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#2 Life Onboard the Dark Fleet Craft feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 1

#2 Life Onboard the Dark Fleet Craft feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 1

it’s right here on earth all right welcome back to episode 2 of
breakaway a new series that we’re doing here on dauntless dialogue we’re gonna
be releasing one Episode a week where we are interviewing whistleblowers from the
ostensible secret space program with me today is Tony Rodriguez a survivor of
the 20 and back and he has quite the fascinating story that he’s sharing with
us one piece at a time now today we’re gonna be diving more into his experience
onboard the dark fleet craft and some of the other experiences that he had while
he was in the solar system and outside the solar system so Tony why don’t you
start us off today by giving us a brief description of some of the craft that
you were on well like I said the first one I’m I had made a few trips from
earth to the moon and that was on your standard TR 3d b1 and then there were
smaller crafts I was stationed on Mars for a time and there were smaller craft
there the ones I ended up working on on Ceres the first one was I never really
saw it on the up from the outside of it and I only was allowed in the bottom
part of it which was a small area you know I’d like to think the size of maybe
five thousand square feet total that I saw of the craft on our deck I never
really left it other than to leave it and I never saw it from the outside when
I got out off the umbilical it was there was a door so you couldn’t see the craft
and there was a train there was a train station like so I just immediately got
on my train and left so that first one was like just like a submarine on the
inside more roomy there was there was more room to it there was some small
areas but there were there were big rooms and in it they were not like a
summary not super super cramped mm-hmm there was a lot of tubing a lot of
piping that went through it that moved the radioactive water and other
chemicals that went through and that was the highly corrosive chemicals went
through it and so we ended up having to replace
Vale’s that went bad quite often that they would they would corrode on the
inside because of whatever chemical they used but that was just the area that we
were and then there were hydraulics that happen there were hydraulic processes
that happen above us that the hydraulics were located where we were at and we
basically would always maintain the level of fluids sometimes we would go
and replace hoses and thanks to those but but we maintained hydraulic fluids
to four and I have no idea what they were doors the opening or whatever it
was lifts there were things but that was pretty much my job there so and there
were the submarine doors that you had instead we were always you would always
be in a hurry we always have to run and get something real quick and come back
and you would trip on that thing you think after years and years he wouldn’t
but through you you mind as elsewhere and we don’t on that thing hundreds and
hundreds of times over stepping over the threshold door so the next ship I was on
I was very happy that still had a threshold still had doors they pocket
like a pocket door that could close not not an open swimming door but it still
had a threshold but it was only a couple inches tall it was very easy to get over and I never really tripped on it and
that was a much bigger ship and I was it had five cargo obeys to two on each side that could collapse into
one giant cargo bay which we never did but they had walls that were could
pressure eyes so you can open up to vacuum of space and the walls could open
so they could rearrange the cargo bay and then there was another not exactly a
cargo blue a cargo cargo storage underneath the main cargo bay that was
probably only six feet tall worth of packages we had packages of
things that we offered for trade down there in that storage and the guys
always hated going down there and having say all we got a rollout package a you
know for instance they were numbered but we have to roll out package a and so the
guys had to go down there and get the stuff and bring it up to the cargo bay
and then we’d open the door and unload it offload it we could offload things
into space we offloaded cargo into the vacuum of space there was a it was a
vortex loader and what it did was the cargo it would shine a laser on the
cargo so that people knew to stand back it was a safety light like a light it
was a laser a bright white light and above it there would be it would make a
vortex and it would lift it up and in zero gravity would make two vortexes and
moving around like that and it would pick up cargo and move it out or move it
in so the loader was fun to use we’ve
fought over it whenever there was whenever we needed somebody to jump on
the vortex loader we call it the auto loader whenever somebody need to get on
that we raced to it cuz it we got there first got to do it and you didn’t really
need a lot of training to use it was like a video game was really easy job
but that’s what I did and when we got on we when we got cargo on my job was to
measure it and weigh it and then I put it I I would take a long I had a
