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[2019 FESTA] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘방탄다락’ #2019BTSFESTA

[2019 FESTA] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘방탄다락’ #2019BTSFESTA

2, 3, Bangtan! Hello, we’re BTS! Yeah! Why are we here today? To do that thing. What’s that thing? Yoon Gi will explain what it is. Yoon Gi ! Yoon Gi, explain for us! To be released for our BTS FESTA, it’s this attic sort of thing. We don’t get any booze. This is Bangtan Attic! We came together to film and release that. That’s right. We also have a dress code today. Today’s dress code is purple and yellow! Purple and yellow! – Bonobono.
– Yellow, purple, yellow. – Yellow and purple.
– Purple. Yellow, purple, yellow. Wow! This is Bonobono, yeah! Before the shoot, RM said this was yellow. Let’s remove some chroma
for the color effect. You’re trying hard to make it work. I put on a green hoodie this morning, then I got changed into this. Luckily, I can argue this is purple. Even the drinks are purple and yellow. [Drinks matching (?) the dress code]
– No way! – I didn’t know. – Isn’t that black?
– But this is more like black. – Then should we get started?
– Okay. Bangtan Attic! We’ll do things differently
for Bangtan Attic! Like BTS Dinner Party last time, – we have questions written on paper.
– Really? So let’s discuss the questions we pick. – Okay!
– Let’s start talking. – We got our questions here.
– Pick one. – Me first? We can take turns.
– Yeah. Please start us off. Here I go! – Folded? That’s clever.
– A folded note. Alright. Did you ever have your own hideout? For example, under the desk
or a blanket fort. And what did you do in your hideout? – Oh! Hideout!
– Hideout? Like the playground I often played at? – Your own secret place when you were little.
– A secret hiding place? My friend’s house was my hideout. That and I also used to make pillow forts. – Pillow forts?
– With pillows? That’s romantic. Wasn’t it taken down when you
woke up the next day? It was dark the next morning because all the pillows fell
and covered my face. That sounds really romantic. I was in Daegu with all the mountains. – Palgongsan?
– No, that’s not the only mountain. [The only mountain RM knows in Daegu]
It’s landlocked by mountains. – Palgongsan!
– There are many mountains. Isn’t Gwangju known for Mudeungsan
and Daegu for Palgongsan? – At the city…
– Then what about Busan? Busan for Busan (pun)…! There was a mountain where I lived and it had a downstream nearby. That was where I hung out. – Did you see any crayfish?
– Daegu is also a developed city. – There aren’t any crayfish.
– Crayfish are great. I once caught a crayfish
and had it over the summer. I put it in a glass jar outside – with clean water.
– Right, with water. The next morning, I found it cooked red. – Really?
– Inside the glass jar. It got roasted in the heat? – Did you catch it at the beach?
– No, at the mountain. [A crayfish on a mountain?]
At the mountain? You find them under the rocks. The stream rocks? I see. I think I had many hideouts. – Mine was at a playground.
– Same here. There was that… not escalator… slide. [RM’s town sounds futuristic]
I meant to say slide. If your playground had an escalator… – Remember the space below the slide?
– Oh yeah! – The space below the slide.
– With a place to sit. – I hung out and played games there.
– Yeah. You know, like cops and robbers. But others also have access
to the playground. I built my own hideout with
a big empty box at home, and I put all my stuff in there. – Oh, that’s a DIY.
– Yeah. But my grandma… You know how you sell empty boxes. Right, people sell boxes. – I cried when she sold the box.
– That must have hurt. They all sound romantic. For me, the practice studio was my hideout. – Are you trying to act awesome?
– All of a sudden? Nowhere else other than that? Dancing at the studio when I was younger, I thought of it as my hideout and refuge. – I thought that’s where I belong.
– What a great hideout. – Where was your hideout?
– You can skip me! – No, you have to do yours.
– Jin didn’t share his. You know those bridges we had. You can find small spaces below. That’s where I used to play house. – You had a bridge in your town?
– What bridge? – Do you mean a private bridge?
– You know, that thing. – Something like a footbridge.
– Below a footbridge! Those you find below the apartments. – But I think other kids used it too.
– Yeah! It looked different every time. We had all sorts of hideouts
like below the footbridge, a pillow fort, the mountain,
and practice studio. – It wasn’t that kind of mountain.
– You’d better say mine. – The practice studio.
– A small hill. – Alright, next question!
– Let’s pick another. SUGA, you pick the next one. Number 3 since I like that number. What did you do hanging out
with friends as a kid? How did you guys hang out? Thinking back, I used to do this alone. You know when you study, I used to get creative with my fingers. – What exactly did you do?
– A boxing match. Do you mean doing this? [They relate to the finger battle] I also did that! I did that! The pencil was the sword. [j-hope entertained himself well] – That’s exactly what I did!
