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2020 Dems Say Donald Trump’s Rhetoric Shares Blame For Shootings | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

2020 Dems Say Donald Trump’s Rhetoric Shares Blame For Shootings | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. Dear MSNBC, please chose your titles more carefully. I am a Democrat and I agree with what this video is talking about. Donald Trump HAS BEEN, AND IS STILL, RESPONSIBLE for the rhetoric that has been stirring up and provoking the hate crimes. But when you title the video "2020 Dems" believe that, … It promotes an us verses them mentally. Rather than turning this particular topic into a left verses right topic, you should be reporting this as a "right vs wrong" topic. Next time you title something THIS IMPORTANT, please don't title it as a 2020 Dems issue!!! I need important topics like this to be able to be shared with my Republican family members who I happen to KNOW will not watch or listen to anything that is posted at a "2020 dem" issue. 😕

  2. We are used to making our own judgments as to media statements.. .but the words of
    the president matter. You are our elected leader…oh, wait…you aren't. And without Russia's assistance, your couldn't even have won the electoral college appointment that put you in
    office. You lost the popular vote, and while I did not ever plan to vote for Ms. Clinton, on her
    VERY worst day, she was , and is , head and shoulders above you. The electoral college is useless, and must be stricken from our political process. Besides furthering repression of minorities, it's primary raison d'etre, it aids and abets corporate control of our very basic
    process, the right to vote, and have every single vote count. I did not flee my birthplace, of
    Selma, Alabama, and flee to the West Coast 48 years ago, to have a racist hatemonger lead my country backwards, and make me feel like none of my personal choices could ever matter. I renounce your bigotry, your hatred and you with every fiber of my being. From my first breath every morning, until my last exhausted breath every night, I will fight to stop and remove you from your stolen office, for the salvation of the soul of our democracy, which is the breath and soul of our very nation. You are a disappointment, a disgrace, and a shame.

  3. I think it’s a lil early to be name droppin Reagan in regards to speaking compassionately about minorities…jus sayin

  4. Dem's rhetoric just as bad both sides are equal in their comments
    never mind that he is President. Anyone sitting in congress and the
    Senate represents the American people so they should act accordingly also.

  5. Polls show that most Americans (both Dems and Reps) cite Government/Politicians on both sides as the most important problem the country faces. Something we can all agree on.

  6. Trump is the reason why these two senseless shootings took place….and his sick fan base still fails to recognize it….oh what a world what a world…we have a white supremacist president that needs to go..

  7. European they are invaded in my country U.S. native American we are the real American. White people terrorist send to Guantanamo prison. Latino for Beto O Rourke. For 2020 presidency.