clipboard a low clipboard and I’d make notes we had a little thing you know I’d
make notes and then I’d go back to my station which was a touch screen on a
unlike a pillar on a you know it was a toy I’ll send you a picture I’ve drawn
of it and I could log in mighty number and then I could work at any of stations
you know they were like right above the in between the cargo bay and the next
deck up there was a little space that we worked in him and I would sit there for
hours and just log in all the weights and dimensions anything really tall went
into the main cargo bay in the back in that was much bigger and then that one
could lower the floor they could lower the floor and create space it had an
entire hydraulic floor they could go down three or four feet and or that they could so those guys got
all the tall they dealt with anything that was tall I think over a metre and a
half tall or meter being a quart or something like that anything that was
tall had a tipping and another dimension to it of a tipping report they had the
weight but I don’t know figure out the tablet there was a tipping report and I
didn’t have to deal with that the guys in the main cargo bay did so I had that
cargo bay and I had a few guys under me that would go and I would tell them how
to arrange thing and the computer would spit up after I put in all the
dimensions of everything the computer would spit out how to stack it and I
would just go and oversee that with the guys that was basically my job for I
don’t know two and a half three years I would do briefings with the command in
the mornings because they I would they kept all the cargo baked guys all the
cargo engineers that were in charge of the cargo way guys were there in the
morning briefing and they would speak in German and they had a translator they
could flip it on and off and we could understand them when they wanted to talk
to us they’d turn it on and you could hear it was a there was a translator
translating tech I don’t know if it was an implant in my head or if it was local
he worked in the elevator I remember standing outside the elevator of the
ship with two guys talking and her permanent as soon as we passed through
the door I could understand what they were saying was ain’t English to me and
they realized it and shut up and then when we started going they talked and
talked to me it’s still this small talk Emily over the door opened they walked
back out and when they walked out the door it was right back to German again I
couldn’t understand so that was and so that was there and it was at the train
station but like when you right when you got off the ship there was an area there
that the translator worked because there was a guy from Italy there was a guy
that spoke Italian that worked in the main the main cargo bay that was funny
and so we’d run into him all they couldn’t understand what he said so we’d
catched him at the exit at the end of the day and said what were you talking
about man and he was funny he was kind of like he kind of had like a really
mean but like a mean since he’d be mean to you but it was a sense of humor which
was like aggressive you know but uh that was basically where I spent my days so I
did in the morning I didn’t go into the rear
the ship I went into the forward umbilical the ship with the crew with it
with the actual crew that were not slaves and that’s very important that
was the first time I everybody rubbed elbows with them and I wear a different
color suit I wore a dark gray or light gray and I wear a
dark gray it was vice-versa I wore a light gray and they weren’t dark gray I
think that’s what I was like great and then the there was guys and the crew
that wore black and there weren’t people that were navy blue a dark navy blue and
then the command some of them were like a like a blue with a gray I’ll go there
and morning to take the elevator up and go to the command briefing sit down I
had coffee they’d have muffins and stuff their bagels that was my breakout at his
breakfast they regulated everything we did I was only allowed to go to the
bathroom for a short time I had a lunch and if you didn’t eat lunch you got in
trouble you had to eat your three meals a day no matter what or they send you
the doctor and the doctor would be unpleasant and I’d get up in the morning
I’d go there and they was along it was a table with a long wiping room and it
looked like the panel on an airplane like with the grid of fabric glue to a
plastic paneling that’s what the walls were in the front and the commanded area
and there was a long white table and they all had their own little tablet
pads that they used and so they would go between each other and see and I’m most
the time I said there was my little clipboard and they would call on me and
usually asked how much room is left in the cargo bay that was available and
that was my report and that was it and then we talked you know they wouldn’t
talk and it was just like hanging out with guys I’m I mean they were German guys that uh
you’re not born on earth they were born on series so but they were people just
like you and me just a different culture now Tony did you have a job title and
and were you ever given promotions during your time going to the Cardinal
engineer was the promotion from the original title and there there was a
