craft these
important work benches. The ATV requires further assembly, but
doesn’t actually exist yet though it seems like it will be coming out very very soon.
The gunsmith has recently become a huge part of the game which is why
they start you out with one. The blueprints you get throughout the game
allow you to assemble weapon modifications here at the gunsmith bench. Once you assemble
those modifications, you can add them to any weapon you get of that type. You
don’t really need to know that much about weapon modifications until you
assemble your gunsmith bench, but once you do, I recommend checking out because we are updating the database
with all of the weapon modifications in the game around the same time that we’re
posting this video. The radio tower has just recently been added the game.
Currently you can only get to level one which allows you to have 5 friends in
the game, but you can only chat with them right now. The developers of last day on earth
have expressed that they’re hoping to expand this soon so we can actually play
with each other. The recycler is another huge part of the game. There are some
very important materials in this game that can only be obtained by recycling
other things in the recycler. Your chances of getting the most desired
items are based on how much durability that item has and they are increased as
you level up your recycler. This can be very difficult to do when you’re
starting off but as you get to higher levels, you will have a lot of extra
resources which makes it a lot easier. The main use for the electric generator
is to unlock the watchtower, but it cannot be carried unless you have a
motorcycle so make sure to assemble your motorcycle before your generator. The
blueprint for the acid bath should be somewhere around here, but it doesn’t
show up on here until you find it on the third floor of bunker alpha. The acid
bath is important because it allows you to open infected crates which is part of
advanced play. The smelting furnace is also for advanced play and the machete
has one of the highest dps ratings out of any of the craftable items. The saw
blade mace has the highest craftable sneak attack damage and the military
backpack is incredibly useful. Once you get this far down in the crafting menu, a
large percent of these items don’t exist in the game yet so if you’re curious
about something, be sure to look it up on
If the item does exist, then you can click on this tab right here and
it will take you to an article explaining the fastest or best way to
get that item. In addition to those 176 tips and tricks, I have 35 more for you.
When you’re picking up puppies, look to see if their collar is blue or red so
that you know what gender they are before you pick them up and then put
your male and female puppies into different storage chests. That way
you can release an equal amount of male and females into your dog pen to avoid
wasting a ton of food because of extra dogs. Don’t cook steak because jerky is
way more efficient, especially now that you start out with a meat drying rack. If
you’re playing a lot in the very beginning, you might want to use normal
wood as fuel even though it’s less efficient because you will need all of
your planks for building new work benches. Drinking 13 bottles of water
will make you need to pee. And beer pretty much makes you pee every time.
Peeing and getting hit by toxic spitters will increase your stink level. Once you
hit a red stink level, enemies will see you from farther away and you will not
be able to sneak up on them. If you are looking for one particular item, you can
use the split item feature to fill up all of your empty inventory slots and
then put your character in auto. This will make your character only gather the
items you have room for. Leaving the bunker floor resets all of the
enemies on that floor allowing you to get one sneak attack on each enemy. You
can get the bunker alpha entry code from your CB radio and this dead guy in the
zones. You can also get it from most last day on earth communities which I would
recommend joining on. There are a lot of really good communities around this game.
Your hunger and thirst meters lose one point every eight seconds. Knowing this
allows you to calculate how much time you have to finish farming a zone. If you
die your home area, your body will stay in that same place until you die
somewhere else in your home area. Farming just the outskirts of zones is a
great way to get resources for almost no costs. You can use bunkers or AI bases
for temporary storage while you farm a nearby zone several times before
returning home. You can kill some enemies in Bunker
Alfa without getting hit if you have the right weapon. You can shoot through
windows so keep that in mind when you’re designing your base. Surrounding your
base with a big wall hides what it looks like for other players when they are
raiding it. Using the honeycomb tactic is stupid because it breaks the game and I
have a lot of opinions about it that I’m not going to share because it is also a
really smart tactic and it is extremely effective. You can click drive on the
motorcycle even if you plan to walk or run so you still get to use the extra
four inventory slots. Even though there’s a lower chance of getting what you want
from recycling items with low durability, they still give your recycler
the same amount of experience so it’s best to first use all your low
durability items to level up your recycler. If you get the witches head as
a trophy, you can keep the Horde away from your base for several months by
burning only one pine log each day. You can loot the truck and motorcycle in
other players’ bases without causing noise. In the settings tab, you can change
your notification settings. There’s a lot of other really cool options in here
including the best way to get a hold of customer support. If you do contact
customer support, you will need to know your unique ID. You can find that by
clicking on your server on the bottom left. I would suggest to go ahead and
screenshotting that number now just in case something bad happens. There’s been
a lot of lost accounts in this game and I don’t want yours to be one of them.
Well. that’s it guys. Hope that helps! As you can imagine, this video took a lot of
work so please remember to like or comment on this video.
(assuming, of course, that you did like it) Also, I mentioned several times in this
video, but I have tutorial videos on every single subject of this game and I
try my hardest to be this informative in each one so if you have questions about
this game, I recommend typing your question on youtube and adding “jcf” at
the end to make sure your question gets answered. Alright guys, I’ll see you next

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