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2014 Greek Individual Combat Ration 24 Hour MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

2014 Greek Individual Combat Ration 24 Hour MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

this is a Greek Armed Forces or more properly referred to as Hellenic Armed Forces individual combat ration now weighs three pounds ten ounces and roughly translate on the front here some sort of pork main course and then a beef and green beans I believe says it's NATO approved let's check it out looks like some pretty basic store-bought style items so this should be pork and curry sauce 280 gram main course looks like a red curry we'll find out and then peas and oil just green peas and olive oil and tomato sauce and this is beef and green beans these things are just getting to their best before date right now and this is Gouda cheese 170 gram tin of some shelf-stable Gouda cheese that's still under this stuff should be fine and then here's four packs of biscuits this is a super bare-bones rash and very straightforward that's the whole ration probably has anywhere between 2,000 to 2,500 calories pretty much a restricted calorie 24-hour ration a soldier would have to rely on his own mess kit and utensils alright we're gonna break this ration down into two separate meals okay and that first meal for the day pork and curry sauce peas and olive oil and tomato sauce and then some cheese and crackers alright so let's get this out onto a tray nice okay so I'm gonna first start off with that pork and look at those nice chunks of pork doesn't really smell like much but once I heat it up this ration doesn't come with utensils a stove or anything I'm just gonna use this right here it's kind of nifty part of an old Yugoslavian mess kit I'm definitely gonna use a stove from another ration nice real cuts of meat that's for sure all right there we go I'm gonna use some gel fuel definitely the thing to use indoors much safer and more efficient is that lit yeah that's led all right well that's heating up gonna check out this other stuff here check out these crackers they're not rancid they don't smell often anyway look at those say some sort of whole-grain hardtack very much staying true to like military rations style crackers or biscuits and he's literally look like old heart really has the sound of like a wafer listen to that didn't Reilly knees out real quick hmm just like some very strong like dark grain it really tastes like rye they're not difficult to chew like a really hearty ride this c't it's not stale at all has a slight malted flavor it's not sweet whatsoever good stuff we that smells like a light yellow curry actually it's very subtle just from the smell alone I can tell look at that it really has that nice pulled pork kind of look once you mix it up a little bit that's fantastic all right and then the peas and olive oil and tomato sauce it's pretty much Greek style Peas it's to be eaten cold ice a little hiss check that out definitely a nice authentic dish look at that olive oil that's fantastic quite the portion nice heating up like a charm drop in the mess cup does the trick who that that's still heating up that Gouda cheese I like how it has this lid probably gonna save some for dinner check that out processed cheese 170 gram 10 save the rest for dinner those look different than these it looks like a lighter biscuit potentially hmm that just tasted like a standard wheat biscuit it's different than this one check it out this is the rye and this is wheat so there's cheese just try it out on its own hmm I've never had a processed Gouda before to me that doesn't taste all that different than say a processed cheddar or American cheese cheese out this tastes fairly processed not smoky at all has a light sharpness the flavor of that rye with a somewhat sharp processed cheese that's a little bit dry if hair is pretty well with the Rye a little bit thirst provoking now with this wheat biscuit now really with that all I taste is the cheese it just doesn't really pair well in any sort of complimenting way with the Gouda cheese the cheese definitely goes best with the Rye biscuits that's the way to pair them I'm almost thinking these might just go better with the main course or on their own now for the Greek style peas hmm that's a pre strong flavor of dill the olive oil binds perfectly with these Peas the tomato adds a light amount of acidity and sweetness I feel like it goes perfectly with this the olive oil this is like a perfect lunchtime meal high in protein vitamin A the dill is a nice addition it's not overpowering the perfect thing to have for lunch there's a real kind of ration no desserts no coffee doesn't even have toilet paper it's very it's very Spartan nice pork steam and hot well since there's no drinks in this ration just half my canteen all right let's check out this what pretty much turned into pulled pork with what smells like a yellow curry very light mmm I have so incredibly tender yeah that's an exceptionally light yellow curry sauce it was like really not much left to the flavor of it I almost feel like it could use some sort of sauce it's like perfectly moist tender it's mostly just relying on the flavor of the meat itself it's really just picking up a light yellow curry it's not the most exciting thing in the world but it's very tender it's not dry at all most of that sauce evaporated just heating it up and what's left it's pretty much just some really tender pork that as I keep eating it yeah it's actually pretty bland the texture flavor and quality the meat is outstanding but it needs some sort of sauce they need something definitely nice washing down some water you know the ride biscuits and cheese and then peas and oil those are the best components in this meal although the texture of this pork is fantastic it's perfectly cooked it's a good kind of meat you really fall short seasoning knows raw flavor this is a really filling meal I'm gonna slowly but surely work on this pork here and I'm gonna take it over to dinner all right we're back