rank there was a number it was I don’t want to say II but there was a number
like a or a letter and a number like an e to it like a d2 or something which was
levels below the lowest rank that they had and they had naval rank like that at
the top there was a court I always remembered it secondly they had a
Corvette captain and then a cap captain Herr Kapitan captain there’s a captain
there was another one and there was a Corvette captain and I always remembered
that word and I looked up later the German Navy does still did use ranks
like that but it went all the way down and there was a rank and then there I
was just like one ring I was two ranks below and I got promoted to the rank
below actually being a service man which I could never could because I was
technically I was a slave now I got from from that eventually the other thing
about the ship is beef when when the old ship broke down and was decommissioned
there were a period of months in between when the other ship wasn’t finished
being built or it was built but it was being converted to do the job it was
gonna do like you know like whatever they bought it from whoever built it or
brought it I don’t know I don’t know the politics involved but basically ship
came to Ceres sat and the hangar bay in the name and modified it
I’m inferred to do to set it up how they wanted it and that was a few months
during that time they came and got me it was pretty cush but I went to classes
they put me through like a phys ed thing and I went to new classes to learn my
job and they came and got me one day and I
didn’t have the guy with you know it was dreadful because there was like long
hours and it was you know it was boring they came and got me one day and took me
to the hangar area and at the top of it they would imagine like a window imagine
a giant hangar room five hundred feet tall at least six hundred feet tall very
big by thousands of feet long and Wow it was just a massive wind looked like when you’re looking out the airplane
onto a tarmac for my airport out onto the tarmac how there’s a row seats when
you waiting at your gate was window like that that looked down and I could see
the front of the ship from above it and I thought it was just gorgeous it was
beautiful it was it had the lines like a stealth like us like a b-2 bomber you
know it had the the stealth kind of lines and it was a blue it was a black
with like a blue like a like a black with a blue tint color and there were
scaffolding on the on the mid like on the ship on the front of it there was
scaffolding it was under construction they were building something like a big
protruding like a tower in the middle of the shift yeah I never saw it finished
but then I took a guy who came and got me I was supposed to go there and meet
somebody and I did I reported and met someone I had to stay there for a minute
30 minutes and then a guy came and got me and he was in a different universe
greasy so he was one of the flight crew people that worked down below and we
wrote an elevator like a lift but it was an industrial like an elevator where
your experian you could see I wrote it down in that big room to the bottom and
then he had a eight six wheeled like a golf cart like an electrical golf cart
but it was six wheels truck and we rode under the ship and through the back of
it and it was rounded in the back it was it came to a taper and it was flat
across the back where that where the cart the main cargo bay doors were and
then I he pointed out my he said you’re gonna work there I said why am I doing
this they didn’t really told me why he said you have to be familiar with your
cargo doors so in case something happens you need to know what it looks like on
the outside so this is gonna familiar you just get one trip we rode down under
the ship I saw I saw my cargo doors and so there
was some windows and thing you know when you’re up close to it and then people be
back and I another guy came in I didn’t ride the elevator back up there was
another guy came at got me and walked me back to a train and I went back to class
and it was just beautiful the I was like stoked that I saw that
you know it was I didn’t I didn’t go out much so it didn’t take a whole lot to
impress me back then but it was a pretty big ship and I’ve done the math on we
used to pick up cargo at Diego Garcia and so I’ve Lu used Google Earth and
done the math and I estimate the ship was about a thousand feet long by about
six hundred feet wide and it had to be a different dimension tall maybe four or
500 feet tall but that sort of been about a thousand feet long Laura six
hundred meters or something like that so it wasn’t the biggest ship out there but
it was a fast cargo cargo ship you still there Adam he looks like your
leg yeah yeah I’m still here and you’re reminding me of some real world examples
some evidence that we can look at when gary mckinnon pulled off what was called
the biggest computer hacker the biggest military hack of all time he broke into
some NASA servers and some Navy Space Command servers and he found evidence of
a couple of things he found some flight manifests from some of these ships which
contained there was different categories different headers for different columns
some of them said terrestrial officers and others said non-terrestrial officers