  8. Andrew Stein is a longtime Democratic politician from New York. He wrote this 8/7/19 for The Hill:

    When I was Manhattan Borough president and president of the New York City Council, I asked Donald Trump numerous times to help black or Hispanic groups, and he always came through, many times without publicity. When a hurricane ravished Puerto Rico in the mid 1980s, I asked many big companies to give various forms of assistance — but the problem was how to get all of this aid down to Puerto Rico. I called Donald Trump, and he provided us with a 727 jet to take all of the donated material down to the island, and he didn’t ask for any publicity for that generous act.
    My friend, Rev. Floyd Flake, the minister of the largest black church in Queens, asked for some help for his senior center. Again, I called Donald Trump and he wrote a big check.
    One day I met an African American woman on the street with her two adorable young kids. She was homeless, and I gave her some money — and then asked Donald to get her into some low-income housing in Queens. He came through, and did so without any fanfare.
    When President Trump recently attacked Congressman Elijah Cummings(D-Md.), he was not doing so because Rep. Cummings is black but because the president is a counter-puncher. And he is right that Cummings has been a congressman for 22 years and that Baltimore, part of which is in his congressional district, is a mess. The city has gotten worse during his tenure: more poverty, more drugs and more crime.
    The president is honest and doesn’t parse his words, like most politicians, and that drives the media crazy. But his honesty is refreshing, and he is usually right, if not always diplomatic.
    African American and Hispanic unemployment under his presidency is the lowest it has been in 60 years. The president pushed through criminal justice reform and has created empowerment zones that help economically distressed communities — and their poorer residents — through tax incentives and grants. In short, he has done more for minorities in three years than President Obama did in eight, and he deserves credit instead of rebuke.
    I truly do not believe that Barack Obama is a racist — but some of his actions during his presidency could make people wonder.
    Obama listened to Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s vile sermons every Sunday for years; Rev. Wright frequently and viciously attacked whites, Jews and America itself.
    Barack Obama had many meetings in Chicago with Rev. Louis Farrakhanand said many nice things about the Nation of Islam leader. He attended many of Farrakhan’s rallies, where Farrakhan set a new low for anti-Semitic attacks, calling Jews a “gutter religion” and white people “devils.”
    In addition, President Obama had Rev. Al Sharpton, one of the country’s highest-profile race-baiters, as a guest in the White House dozens of times.
    In order to protect President Obama, the media largely ignored these and many other questionable things — but these things happened, and they are far worse than anything President Trump has done.
    The point is that President Obama was not a racist but he did things that could be construed as racially divisive — and yet, he was never widely criticized for it, nor was he publicly condemned as a racist. President Trump is not a racist, either — and yet, he is being condemned as one by his critics on the left, and by much of the mainstream media.
    Race should not play a part in our politics. For too long, it has been a scar on our country. We should focus instead on the issues, and on what’s going to help make America strong for everyone.

  9. Talk about 'invasion'. How about the 'invasion' Trump made by having family members in the White House and not just Melania and his son? Doesn't he know that a Mexican family does the same thing by having several families move in with them? He joked about this. Wait, he can do the same thing because…"I'm the president and I can do and say whatever I want." Talk about having a narcissistic personality disorder…among others. Too many to mention at this point.

  10. Listen to this a*** speak is condescending ways Melania you need to be ashamed of yourself for sticking with this half-witted want to be demigod it's disgusting he needs to be by way of vote out of the White House and indicted and in jail by the court of law I'm tired of this as so many other great Americans are he should be in state prison no federal prison

  11. This media have hate on the president that why people goes crazy because u the one sending out the wrong message

  12. Здравствуйте, мои западные партнеры!

    This is NO collusion or anything, I speak as fellow human and Christian! Something changed! Most of my friends and I were very happy to witness such amazing "miracle" when POTUS won 2016 election! Against all odds and most American Partners KNOWING H. Clinton will win. But, at months & years passed, I noticed man I liked turn into terrible, horrible, nation-hating, Sanctioning hurting people, enemy-making (local & Global), boasting, pride filled, popularity-seeking, NB SCREAMING/SHOUTING person…in MY opinion no Leadership Qualities!

    There seems to be "spirit" that POTUS radiate, it comes by lots of acting while screaming/shouting which in turn subliminally FLAME up his audience! He has ability to radiate "something" that captures society from Doctors, Professors, Politicians down to Gardeners, cleaners etc. He can get them to do anything, he has them in his hand! Does anybody know of ANY other Orator who had this kind of "spirit" that when shouting, he could get High Society Professors/Doctors to murder and cremate people? These Doctors etc KNOW right from Wrong, yet they were compelled to do this evil things! Think about it, what can I say to you to manage concentration camp, murder civilians and cremate them! What kind of persuasion was required to get those normal German GOOD people to DO these things under some "charismatic", "spirit", "likeability", "evil-liking-evil" persuasion?

    I am absolutely NOT claiming POTUS is NAZI or Hitler, Nyet, BUT they, and others (think of likeable charismatic humoristic Mega-Church Prosperity "Pastors" with evil force of persuasion to empty your pockets), DO share that persuasion "spirit" that comes from Nuremburg-style SHOUTING/ SLANDERING/ BELITTLING/ BOASTING/ THREATENING/ LYING etc and DID so far lead to many nations hating US, Sanctions starves kids and FORCE nations to BOW before your nation as god. Your friendship with that small nation lead to many assassinations of teenage kids, homes blown up, kids torture in Syria…things you never even heard of…but leaving US Flag dipped in Blood! THAT is why God is crashing her, just like He did USSR, for there come time when sins reach limit, then He act!