– Doing stuff like this. I was dead-serious about this. – I always had to hold a pen to sleep.
– Really? I drew and imagined stuff. – What’s that supposed to mean?
– Did you draw in your sleep? – No, I imagined it.
– What do you mean by that? I made my own warriors,
the hero, and strong villains. – I pictured them doing this.
– Kids do that. That helped me sleep. The next morning, I had marks on my face. I thought I was the only one
who imagined like that. But hearing you guys, everyone did. – Everyone did that as a kid.
– Yeah, everybody. I thought I was the only one. Did you ever do that for real? [What’s that supposed to mean?]
– What? – I mean… Did you ever really fight like that? This guy is spectacular! A sword-fight? – Did you fight with swords?
– When you were a kid? On that thing… where you draw. Sketchbook! Writing the monster
levels on your notebook. – Of course, I did that!
– The kids made games like that. – I did that at school.
– Hey, did you ever do this? After drawing the character looks,
you told the kids to pick. – What stuff?
– You know, like the hairstyle. – Like a drawing lot!
– Getting whatever when you said stop. Like a drawing lot! The kids watching this won’t get it. That was before the digital age. We have that analog vibe! – On another page was the shop.
– Yeah! Level 1 was the hunting ground! – We all played those games.
– Yeah. One more thing, do you remember
that number drawing game? – Yeah, I did that.
– I don’t think anyone got 1st. – I did! I won playing that game!
– Wow, you’re amazing. – The paper slapping game?
– No, not that. You got the candy carp as a prize. The carp was this big, a lump of sugar! – I never won that game.
– Me neither. In my town, the prize was a Heelys. Really? It must have been a rich town. I wore my Heelys to school one day and I had a mandarin in my pocket. When I fell, it got smashed. I smelled like mandarin at school! Oh no, I think these questions
are making us nostalgic. – Yeah.
– I have loads of stories to tell. Jung Kook can pick this one. Students these days wouldn’t
relate to what we say. Because they have smartphones now. We had to download from
five floppy disks to play a game. What’s the most memorable
compliment you heard as a kid? I heard compliments for my looks. – Nothing other than that.
– Even as a kid? As for me… I bet Jimin got lots of compliments. Yeah, people were like… – Many told me I looked pretty.
– Pretty! We all heard that compliment! No, I don’t think everyone did. – People adored me as a kid.
– I had fair baby skin. I think they said that because
I was cute and behaved. My friends once gave me a letter. It was when I had to move from
Geochang to Daegu. So your friends wrote it? Yeah, and one of my friends wrote, “You’re my shot in the arm.” – “You’re my shot in the arm.”
– I bet V was moved. That’s where I learned the phrase. I bet everyone heard this compliment, except for Nam Joon. “This guy is smart but doesn’t study…” – Ah, right.
– That compliment! What Korean kids hear nationwide! Nam Joon. here did well in school,
so he probably didn’t hear that. – Smart but…
– “My son is smart but doesn’t study.” But for art, music and physical education For art, music and sports, all the teachers wanted me on board. Good thing producer Bang brought you. Okay, onto the next question. – Nam Joon can pick.
– Me? [Q. Any food that makes you nostalgic?]
– Food… so much to say! – Wow! – This will take time.
– It’s going to take us forever! We could talk for 40 minutes. You know that Apo*** snack? Who doesn’t! Everyone loved it! Ten cents a piece, you sucked on the tube. Some kids sucked it clean. Kids these days won’t know, but there was a press grill
outside my school. Yeah, you pressed down like this. – Don’t you know?
– With grills on top and bottom, it worked like a straightener. – You stick bread inside and press.
– Something like this! – And the sausages!
– Yeah! I haven’t heard of that before. Didn’t you have them? Is it only us? – There wasn’t anything like that.
– Me neither. – Why don’t they know this?
– I wonder why. You know that thing? The mouse snack that you got
after playing games. Ah! That was called Kkwedori! – The orange and brown puffs.
– Right. Most of them were brown. Let’s say the nationwide popular snacks. We should mention that first. Beer candy! – I remember those!
– We should mention them first. – I ate so many.
– It was popular nationwide. – I thought of one!
– What? There were 12 pieces with smiley faces on them. – What looked like small vitamins…
– Oh, that! – You popped it open.
– Then you had to press down. There was also that thing. – It looked like a tape strip.
– Yeah! – They stuck to your mouth!
– Nice, Jin! – What we had as children!
– Nice, Jin! Outside the school gates,
there used to be video games. – Right!
– You don’t see them anymore. You know that rock-paper-scissors game? I always lost playing that! There is a pattern you wait for. After losing two rounds, you win one. You have to read the pattern. Do you know the cockroach gum? – What?
– There is a cockroach gum? – For surprise pranks.
– Ah! – After offering to give gum!