and others there were you know some of the manifests for cargo loads and it
said fleet to fleet transfers and so you know I guess I’m gonna throw that back
at you and I want to kind of drive home a little bit on what types of cargo do
you think you were moving since this was such a big part of your job did you ever
were you allowed to ask questions and did you ever snap into that well
officially know the my official responsibility was to not
care about the cargo you know I got a box it was my idea it was my job to make
sure the Box didn’t hi I get damaged make sure it got stacked efficiently and
it made sure it got to where was going it was none of my business what was in
it I didn’t however open up cargo there was
cargo that’s broken I saw inside of it there we took everything you can imagine
we took water we took people we took crates we took cardboard we took giant
graphite things the boxes they were made out of like a graphite that could go in
there were predicates handle vacuum we took weapons we took missiles we took
55-gallon drums of chemicals we took things from our t-shirts we took tenant
we took one time we had like 10,000 pairs of military boots that we took
back to series we picked it up a David Garcia was just surplus so they took it
it was free free for them so they did what they were military boots and the
only reason I know that is because what I walked in in the morning one of the
girls from the front of the ship I think navigation or something was showing him
off look at my boots we got you know this is what came in so that’s how I
knew that’s the only way I knew what was in the cargo I just remember a giant
crate big crates that came but um we took things I got in trouble it’s a long
story but I got in trouble for a reporting one opened up and I looked
inside and there was coffee and it was on the manifest of things that were
banned I guess coffee to other ETS is a narcotic like a very
strong drug to certain et races so it was being sold as for that reason not
because of what we would think coffee and so I reported it and because I did
my job but really they were sneaking it in
there and they knew about it so it was I wasn’t supposed to know so it caused a
big trouble so I didn’t get in trouble I didn’t get in trouble for it I did my
job correctly but they got in trouble and so I it caused a big deal named almond they
took it the next day but because I found them the guys made me drink coffee every
morning you’re drinking coffee here you know and it was like the running joke
with me so Tony I want to ask you a question
regarding this Diego Garcia base how in your opinion how is it that you were
able to bring in a craft down into us you know into Earth’s airspace or did
you have a scout craft that was smaller or was it clothed well it was it had stealth like the cut and a technology like the one they they
keep that from you purposely I guess so that I guess other ETS can’t psychically
scan the crew in the back and learn about the craft so they compartmentalize
the tech so I wasn’t sure about a lot of things on the craft
Diego Garcia who had I was an American place and it was ran by American
personnel but only a handful of them knew about us the rest of the personnel
had no idea what was going on we would come at 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning
2:00 in the morning there and come vertically down into a certain parking
lot you know like a big parking lot area and everybody was gone you know like
it’s very that they ran a tight ship there people had to go there was a
curfew on Diego Garcia for people they had to be in there they had to be in at
night and uh so there was only a handful of Americans there were guys we did
missions where they had to come with us and they knew that they were gonna be
blank they knew they were gonna have their memories erased when they got back
and they were there were a lot of things that we were they weren’t on aware of us
doing but there was always a we the sign of
manifest when we picked up cargo there and they gave us bootleg stuff that we
weren’t supposed to have I think other whistleblowers have researchers have a
problem with me saying that we listen to music from the earth because that’s a
big no-no up there and but there were bootleg things entertainment that found
its way to Ceres Oh funny for the colonists to listen to earth music and
uh books and stories and things even movies got bootlegged through diego
garcia up there which is a huge which is a huge illegal illegalities in the
secret space program state they keep you and they don’t want to listen to there’s
mind-control components to the music we listen to – so they didn’t want to be
exposed to that but they did people snuck that stuff through there there was
a demand for it and so try to think Simone Tony I have a question regarding
Diego Garcia so some of our listeners might remember the missing flight out of
Malaysia 370 which there were a lot of conspiracy theories about where it went
and some images surfaced in the months succeeding this event someone had
supposedly you know snuck a an iPhone in their rear end and were able to manage
to snap a picture of Diego Garcia base and there was you know geo-locating
metadata embedded deep within the picture which you just can’t fake so I’m