    NOT President I would vote for! Watching world scoff at your POTUS when he is required to represent Greatest Nation on Earth, brings national pride, respect, honor for OUR Bear who is quiet, clam, calculated, wise, moral, classy and so much more!

    Something to think of!

    Now, for YOUR pride as empire, I would suggest not to vote for him again…BUT for OUR benifit, PLEASE vote again for him! 😉

    до свидания!

    Saint Mikhail Rimsky-Korsakov


  14. So then Joe Biden's creepy behavior around kids is responsible for pedophilia! Give me a break! The only one's responsible for these "mass shootings" is the agencies conducting them! #staged, #active, #shooter, #drills

  15. What makes me sick is how his followers seen in the background (so called Christians) actually laugh when he uses the term "murderers". They always think its funny to talk about deportation, killing, hate, etc. These are all acts of human hatred and breaking up peaceful families. I guarantee that even if every immigrant who came to the U.S. became legal instantly and had jobs, these Trumps supporters would still find another way to extinguish any sign of them.

  16. Are we so static with our thoughts?
    What if one buys a gun and is completely normal and “sane”
    Then a life changing stressor or chemical imbalance happens and they go insane.
    They have the guns now.
    No one should have an assault rifle. NO ONE

  17. News and politicians like to think they are powerful enough to influence these type of things. That's delusional.

  18. Respect your president he is the best you have ever had at least he is honest. He ll be blamed for everything anyway. All the rest of the politicians are just shady and slimy, and have their own agenda.

  19. If trump's racist rhetoric is not checked, it will grow like the violence from those white supremacist terrorist who have a legacy of having unchecked aggression and Hate toward non whites. 🎯💯☻

  20. Trump is the messenger of truth. The fake news media and liberals cannot dispute that, so they call it racism. It's amazing how the fake news media are not talking about the Dayton, Ohio shooter who supported AOC and Pocahontas.

  21. 🤔Maybe we need to make different states for different personality’s so that in every state people would be able to get along, and when kids see states that fit their personality, that can move to them states and make sure people stay in their own state so that white Supremus or any type of weirdos don’t cause problems and judge people🤷🏽‍♂️

  22. So Walmart can sale guns but anyone else is wrong for that🤦🏽‍♂️ way is this a one way street, this is the problem, but they showing you, they don’t care about changing the laws for gun violence, they just wanna keep killing and locking up black man to keep their prisons full to make money off us as if their really doing their jobs locking up minor violators with Murders pedophiles and rapists and some people dead in jail over Nothing at all Sandra bland 😇 RIP

  23. When your emotions are high because of a tragedy liberals are there to comfort you into voting away your rights. In this case, your self-protection because they see you being armed as a problem for them and their agenda, not your best interest.

  24. "This one grabs women by the Pu$$Y" "This one uses a charity found for his own pleasure" "This one is a racist" "This one is in direct conflict of interest with the Presidency" …should I go on? LOL I guess that criminal would never make it in the USA if he was not born there.

  25. I’m an old dude. In my lifetime we survived
    A presidential assassination
    The boor who cane next Lyndon Johnson
    The Vietnam war protests. Martin Luther king and Bobby Kennedy assassinations. Nixon scandal Then 30 years of wars. In middle East. Kosovo Bushes. Clinton Obama. Bank bailouts

    We can survive Trump Ok? Get real at most 5 more years. How about we all join hands and do something nice together

    It takes no brain to blame amd complain
    BE the change you want to see. If you don’t like racism, don’t be racist. If you want peace be peaceful to others You cannot control other people

    Just saying. Seems to me that constant discord and arguing is preventing any solutions .

  26. If you will notice the audience reactions to the "Shoot them" remarks, the three young people over Trump's left shoulder do not react with laughter. They do not find it humorous. Their response is normal. Repressed disgust.

  27. I won't be surprised if immigrants going to do some kind of revenge in the near future. Trump better start something or this going to get worst. Your President doesn't know what to do, a guy with so much bankruptcy going to lead people. What a joke.