– It had a cockroach! You offered the last piece of gum. My friend and I almost fought
because of that prank. – I’m sure that happened to many.
– I hate cockroaches. After pulling at the gum, I slapped! Oh… wow! I don’t think we’ll ever finish talking. – Okay, moving on!
– Jin can pick next. This is fun. That was a fun topic. What is your most memorable
childhood present? – I have one!
– A childhood present? I moved when I was in the 4th grade. Before moving, my dad gave it to me. I kept asking for this one gift. You know that Poke***? There is this weird flower character. – Weird flower…?
– I asked him for that character. I think it was on Christmas. I couldn’t sleep because
I was excited for Santa Claus. And then… I pretended to go to sleep while waiting, when I sensed something move. My dad left the present at my bedside. I opened my eyes, and our eyes met! Lost your childhood innocence! That’s when I knew there is no Santa. In SUGA’s case, he opened his eyes and found out about Santa. But I… Do you still believe in Santa? Maybe you wait on Christmas Eve. I don’t remember what present it was, but dad came in wearing a Santa mask. – He was careful with detail!
– What a sweet dad. What lengths parents go to. Hearing him, I couldn’t open my eyes. Because I was too nervous. Were you scared? He probably thought someone broke in. The beard brushed against my face. My dad had the mask in his hand! That’s dope! Your dad is amazing. – Doesn’t he like to play pranks?
– Yeah. What a sweet dad! I don’t remember much after that, but I definitely believed Santa came. – What did you get?
– But I don’t remember the presents. You don’t remember them? I only remember that Santa mask. That itself was a present. I guess that stayed with you. My family didn’t believe in Santa Claus. My dad told me Santa didn’t exist
ever since I was little. He told you what’s real. “I’m the one who buys you gifts!” – Wow!
– A very practical dad! Ever since I could understand,
he said there was no Santa. Telling me he buys me the gifts. So you can feel grateful? If you want Christmas presents,
be good to your dad! – Right, that’s true.
– Wow! When I asked him for something, he said to be a good boy
and massage his shoulders! – Wow, your dad’s cool.
– He’s awesome. I saw the Harry Potter series
with that one stone. That magician’s stone. The one with the magician’s stone. I wanted the game CD when it was released. Right, there was a game CD then! – It was in first person mode!
– Right. – The game CD!
– I remember that present. This really brings back memories. For me, this comes to mind. My dad had a condo membership
during Christmas time, so we went to Gyeongju on Christmas Eve. – I cried my eyes out that night.
– Why? Because we’d miss Santa Claus. I cried so much then. When I woke up the next morning, I had a small racing car at my bedside. A racing car that went like this. Didn’t the mini cars back then
have motors on them? You could attach rainbow-color
wheels and gold motors. That’s what I got on Christmas. – Really?
– Yeah, a mini car. Should we move on?
You guys pick one from there. We could talk five hours about these. – We can keep going until daybreak.
– There’s so much to say! Okay, next question. What makes you happy just by hearing it? What makes you happy just by hearing it? Love you! What do you say back? Love you! The funny thing is when he says love you, – he asks me to say that back.
– Why? I got goosebumps when I tried to. – Trying to say love you.
– I don’t even say it to my parents. That’s why I respond with, “Okay.” – Love you!
– I guess that makes him happy. – Love you!
– Love you! Jimin, love you! – The more you say it, the better.
– Right. I don’t say love you first. – To your parents?
– Sorry. Why would you bite your lips
and suddenly say sorry? Love is a great thing to say,
it makes you happy. To be honest, what makes me happy is, “Did you lose weight?” I love that! I love to hear that, too. “Did you lose weight? Looking great.” And things like, “You’re good.” “Looking great, nice jawline.” That makes me happy. What I like most about talking to friends is when they compliment our band. – I cut out whoever talks bad.
– Oh, right. What else is there? Let’s move to the next question. What emotion do you often feel
these days and why? I’m trying to be less emotional. So I don’t feel as happy or sad. Feeling less sad or hurt. I’m trying hard to keep my cool. – I’m the exact opposite.
– To keep your calm. I’ve been very open with my emotions, as if there is an overload. I’m happy and sad in the utmost way. Knowing you’re happy when you are. You taught me to be honest
with my own emotions. – To express how I feel.
– But you sometimes get too honest. When happy, I say how much I love you. When sad, I say how I’m so blue. With me, things are like this. – We’ve been performing for a long time.
– Right. Sometimes I think about the future. What comes to mind then? – Well…
– What to name your kids? No, I haven’t gone that far. He’s already decided the names. – What are they?
