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  1. MY FAVORITE COMPILATION!! We know they're gonna win but the anticipation and the thrill of winning keeps us in suspense. I'm gonna have a lot of PATIENCE pourin myself a big cup of Kool Aid in the morning!

  2. What time do people start eating Thanksgiving Dinner. 2:00 p.m., well in this day and age that properly is true because of Black Friday. Black Friday is or at least in Ohio is no longer on Black Friday it is now on Thanksgiving night.

  3. The first dehart sister is getting in spirit even Steve is afraid of her. Then the second sister- U better shut the front door

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  5. She won't see this, but Alia, I loved the cold icicle look. Actually looked awesome on you and to girls, it fit well.

  6. That is the problem, I'm in canada, that sweet beautiful lady is in the states. If I can, she better move up here. lol

  7. Used to like Steve Harvey tell I found out he believes an backs Jussie Smoletts story. Now he can go to hell with Jussie. Steve Harvey is rascist black man.

  8. Wow. That guy clearly understood the question, they literally asked him twice. He just couldn’t think of anything so he said sizzle because it sounds similar. He totally should not have gotten another chance

  9. Good stuff ! I'll be doing a Family Feud Style show in Wisconsin tomorrow – – I do shows nationwide and if Steve ever needs a vacation – I am here for him.

  10. You know you’re in America when the answer to: “what do you drink in the morning besides coffee” question is “pop”

  11. I'm sorry but when he says 4 day total and then it's only 20000 and some I always think they should have at least 40000 and some.

  12. It would make so much more sense if the 20 and 25 seconds were paused when Steve was talking and resumed when the contestant answers. The "Steve stumbled so we will allow her to finish the last question" in the first Fast Money is just plain stupid.

  13. Idk what’s better, the fact that she gave Kool-Aid as an early morning beverage, or that 31 people out of 100 agreed with her

  14. Name two people who constantly have to take pain meds due to all the yelling? Answer: Steve Harvey and Maury

  15. You have to get lost for a DAY before you ask for direction….AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, Thank God the other guy gave sensible answers.

  16. I wonder when the episode was aired that asked the question: "How many hours do you spend online a day?" Number one was 3! either people were lying..or that was a while ago. No way 3 hours is number one today! So much is done online for personal and business reasons, i can't believe that would be number 1 today lol. 3 is closer to how many hours people are not online anymore…lol

  17. It pisses me off that in the second one strawberry was the number one answer for berry because strawberry’s aren’t berries they are the only accessory fruit

  18. I dont care how many jobs they want to take away from Steve. But being the host of family feud is one job they would be a fool to take. I find this show boring untill Steve started hosting it. He made this show come alive. No matter what ppl may think of him. We have to admit that he is great at what he does. He his one heck of am host. Love you steve. You cause me to laugh alot of times when i was down.

  19. 15::24 i thought the answer for that question were spot on at the time cuz i thought he was talking about women porn stars lmao

  20. Families get pretty excited when winning 20k fast money round!! But ultimately is 4k a piece for everyone!!!

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