with dinner got the rest of that processed cheese two more packs of biscuits and then a turn 30 gram can of beef and green beans all right let's get the sound tray nice some kids let's for stir it off by heating up that main course actually looks pretty good right there check that out not bad doesn't smell too bad either oh yeah well that's heating up gonna kind of slosh it around a little bit and still it that beef look at that it's nice and tender whole cuts of beef it's looks like good quality okay I can't go wrong with this rash and you know it doesn't have drinks but that's not a big deal yacht water and that's good enough plus I can teams kind of cool all right check out these biscuits see if they're the same maybe they're four different kinds or maybe it's just two different kinds it looks like some more the wheat yeah I think those are the weed one they did have a notably different flavor or more or less lack of just really didn't taste like anything the standard wheat biscuits they're like just little pieces of hardtack believe that it's just I really do think that's in a lot of ways that the need is part about the ration the biscuits I mean the port that was just so basic I hope these Greek troops have some sort of like seasonings that they can bring it along or something those looked the same yeah these are the same kind both of these packs there was only one kind that was different there was one pack of rye and then three standard packs of like they get really bland sweet hardtack yeah that is just so dry and thirsty evoking like pretty much no moisture content hardly any shortening yeah definitely need water these crackers be great if you were starving or just sitting there eating them I mean [Applause] this cheese it's just lightly sharp it's strange because it has a slight granular texture which I know isn't normal I've hit a couple hard sandy bits and the cheese it's somewhat creamy it's somewhat enjoyable but it's really just processed cheese and there's not much to processed cheese it's just only enjoyable to a certain level somewhat one-dimensional in its flavor profile still enjoyable but I think the little granular bits really do throw it off check out that main course you know I got it's a nice and starting to get a little bit of a sizzle to it that beef it's like rendering it's already slow-cooked like that bit of fat marbling in there yeah it looks great we'll just keep letting that do its thing not bad so here's dinner beans cheese above it has a nice kind of homely feel to it you know that's just a a very inviting savory telega cafeteria food smell to it in a good way maybe that it's a real steam fast hmm well the green beans have a perfect texture they're soft but they're not overcooked they don't squeak on your teeth when you chew them and they don't taste canned those are the best can greenlight I did not expect that that is so cool I really like that olive oil it binds with the flavors very well there's dill and parsley just has this refreshing flavor like the green pea is the same thing that dill the beef itself exceptionally tender not like your average canned food it really reminds me of the Spanish ration in terms of its quality of the meat but considering its canned such a nice flavor and the sauce I'm hoping this absorbs I have no idea if it will or not I'm just gonna leave them in there in a desperate attempt to salvage whatever I can calorie wise from the biscuits because you could literally sit there eating chewing those like all day in terms of nutritional value I feel like this is a great ration but it's also very much a throwback because it doesn't have the amenities that rations have had since World War Two like toilet paper gum coffee and little things that make such a difference in morale a small spoon or something in case you don't have your mask it utensils but it's still not bad I really think this ration has its purpose some dairy bread essentially meat vegetables and everything you really need to stay healthy and fighting form granted it doesn't have any luxuries but in combat being able to sit down and have a hot meal is a luxury in itself doesn't matter what it is and something like this if you could sit down and actually have say this beef with green beans a real taste at home I'm sure this seems like a very nice home-cooked style kind of Greek dish this thing right here is really it's a great recipe I really enjoy this Wow that hardtack this stuff is awful and doesn't absorb moisture whatsoever you'd have to soak it all day if I had the pig I'd say that beef and green beans it's more enjoyable than the pork and curry definitely the best party dinner that hardtack that is the most thirst provoking thing I want to thank him or Mountain for giving me this ration definitely check out at Mari mountains shop he has all sorts of rations well this was a Greek individual combat ration definitely lacking in variety and morale boosting items like coffee and gum an interesting bare-bones restricted calorie 24-hour ration very straightforward well anyway this is Steve 1989 off memory info hope you liked the video Noby come back at you it's something new world all right cool see

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  1. 2:02 Ghost hand makes an appearance. Where will ghost hand strike next? Probably pointing to a Uruguayan 23-hour ration that expired in during Taft's administration.

  2. They would probably get supplimented with fresh flat type of bread like pita or something. Some military's do that, they get some extra stuff on the side delivered with the basic rations.

  3. no nescafe n espid stove and matches u got jiped off those steve and from sugar n salt n pepper n spoon n water tablets its saposed to have those

  4. When Steve says "Listen to these biscuits!" and you lean in, you know you've probably watched too many MRE videos today.

  5. Gouda cheese? I've noticed that all over the world us humans basically eat the same kinds of food, just little variations. That was suprising.

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