– No, I haven’t gone that far. I don’t get all depressed but hope for things to work out, so we can do well at the end. I don’t feel nervous or anxious, but those thoughts cross my mind. I’m actually doing the opposite. The emotions I face these days is trying to think that I’m happy. For example, when we’re dancing… This only happens 1-2 times a year, but if j-hope compliments my move, I tell myself I’m happy
despite the hard choreography. I’m often trying to think like that. That used to feel like pretending
to be happy at first but now I feel comfortable. Now you’re truly happy. – Yeah, like saying love you became natural.
– Me too. RM, love you! – He won’t say it out loud!
– Can’t hear you! – Only Tae Hyung said it back!
– Love you! I’ve felt this since last year. For me, it’s important to live in the moment I try to keep in touch with my emotions. – So I’m happy. Here you go.
– That’s good to know. When I hear you guys say that, all my worries disappear. – But we should also think ahead.
– Right. We should prepare in a way,
but not overthink it. Me and me… What does it say? [Q. How are you different as BTS?]
The BTS me and… – For example, between RM and…
– From Nam Joon? Yeah, how RM is different from Nam Joon. Like how j-hope is different
from Jung Ho Seok. That has to do with persona. Yeah, that’s right. How are you different, Jung Kook? – Me?
– Between Jung Kook and Jeon Jung Kook. Jung Kook of BTS shines bright, but Jeon Jung Kook is insignificant. – Why is that?
– Why are you insignificant? I didn’t study much since I was little. We all know that. And I think I’m slower than others. But things are different now. The concept of studying has changed. Making and watching videos are
also considered studying. Not just studying books at school. Studying only with books is in the past. – Jung Kook, we’re learning about life.
– That’s right! – Oh, learning about life!
– That’s awesome! – Learning about life.
– That’s what we’re doing as BTS. Besides, you can always study later. – No, I don’t want to study.
– Right. I don’t want to either. I hate studying. Okay, what was the question? – Kim Nam Joon compared to RM.
– Right. Honestly, I’ve already talked
about this in my lyrics so I want to hear what others say. – Jin compared to Kim Seok Jin.
– The difference is… Jin tries to be always cheerful on camera. – By making jokes.
– Yeah. I don’t want to show my dark side. But as Kim Seok Jin, many tell me I’m different from how I appear to be as Jin. Kim Seok Jin should evolve. Kim Seok Jin, evolve! Evolve to the ultra level! How are you different as
Kim Tae Hyung and V? I don’t really know how I’m different. You’re the same. Jimin? I think I’m very different. As BTS, I tend to be assertive and I’m a very confident guy. But what always troubles me is, whether Jimin as BTS and Park Ji Min should be more alike or different. That’s always on my mind. I don’t know whether to separate that, or whether to be more same. I don’t think there is an answer. But given the nature of BTS, it’s become harder to differentiate. Because we pour ourselves into BTS. – That makes it hard to separate.
– Yeah, I agree. That’s been on my mind since it’s hard. I think I’m living as Jung Kook of BTS. – Let’s move on to j-hope.
– Me? – I actually think…
– We can’t always be the same. My BTS stage name is j-hope. I think my name has made me. The seat makes the man. Talking about hope makes you hopeful. Yeah, you start to change like that. And I think that’s made me… – Afraid… not afraid.
– Pressured? – Yeah, I feel pressured.
– Trying always to be hopeful. – I can get tired and lose my energy.
– Right. Because you’re human. But that makes people worry so much. “What’s gotten into him?” “We can’t start shooting because
j-hope lost his tension!” That’s why I feel pressured at times. We’ll work hard to cover for you. To bring up the excitement
when you’re down. We’ll work hard! – But it’s not too much.
– Just sometimes. I don’t remember him to be
such a hopeful guy. He wasn’t before. He used to worry about himself
and stuff like that. We can’t always be the same! – “Fake Love” was about that.
– Right. About hiding behind masks. People might say we’re pretentious, or that maybe we’re two-faced, but that goes for everyone,
not just celebrities. We don’t have to worry about
behaving a certain way to someone, then differently to someone else. That was said well. We can be the same, then different. You have many sides to yourself. Oh man, what SUGA said hit me! – Did it hit you well?
– Yeah! V said that in his closing remark.
Did that stay with you? Pick the next question. Number 8. Okay, what does it say? – What’s the question?
– This is… Have you changed since your debut? – We should have others explain.
– How did we change? We haven’t done this in a long time. A segment of our show!
Describe the member next to you! Let’s describe the member next to you. j-hope can start with SUGA.
That way will be fun. How did SUGA change? I think he’s become more like SUGA. What should I say,
this is the persona thing again. He used to have that thing. You can be honest. – I can tell what he wants to say.
– Me too. Your eyes and gesture give it away. I looked up the old videos we did. And seeing SUGA, what should I say… I noticed he had this massive energy. Yeah, I get what you mean. I wondered if he used to be like this – Whether he was that active!
– Yeah. I’m not saying he’s without energy, but it made me wonder if he’s
such an energetic guy. He’s become more himself now. I get what you’re saying. – I don’t know how to put it.
