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2016 Recruit Training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego

2016 Recruit Training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego

2016 Recruit Training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego

Reader Comments

  1. "You either strive as a team, or die as individuals…" -SDI Sgt Kimmel; MCRD Sand Diego, January 30th 2014

  2. It was so funny when these nerds bayoneted punching bags like pussies. Why do they so weak?

  3. It’s like circus. I thought that the us have strong military. Now I am disappointed. Why do these guys behave like women? They are very feminine and weak. Is a situation when drill instructors shout at you stressful for today’s Americans? This is funny.

  4. The yelling gets redundant after a while, I’m almost immune to it just from watching multiple videos::: I like the running around though!

  5. When I was in the Marine Corps, we were issued black "Cadillac" combat boots and black jungle boots. Polishing & spit-shining your boots was a big part of boot camp and the Marine Corps in general. Now with suede boots, this tradition is gone. If it was up to me, Marines would wear black boots unless they are deployed to the Middle East. In my opinion, black boots, especially spit-shined look so much better with the uniform than brown suede, which I've never been a fan of. If there must be suede boots, issue one pair of black "cadillacs" and one pair of the suede.

  6. 4:43
    Sergeant in his regular voice: where's the ID?
    Sergeant in his super saiyan form: WHERE'S THE IDKSBSHSJAWWK I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO PUT IT IN THERE!

  7. fucking screams are only dangerous in their stupid movies😆! scream like girls of fear. These when the Russians or her army from Europe attacked would only bark and cry. "No warriors without planes and warships should attack anyone.! Ordinary American little cowards are funny indeed

  8. I guess some people don’t understand the severity of the events of 9/11, but some kids from my class had to leave early because their family members had died working in New York.

  9. Never understood why screaming and excessive noise was a requirement. You'd think stealth and silence would be more beneficial when assaulting the enemy… Just a thought…

  10. suck my dick sergent you low ranked fuckface, i fuck your mother i fuck your father. I close down braggs if i feel like it, i piss you in your whore mouth if i wan´t to. I take your legs if i wan´t to, i make a wrecked veteran out of you and ask you if you wanna go play soccer with me and the boyz, you are a joke militant hahaha let me hear you say YES SIR! one more time YES SIR! suck my cock YES SIR! military lol. no money no army move. YES SIR! are you slave for the top? YES SIR! lol who is son? GENERAL MAJOR sir ! ** you damned right son. lol i can´t stop laughing. I get turned on your white navy uniform best regards shiela. YES SIR! so tough yet no power. YES SIR! dismissed 🙂 btw your drones love me lol

  11. loll clearly that sergeant thinks the marines are dead.. because he said marine corpse… lol it's pronounced core there sergeant… might be spelled similar but it aint pronounced the same

  12. I have a serous question. Why do drill Sargents yell at you? What's the logic behind this? To break them from there normal world/ reality. I always wondered this.

  13. What are the DI's carrying in the back packs when on the course? Also…that one DI with the totally lost voice is not as compelling. These guys need to rest when they lose their voice like that. That DI will be breathing through tubes or some shit when they are old. Let the voice box heal…..damn.

  14. watch the 2014 video of this, same thing but alot more intense and goes over the beginning part of this video alot better

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