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20kg Red Hot Steel Vs. Hot Tub

20kg Red Hot Steel Vs. Hot Tub

music its really cold here how cold is it actually it is actually 68 degrees farenheight this would be a hot tub but it isn't really hot now ya but we have really great idea how to heat up it really quickly I hope so. we really haven't tested if it worked but we will test out And the idea is to get our Red hot steel It’s a bit over 20 kilograms, or about 50 pounds.
And we are going to heat up It to about, ah. 1400 degrees of celsius. Which is about this much in Fahrenheit. And then we'll going to put it there! And see how hot the water gets. So now it is 20 degrees, celsius. Which is this much in fahrenheit. And I think the best possible be like 37 degrees celsius Yeah, perfect.
This much in farrenheit And at this moment, write down. Your estimation, how hot the water will get. I haven't calculated anything. (water splashing sounds)
There may be 3 or 4 cubic meters water, so about 3 tons So it's, really much water.
Red hot steel is also really hot. How hot will this get? I hope, really hot. You'll have to get some reading.

Ahh? 35

35….I think like ah This 26, only 6 degrees

Only 6? Yeah.

But we have not done any Calculations It would be easy to Calculate , but it is not that fun So, do you want to get out. And we And we put the red hot steel in. I think we are going to heat up the steel now. And this is actually not really fast. take about 20 minutes. …..but…… ….let's do it.

(Gas hissing sounds) Yeah, so now we have flames here.

And I start the gas on it will ignite.

(fire roaring) And then I am going us the flames So it is hot as possible. Oh, that's pretty good! And then we just through the steel in. Now it's pretty good And then we wait I am not sure if you can focus here…but my hair up on my arm got a bit burnt, there like like that!

So it pretty hot. It has been almost half an hour already. And………….

this starts

will still going to wait Everything is ready We'll going to put the red hot steel into the hot tub . And really, really fucking hot. put it first there (Boiling and rumbling sounds) (bubbles sound) (More boiling bubbles sound) (bubble sounds) Really interesting. Most of the shit stays on the…. Like stools

hahaha Really interesting. Oh my

…the center feels much warmer!!! I am pretty sure it is going to work. It is only the surface water that is getting warmer. It's really cold on the , like bottom of the thing. And… it's warm about this much. Its about….my hand. 20 centimeters. And the top is quit warm. Girl asks- What is that smell? It is chinese food.

Hahaha hmmpmmm, nooo. Errr, 25. (celsius)

So it's warm on the top and I think we have like, mix it up. When it's ready. Yup. And there is was. 24, but I think the heat it like, ummm going straight up. Now the percolating part is over But you can still see there a quit strong water current. On the….. Wait, and I try it with my hands. Yeah, it's still quit warm.
Maybe.. At least 60 degrees celsius. So, let's wait a little bit more. Yeah much better I think.

Yeah I think it is now cooled it down. Ohh, the bottom is, cold. I'll take this.
Hey! Take the rock away from the stool, and throw it away. And I think theses…..try to raise the stool with the shit that is on it so we don't get it in the water. Now I think you should mix up the water Ahhhrahh

So we can see, find out the temperature. Arrr. Here is it cold further. …and warm… Very warm… You are a really good mixer. Does it feel like even temperature from bottom to top top now?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, so lets wait for awhile. (water sounds) I think this is not, hot enough. Yeah I am pretty sure, we didn't make it much hotter.
Let me see that. It says 24, but Lets wait for awhile.

Yeah I think it's now as hot as it gets. And the final result. 25 ( degrees celsius)

Not almost, I think I think it about 24.

And half. Yeah so I got it almost right!

Yeah. Just by
you said 27
26 oh 27 …..We can check that.
Yeah (laughing) But never the less I win and the wife rules. And I think this isn't good idea. (Laughing)
Because we have to wash this hot tub now. Yeah, because we have to change the water. The surface of the steel It like peels of when you drop it there. And it's not idea. So we now have to change the water.
But… At least it get a little bit warmer.
Yeah, haha Yeah, but I think that is all for today.

Thank you for watching.

And have a nice day. πŸ™‚ Music plays Yeah, picking it clean.

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  2. What if you use propane torch and 3 time's longer rod and machine something like a container to hold the propane torch and I think it should heat up the steel and then the water

  3. You two live in beautiful nature. That's why you are creative and energetic. Stay stupid, because the smart people are destroying our earth plane!

  4. Ok, paused at 2'23" to make prediction. I think it will heat the water, if fully immersed, to 140°F which is this much in Celsius insert the correct number here 😁
    Sorry, i forgot what it is off the top of my head.

  5. your women got that water HOT ,πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έlove your videos …πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. I wonder how many times you would have to do that to get the temperature to 37Β°. Also, having her get in the water may cause it to heat up much faster. This is due in part to her body temperature and…. well…..the shear fact that she is a hottie.

  7. Man those sheep really liked whatever tree that was they were all on it except for the poor guy who just stood back and looked at the camera

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