– Does anyone want to elaborate? – Because we had just debuted.
– Right! It was because you were a rookie.
We all were like that. But I like today’s SUGA better. I thought I had to stand out as a celeb. That kind of showed then. SUGA had two very different personas. He was quiet behind the camera, but tried to be cheerful during shoots. – But now he’s more natural.
– He’s the same! – I think he’s found the middle ground.
– He’s natural. What our counselor said to us, I remember just one thing. “It happens.” Before, I used to be pretty stubborn, and I was gripped by what not to do. But now I live with what happens. I think that benefits me the most. – Why?
– Living with what happens. Things happen. He did that this morning! During breakfast, he dropped the coke. People don’t open it then. Four guys tried to convince him
to drink another bottle. – We gave him a new coke.
– To open that instead. But he didn’t listen and it exploded! – Because that was coke zero!
– “It happens.” – What j-hope gave me wasn’t coke zero!
– “It happens.” Now that you mention it, you should look at SUGA when
Nam Joon makes mistakes. [SUGA makes the most gentle face]
– That face? – “It happens.” Some are like that, but some are not. I used to think that people are similar. – What?
– That people are similar. But I was terribly mistaken. So the way I see things has changed. In that sense, tell us about how
Jung Kook has changed? – Nice, just at the right time.
– Jung Kook… Jung Kook started all of this before
understanding himself. I felt bad about that. That was a struggle for him, and he looked worried at times. Seeing him like that made me
feel bad and sad for him. At some point, he’s overcome that. – And he knows who he is now.
– Yo! “Grown up” isn’t the word I’m looking for, but he’s become more human now. Then what was he before? Before, he was more of a child. – He was really young then.
– Yeah. – We were all young.
– Jung Kook debuted in his puberty. Jung Kook was the youngest
and we were all young. Compared to how he was before and now, Jung Kook is the most understanding now. Yeah, I get what you mean. What should I say… – He has a bigger heart now.
– Right. – Understanding.
– That’s thanks to you guys! You can tell that by his posture! He’s like the oldest of the group! His food and stuff were off-limit. Yeah, he was like that. He had his own spot. I think he already had a big heart, but we just didn’t realize it then. We didn’t see him that way before. Yoon Gi is on fire today. But now we can see that about him. – That’s a great way of putting it.
– Yoon Gi is on fire today. – Yoon Gi is on a roll today.
– He’s on fire! – The talking machine.
– He’s on fire. Jung Kook, now it’s your turn. Well, I don’t really know… I was first shocked by RM because… Now I’m scared. I joined our label because of RM. He was really awesome. In my eyes, he was really handsome. I joined because he was awesome
and rapped so well. – But then I was soon surprised.
– Why shake your head? How did the personality change? That’s when I got to learn about RM. It was just… I started to make sense of
things after debut, so I don’t remember much before. I only remember having fun
and laughing together. But not long after our debut, because RM is our group leader, he had so much on his mind. He tried not to let it show,
but he struggled. That went on for a long time. I hoped he would monitor less
and stuff like that. But that wasn’t easy for him. Right? [Jung Kook knew what RM faced]
– I was like that. – Yeah. – But these days…
– That’s exactly how it was. I think you’re doing that less these days. Maybe he says, “It happens.” I can tell that RM is more relaxed now. I talked to him for three hours
because of what you said. Four hours before our morning schedule, I told him we should talk. I sat him down and told him
not to be like that for three hours. Yeah, I remember. And then things got better. You should have something to lean on. Wandering around and collecting stuff, I’ve found things that can comfort me. That makes me feel better, so now I can brush off what others say. – Something to lean on.
– Right. Something to lean on. Isn’t it because of that thing? – The things you like to collect.
– The figurines? Collecting toys and stuff has changed me. Let’s move on. As for Jin… From how I see it… We used to talk things out at cafes. Jin and I were very different before, with opposite personalities. so I wondered how could I understand him. I had never met someone like him. Then at some point on,
I was able to understand him and things became easier for us. At the beginning for Jin… With the situation
and how our label did things, [Jin had to become a different self]
I think what Jin wanted… He had to lock away
what he wanted to do at the start. But as he could share who he is, he’s become more natural. I think that’s important. I don’t know what’s inside his heart, but I find him natural now, and he’s an awesome guy
I’m comfortable with. Jin was pretty quiet at the beginning. – Due to the concept given to me.
– Yeah, like that. Things like that got in the way, but I like Jin better
and more comfortable now. – What do you think?
– You’re right. Since “FIRE,” I was able to change and happily started things over. – Super Saiyan after turning blond?
– Yeah! – It gave me powers.
– Yeah! – Kim Seok Jin evolved into Jin.