  28. Person after person are defending their racist comments their hate speech with Donald Trump when their behavior is questioned they are responding with things like even the president says so …. Its appalling…

  29. Fake Media, Violent Video Games, Corrupted Social Media, Violent movies, Satanic Songs, people with Mental Illness… Every country in this world has it all. Except for one thing, they practice strict gun control.

  30. This is not a republican or democratic issue this is an issue of humanity… America its time to own up to the mistake that is Donald Trump ……. republicans its okay to admit it stop letting this man completely destroy the fabric of our nation to call into question everything the world associates with America. This is destroying the hope of our forefathers when they were dreaming of an America where all men were equal. Progress hasnt been easy and our history has been full of mistakes but we were making changes towards that America towards equality and justice for everyone reguardless of race we were getting there until now. Republicans theres no more time for foolish pride people are killing people based on skin color in the name of our president.

  31. Can I just weigh in as a non partisan Canadian? If anyone is to blame for influencing these shootings (although when an Islamic terrorist attacks it is forbidden to lump all muslims together, so why the hypocrisy?) it is the LEFTIST movement. No, I could see this coming; young, white, men are constantly told how racist they are and how much they’re hated and how they’re responsible for all the wrong-doings and need to be oppressed and suffer.. it is stifling, corrupt, and inappropriate, and the discontent is boiling over! They’ve had enough! I would too. If I say anything favourable about Liberals in the presence of Conservatives, I am left alone, maybe met with disappointed silence, but usually laughed off and we move on. If I express an opinion in favour of Conservatism in the presence of Liberals, I am harassed, bullied, called names, called a racist, bigot, fascist, prejudiced, you name it, and ostracized. So tell me, who is the bigot?? The racist?? WHO is spreading hate?? It’s awful, and it’s just going to make more and more people resentful and lash out.

  32. Playing to the anger and fears of a mass group to target smaller groups for ALL their problems is not a new thing. It was done in Germany from around 1930- if my history is any good.

  33. How about the tough guy that yelled out " shoot them" shows his face? Maybe send him over the border and see how tough he is?

  34. trump is leading a lunch mob and telling them to turn on other Americans.  The white shooters are already here hunting their prey that is on Dons Hit Lists./     We must  ban these trump  hate rallies in the USA

  35. I want to throw up looking at these Caucasians cheering for shootings. These people are the ones who should of replaced the Jews in 1945.

  36. Hey MSNBC, why aren't you covering the background of the Dayton, OH shooter and how Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders played a role in that shooting? Yep, that's right, you can't hold them responsible, just like you can't hold President Trump responsible. The gig is up MSM (MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC….) It is you guys that are causing divisiveness in this country because of the BS rhetoric that you spew!

  37. Did y’all hear that?? Did y’all hear what the guy in the audience shouted?? He shouted, “Shoot them!!!” In response to Trump speaking about the vans & migrants sneaking over. He did NOT correct nor condemn the guys comment…Matter of fact Trump response ONLY added fuel to that fire while along the crowd cheered & smiled….WHAT????!!!! REALLY DUDE @ Trump??!!! You got to be kidding me??? Now this is the President of The Untied States of America….Now I am NOT here to get into a discussion nor argument nor debate about our Political differences nor our Political choices…I don’t even want to talk about or different opinions on Trump versus other Presidents…My questions – My concerns – My fears are for NOT ONLY for myself and fellow American {Adults} BUT MORE for OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE….This is or rather my comment is just simple…It is merely just about BEING A HUMAN BEING – SHOWING SYMPATHY and/or EMPATHY TOWARDS ALL MANKIND – What happened to doing this by the law/the book??? How on earth is “Shoot them.” funny in ANY WAY???? How as a human being with any kind of feelings NIT condemn that type of comment???!!! I am confused, scared, frightened, sad and just in awe that Trump responded the way he did…But sadly I am NOT shocked…The ONLY way to fix this problem is to VOTE – VOTE – VOTE – VOTE Trump out of office before we all start to fight each other and destroy this world….Peace & Blessings