wondering if there’s any overlap with a conspiracy theory like that it seems
like there’s a lot of shady things that are connected to Diego Garcia well ok
from from what I know this was I was there way before the Malaysian flight
would have happened it was a spaceport it was a spaceport for goods for the
Germans that came through we had we there were times when we had to wait for
shipments we got there and the shipment was late and so we would go out to see
they let us go swimming there were times we went to the Turtle Bay or Turtle Cove
it’s Turtle Bay I think in the look at the bottom part of Diego Garcia
we went swimming and they would let the crew swim we we had to wait a couple
hours and they were confident that people that were classified warrant
didn’t have security clearance to see us there wouldn’t see us so they had that
under control there but absolutely it was a port we were getting good so that
was our joke we always joked about it what are we picking up we’re picking up
goods from we’re putting on Russian and Russian military goods too often Chinese
boat from single a base with an Italian first name and a Spanish second name in
the Indian Ocean that’s an American base going to the
Germans in space but it was a running joke we kept heading on that we kept
adding on you know what I mean there’s many nationalities so that sentences we
could we’re picking up Chinese cargo from a from a Singapore boat you know at
a base with an Italian first name and a Spanish second name in the Indian Ocean
banned by Americans going to Germans you know and so that’s how I remembered it I
always remembered that was like a that was like a running joke for us but um I
remember one time we with one of the officers from America the American and
said look you guys are running up the big tab you guys need your in the
millions here of money that you owe and so the next morning at the at the
briefing the security briefing or the mission briefing on the ship the next
back on series the next morning I brought it up raised my hands does
anybody have anything to add and I raised my head said the guy idea Garcia
says we need to pay our tab that were running it up and they burst into
laughter because they weren’t paying anything it was an illusion to the to
the guys giving us the cargo they think that there’s a trade going on because a
financial arrangement there’s not they got everything they took from a date
whenever they needed any kind of military hardware or anything for that
matter it got shipped to Diego Garcia unloaded waited there that hanger and we
guy qui came in and in the middle the night and scooped it up and there was no
charge so it’s that’s that’s the kind of level you know it’s getting paid for by
the trillions of dollars that’s missing of the black op black ops or whatever
you know the Pentagon missed that’s how the
counting is working the Germans weren’t paying anything they looked at whenever
whenever I was on Ceres colony is a symbol that represented the earth earth
colony it had a chain around it it was the earth it was a picture of the earth
with a chain around it to symbolize that it was enslaved so that’s how they
that’s how they regarded us they were not concerned with Earth’s well-being at
all they concerned they regarded as something they owned
okay so Tony help me connect some dots here I guess I’m wondering how you got
shuffled into a German secret space program when you were you know living in
America can you square that circle for us yeah well I mean it’s easier if we go
through counter logical order but basically I ended up in Seattle living
in a house of a billionaire and he was a practicing Satanist and obviously
connected with the program after I had already been in Peru for a few years and
they were using that technology from the MKULTRA stuff they were giving us me
injections in putting me on shipments of cocaine from Porto to Watson suyo Peru
to Santa Marta Colombia they would ship up it was a c-46 commando this 46:42
c-46 commando cargo plane and I was just a kid I was you know 10 11 years old and
I guess they lost one of the planes and it was cocaine they were moving and when
we got up in the air we’d fly over the state of Acre and when we got into
Colombia he would though I had a handler a guy at a spoke English and he would
give me a name an IV drip but I was a psychic for them
like I would if there was something police or some bad weather they used me
to navigate he said I he said he talked to it through me I
there were times that I talked fluent Spanish that he talked to his dead
grandmother and just I said all kinds of stuff yeah he always have a list of
questions from people from the village but during those trips but I remembered
none of really none of it some of it I do but they were putting me under and
using me that’s how they’re doing the drug war that’s how they’re avoiding
being caught they’re using psychics you think this has got to be CIA tech so
that guy only privately and that was his little business running and when I hit
puberty I lost that ability and so I went back to Seattle
and lived there I was kind of like you know it was like an orphanage of other
kids there and we were being put through the pedo gates that we were sex slaves
without going into much detail I eventually washed out of that they