– To the next level. – Tae Hyung…
– Is it suddenly my turn? Tae Hyung, not long since our debut, just like RM couldn’t get me, I couldn’t understand him. It was something like this. When you say not to do something, – some people do it more.
– He was unique. Yeah, he was unique like that. With time, we talked a lot about that. We asked him to mind certain stuff. But after having all those talks, I think he’s changed so much. Out of everyone in the group, he’s had the most positive changes. I’m not saying he was bad. He was just free-spirited. Tae Hyung’s unique personality and charm are what drew in the people
who didn’t know us. – Right, that’s great for shows.
– Yeah. That’s really great for shows, but people around him had it tough. Tae Hyung, what do you think about that? I think what makes me happy has changed. What made me happy before was when everything was great for me. But now, having all seven BTS
members happy together is what makes me truly happy. That change has made who I am today. I think seeing the good in things
can make you happier. – That’s awesome to say.
– So I like how things are now. Tae Hyung’s become an awesome guy. – What can you say about Jimin?
– Well… Around when we first debuted, he seemed a little sensitive. Sensitive because he was anxious. He’s a good friend, and I can even say he’s my best friend… – You argued a lot.
– We’re very different people, and he was sensitive about
that difference we had, so it was hard for me to reach him. But as time went by, he’s become less anxious. Back in our “Danger” days, he didn’t have many songs
to express himself. “A-yo, who am I?” – Wait.
– But you know… “Come on, who am I?” [Jimin always asked who he was…]
That changed the most! I’ve come to realize who I am. – Jimin had a lot of pent-up anger.
– I don’t know who that is. – But that didn’t suit him!
– Give us an example. After trying that out, it didn’t suit him. Who Jimin is now suits him the best. And now he has many BTS songs
to express himself. I think that’s why he’s less anxious. My personality was strange for sure. We were all strange. One day, Jung Kook and Tae Hyung came over – and told me to control my temper.
– Really? They asked me that in front of
the practice studio. – After debut? After debut?
– What? No, it was before debut. I think Jimin softened up the most. All seven of us have. We used to be sharp like swords, but now we’ve grown more blunt. – Now to j-hope!
– Me? Is it my turn now? I thought we did everyone. I’m curious to hear about j-hope! This is how I see it. He’s become much more awesome and more like a bigger mountain, but he’s actually the same. He’s the same nice and awesome guy, and good as he has always been. He’s always kept the group steady. He’s always kept us stable. And he shares his opinions at the end. Yoon Gi and I are the ones always talking. But I think listening is the hardest. It’s easier to speak your mind. But he listens to what everyone says. The strongest characters
are usually the squinting ones, though he doesn’t squint his eyes. He always listens to the end,
hiding his presence. But when he does step up,
he becomes the strongest guy! Like the character Xenos! – He never talks before!
– It’s the same in the animation. – Smiling characters are the scariest!
– He never talks first. That character has red eyes. Always talking in ellipsis. Anyway, I’m always grateful to j-hope. He’s been our pillar since way back. – A pillar holding up other pillars.
– Like a big mountain. How do you think you changed? What do I think? Have you changed since our debut? I haven’t really thought hard about how I have changed since debut. I rather observed others. That’s really amazing. All seven of us take it easier now. – We take things easier and softened up.
– Right. – Okay now…
– A bunch of smart guys. – Okay!
– Let’s read the next question. Oh! Describe yourself in five syllables! I find this the hardest. Let me think… I’ll go first. Cutie lovely. – Starting off lightly first!
– Cutie lovely. I am who I am. I was going to say, “I’m still me!” “I am who I am.” Anyone else? Describe ourselves in five syllables? Ji-i-i-i-in! That sounds just like you. Ji-i-i-i-in! I haven’t thought of one yet. That’s more than five syllables. – Nam Joon Kim!
– Me? Kim Nam Joon, RM! “Kim Nam Joon, RM” would work. Ah! I like that thing. One of the nicknames fans gave me is… Hermione. – Hermione?
– She can turn back time. I think I get the nickname
for working hard and taking on life. I like to divide my time to use it, – and that’s how I want to live.
– Wow. – So I want to say, Hermione.
– That’s a pretty name. – Hermione.
– I like that nickname. It’s a little better than cutie lovely. – Do we have to give our reasons?
– No. – If you have any…
– Should I explain cutie lovely? No, you don’t need to do that. My life is pretty. Cute! But why do you say pretty? Looking back on myself, I think life has turned out pretty. – Right.
– So that’s why. – Pretty life?
– Yeah. As for me, I am my own hope. I am my own hope. – I always say, “I’m your hope.”
– Right. For once, I think I can be my own hope. I want to define myself like that. – Oh!
– That’s awesome. Let’s move on since we’re blushing. – Read it for us.