  38. Egomaniac cruel narsasist Trump has used the office to inspire bigotry and hate and racism towards targeted minorities and cultures and ethnic groups,mainly the poor humble and meet simple hardworkers trying to feed their children while doing the economy good etc..the only true imigrants stealing,murdering,,etc are…well ask the native Americans: hipocrites 🌞

  39. Modern Hitler nazy treating latin culture like scum hatemonger nazys treated Jews, self-righteousness from sinfull mortals upon their defenceless meek humble hard-working peoples

  40. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon. The Second Amendment is put in place to fight a tyrannical government. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  41. There is only one race the human race. White is not a race black is not a race Brown is not a race. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  42. 45 will never condemn the very thing that got him into power. The only thing that can be done is to remove him from office. Impeach him or vote him out!

  43. They absolutely put yellow on his hair.
    Take it from a hairdresser.

  44. Donald Trump doesn't talk about what he can do for this country if he is elected. He just talks nonsense. And yes, sick people are responsible for these massacres: Wayne LaPierre and Donald Trump!

  45. 12:30 the people who are causing these shootings are liberal traitor democrats that are violating the laws of our country and fighting our Republic and committing treason and trying to sneak foreign enemies and terrorists into our country! < – – –

  46. 17:00 White Nationalism existed long before President Trump ran for office. White Nationalism has NOTHING TO DO WITH KKK OR WHITE SUPREMACISTS! White Nationalists are Caucasian Patriots of their American and European countries. PERIOD. If you smear us and lie and try to twist the facts you will be punished for the false information that you make speak about us. We don't care even if Trump did condemn us. You will be doomed either way.

  47. we have mass shootings by white fearful men…meanwhile you are building a wall to protect you from( so call invaders) ..what a joke…..

  48. trump is no doubt a race baiting bigot.
    There’s no doubt.
    Just listen to the rallies
    It’s reminiscent of the thirties with the rise of the Nazi Party.

    Don’t make that mistake

  49. I have no problem with immigrants coming to the US legally and there’s not a immigrant whom came here will not disagree with our president.unless they are marxists. What the media fails to disclose is the fact that it promotes foreigners in Mexico and other countries in South America the antiAmerican propaganda there to promote misinformation here so we are listening to the same corporations who are provoking every bit of this and I can imagine the corporate media is provoking Muslims to migrate to Europe because the corporate media’s fuel and need is violence and instability so let’s recognize our true enemy: the global propaganda by our media. Until we send their reporters and journalists to prison they’re just going to keep feeding us their ideology and propaganda so they can stay in business. So mental illness shouldn’t even be a issue unless it applies to the media and it’s reporters and journalists. It doesn’t even cover a fraction of the real issues and crime just what it wants to feed us and will keep just getting worse.

  50. Is nothing but the devil which one is he the one with the red tie or the one with the blue tie. Can't put our trust in these men we have to put our trust in to Jehovah God

  51. Over 11000 LIES to the American citizens, who are we really calling Mr President?? We have balance of powers for this REASON!! Where r the JUdicial branch and legislative branch in our democratic government!!?!!! Atleast this election WE THE PEOPLE must show up and express our given constitutional RIGHTS!!!!!!!!! Like n reply if you STAND 4 LIBERTY & JUSTICE 4 ALL!!!!!!!!! We all r the HUMAN RACE no need for discriminating just on pigment of the skin!

  52. FBI investigation: Has Russia funded Trump’s campaign through the NRA?

    The gun lobby, which contributed at least $30 million to Trump’s election campaign, is suspected of being the intermediary of a banker close to the Kremlin.

    Enquête du FBI : la Russie a-t-elle financé la campagne de Trump via la NRA ?

  53. Stupid number one.
    He sounds even more stupid when he's talking to his ignorant supporters.
    No president just a trouble maker

  54. You know, it’s video’s like this that make me understand why the left leaning folks of this nation are so misinformed. I could create a video to point out the inaccuracies in this thing, but my vid would be an hour and a half long. To boot, not a single Liberal would watch it because they are already brainwashed to believe the man married to an immigrant is a racist. Unbelievable.

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