– What does BTS mean to you? What does BTS mean to me? Lots of questions to make you blush. I think that’s what we need now,
so let’s make it count. Blushing moments! What does BTS mean to me? I think it’s always been the same. Since I was young… I’ve been with BTS since I was 15 years old, so in my good times or bad times, I’ve been able to share everything with the guys without hesitation. They’re amazing like that. I could define BTS not long after debut, like what the group is like together. But I can’t seem to do that now. – What are we, villains now?
– Something like that. – I thought we needed a kick.
– Me too. I can’t seem to put a finger on it. I think BTS is like a reliable support. Oh, like B-T-M (pun). I tend to give up a lot of things. When it doesn’t work after trying, I just wash my hands of it. – But now…
– It’s funny how he laughed. I don’t think I should give up anymore. Because I have BTS, that’s what makes me keep trying. That’s one way of putting it. That’s one reason out of many. Thanks to BTS, I was able to grow as a person. I think that’s how it is for all of us. BTS has been my 20s. My youth, the brightest time of my life. When I was in my teens, it was about junior high or high school. But in my 20s, my life has been with BTS. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I wonder if I’ll ever shine
brightly like this again. Something like that… You made me think of a great comment. Then you can wrap this up. BTS has found who I am inside. Who I am inside! I’ve learned a lot as BTS. – We’ve grown a lot since then.
– Yeah. Writing lyrics about life makes you
wonder about your own. – Right, that’s how it is.
– And also… You cheer up writing cheerful songs. I can relate to what SUGA said because BTS was my very own school. – I’ve learned much from BTS!
– Another school! I’ve learned so much throughout. Like the 100-year life expectancy now, we have so many years ahead of us. But with work, fame, and money aside, I think we’ve learned a lot as people. It’s like a small society of our own. We have all kinds of thoughts and opinions that come together, so I feel like we’ve learned a lot. BTS is like a whole other school.
I like that expression. I personally think that BTS, regardless of members but as a team, is a once-in-a-lifetime chance from God. – A once-in-a-lifetime chance.
– From God! Even for rock-paper-scissors, I ask God what my opponent will make But you don’t have a religion! – Without religion?
– But you believe in God? Even if I don’t have a religion, there could be angels from heaven. – Maybe I watched too much anime.
– No, that could be. An angel might say to make scissors. An angel whispering to make scissors? – Scissors.
– Then the devil says to make rock. Well, that’s what I think. Even for the ladder game, I ask God to change it to no.2 when it feels like I’d lose with no.6. He did that to decide seats
on our plane yesterday. He said God told him to pick no.2. – But it was no.4.
– No, it turned out to be no.2. Sometimes it was no.2. But aside from all that, I feel like if I don’t take this
opportunity with BTS, I don’t think I’d be happy as I am now. One day, a boy who played the trumpet… It was the saxophone. – Saxophone.
– How can you say trumpet! An angel approached Tae Hyung
on his saxophone to say… BTS! – Something like this.
– Yeah. [Teasing with the angel act]
Make scissors! Scissors is the way to go! That was an awesome statement. – A once-in-a-lifetime chance from God.
– That’s what it is. I once said something similar. People say you get three chances in life. But some people don’t even realize that and their time comes to an end. When I received the call to audition, I considered it my first opportunity. When was your second chance? When you joined the team. What about the third one? When five more members joined. You raced through life! – He used up all three chances.
– No more left! Alright then. – Next question.
– Okay! Question number 6. Pick an adjective for BTS! Take turns saying them. What word comes to mind with BTS? I don’t want any adjective with BTS. I think the name BTS is enough. You know, that’s because… Because defining us a certain way… We’d get stuck with that word. I want fans to call us like this. BTS comes once in a lifetime. BTS comes once in a lifetime. Only once! We think like what you said, but I want us to have meaning to fans. Let’s take suggestions.
You can make an adjective for us. – I don’t know if I should say this.
– Go ahead. Yesterday, I played a mobile game. A mobile game during our shoot. – You played it during our shoot?
– No. – I played during break time.
– Maybe he used toes. It was during break time. While I was playing the game, someone asked if anyone likes BTS. I messaged her saying, “Me, me!” Her ID was super ultra SUGA
or something like that. When I asked if she likes SUGA, she said yes. Then I said I hate V
and asked what she thinks of that. This was her response. She wrote, “They’re all precious to me.” That made me feel warm inside. – BTS warms your heart!
– Like hand warmers. – Hand-warmer idols!
– Hot pockets! Hot-pocket idols sound nice. Hot-pocket idols? Next question. Okay then! Here is the next question. What about ARMY makes you happy? – Mine was that answer!
– He answered it. – What you said goes here.
– Yeah. Does anyone else want to add? Seeing ARMY happy makes me happy. – I agree.
– That’s the truth we know. Even during our concerts, stuff like this make me happy. Some fans have frowns on their faces, but they leave all smiling after. That makes me feel very good. I love it when they’re having a blast, – overwhelmed by the excitement.
– Yeah! As a performer on stage, rather than the audience listening, you want them singing along
and having so much fun. – That makes it so exciting.
– That gives me the most thrill. I remember saying on camera that I want to hold concerts until I die. That basically says the same thing. Seeing our fans happy from the stage is what gives us strength. With each other, we can… [Reaching out makes Jung Kook happy]
– Communicate! – Yeah. – That goes both ways.
– Yeah. – I love that.
– As if a wheel is turning. – Is this our last?
– Happiness isn’t far away. This is our last question. – Our last one?
– It’s the last question! This really is our last one. – How did you like today’s shoot?
– What? This would be for our staff. How did you like today’s shoot? How did you like today’s shoot… I guess it really is the last one! Filming videos like this lets us look back on ourselves. – It makes us think stuff over.
– To think back. What I like about these shoots is we forget the camera is here when we talk. Let’s go around taking turns. – Let’s start with Jimin today.
– No, the other way. You speak last as our leader,
so go first this time. That sounds nice. JK will wrap things up. – I can’t argue against that.
– JK can wrap it up. [Playful JK] Coming soon! This has been… We shoot like this 1-2 times a year. This allows us to talk frankly, and it makes me feel grateful again. Hearing what everyone said today, I feel very fortunate to be here and to film Bangtan Attic like this. I’m grateful and it makes me happy. And with BTS members and our staff, I want to share my love… – Love you!
– Love you! I want to say that. Love you! Since this is like a log we keep, we know what we said last year and how we changed throughout time. That gets me thinking that later on, when I watch the videos again when I get older it would be quite interesting. What with the important
conversations we had today. It makes me look forward to next year. That’s how I feel since
we’ll shoot again next year. I’m looking forward to that. Jin! We film these videos 1-2 times year. I’m happy with what we do here because when we shoot for interviews, – we talk on the camera alone.
– Right. – So we don’t know what the guys think.
– Right. But filming a video like this today, we get to understand what
each other is thinking. That’s how I see it, so I’m glad that we’re doing this. I’m grateful for this opportunity and to the staff for their work. And what with all the good input, and the great mindset we have, I’m grateful for the good thoughts
the members give me. If you’re grateful, say you love us. – Love you!
– Yoon Gi didn’t say that yet. Love you. – Yoon Gi, love you!
– Love you, love you guys. [Rapping out his love]
Love you, love you, love you! It’s easy, I love you! Love you! We’ve been busy and exhausted lately, so we needed to talk like this. So it was fun filming the video and this opportunity gave me the chance to learn more about the members. When you think about it, I enjoy watching artists I like talking about their lives and thoughts, and reminiscing about their past. I bet it’s the same for ARMYs. So when fans watch this video, I can imagine them enjoying it. That’s what makes it more meaningful. It’s been a delightful and fun time. – j-hope, love you!
– Jimin! – Yeah, love you!
– Love you! He finally said it. Jimin! Like I said, ever since last year, I think about how today is important and how happy I feel every day. But talking or not talking about that, and saying you’re grateful or not, makes all the difference. The chance to share that with the guys has been these videos we film, so I’m grateful for this precious time. That’s what I felt today. – Love you!
– Tae Hyung next. The guys before me said everything, so ditto that. We should’ve ruled that out first. It’s been the same for me. This goes for last year and this year, but I feel great after these shoots. We get along well with each other, but after shooting these videos, – I feel even better than before.
– That’s right. We laugh looking at each other. [They are happy in each other’s company] And also… Now it’s Jung Kook’s turn. – It’s time for the wrap-up.
– Finale JK! Jung Kook will make an amazing comment. – I’m curious how he will start.
– Ahem! He started with a cough. First of all, we find this
more comfortable than before. When we debuted and as trainees, we have always had a lot of talks. But these days with things more relaxed, we don’t get that chance as often. So I’m grateful when we film like this. And on a personal note, when we talk like this together… There are memories that
I don’t remember that well, and this brings them all back. I’m grateful in that sense. To sum up, love you! – Okay, love you!
– Love you! – And to our staff, love you!
– Love you! Okay, like our BTS Dinner Party, we’ll make a toast with Bonobono drinks. Let’s fill our glasses and for the toast…! Let’s have Jung Kook do it. – Our most awesome Jeon Jung Kook!
– Are you sure? – Jeon Jung Kook.
– We poured everyone a drink. Make the toast, we’ll drink to it. Let’s finish with love you! We’ll say love you after the toast. Make the toast then love you. – Wow…
– Love you! Love you! Love you, love you! [What an unforgettable toast]
Wow… love you! They’ll edit that nicely. Love you!

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    you are all a gift from God! ❤❤❤
    #bts #army #OT7 #iloveyouall #Godbless

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