gave us medication every day and they changed it one day and I became to it I
said if you either eat this or you’re going to the military and after three or
four days I would take that medicine and just vomit I was just I couldn’t do it
and so they did she took me and drove me up the road to a back of a parking lot
behind a store and two guys got me in a van gave me an injection and I was off
well I woke up on the moon again and I was trained for suicide missions as a
support soldier for Mars and I was shipped to Mars that that was the next
step I mean I’m skipping through this without a lot of details just to get to
it back to where he cover our question I went to Mars and I was a support soldier
and there was it probably a dozen of us then and we did three combat missions
with existing US Marine and soldiers on Mars and we engaged there are giant bugs
that live on Mars or giant insects that live there indigenous there and we
engage them and had fatalities and as a result though I guess the bugs adapted
quicker than they thought and so they canceled the program I was flown to a
bigger city on Mars and put through aptitude testing and I tested for
skilled labor and so then I went into ship repair and they gave me classes
which is more like the MKULTRA stuff movies and drugs and then after that
then I was shipped to Ceres so I think they were taking personnel or slave
personnel neither trading them or selling them them according to your
aptitude so if I would have been smarter I could have been into communications or
whatever but I’d already been through at that point in the twenty aback I’d
already been through enough mental abuse to where I wasn’t exactly I didn’t
exactly have a great aptitude interesting have you ever considered
that you might have actually done 220 in backs did you ever wonder if you maybe
did a 40 or 60 in back well no I think that during one time that they sold us
off to a race that had a different 20 in back technology and what happened was
they took all the slaves the German the the series colony Germans in trading
with another race of I ETS traded people to go on like short like ten in bags
which we weren’t supposed to but then I guess they had a separate technology
that was not a danger in other words the 20 in back tech that we were using they
said that you know if you went through more than that or more than 20 years you
could be harmed and I think that we went through that program and what happened
was everybody committed suicide so the deal didn’t go through they said that
they got the first they were trading technology for people for manpower and I
guess that everybody committed suicide once they got on the other end of the
shorter 20 back inside of it I think I went through that but I I just don’t
have enough to really talk about it soundly you know it’s vague so I don’t
really talk about it a lot but I think that happened Wow okay another exciting
episode behind us as always it seems like we just run out of time just when
it’s starting to get really juicy you’ll have to tune in next week for more
details we’re gonna dissect more of Tony’s fascinating story if you want to
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    we dont have any actual proof this is anything but a story
    humanity has had some great story tellers in our history
    the best ones would use reality and build over it
    i wish one of them had some valid documents and pictures

  13. Lost me at chemicals and corrode. Sorry, but you don't go to space in a TR3B with Star Trek type plumbing on board. Also, it would have been wise to let us know this guys credentials, his education, his background that would warrant he be on a spaceship traveling the stars. Who is this guy? Sorry but Lost in Space!

  14. This Tony guy you're interviewing doesn't seem to be too bright low IQ level he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about he's full of

  15. This is interesting as a story. But, when the interviewer asked the question about his uniform and he could not give a specific color…..THEN HE IS LYING… when asked about his ranking and title his response was like E… what??? in this military there are no specific lieutenants, or sergeants, or levels like this.

  16. Not challenging what he's saying because I'm sure it's TRUE …but ..All this talk is cheap …Anybody can tell a story …we need some RECEIPTS….PERIOD

  17. what a bunch of crap no one can go 2 space for 20 or 60 years n come back un aged ahaha they r projecting so much stuff that wohldnt make sense in space this is embarrassing no wonder no one believes in UFOs with this shit

  18. I believe in a space fleet but I truly believe these people have false memory due to some elitist agenda that we will never know. Politics is dancing with our very core of belief systems. Instilling a fear never known before. All of this material and others related there in has an impact we have yet to understand. A lucifarian agenda is absolute. We will have to wait and see how all this plays out with the weak minded masses of humanoids on Earth.

  19. All people missing on flight
    MH 370 AND people on planes which were supposed to of hit twin towers those people have become slaves on other secret space programs on other planets.

  20. When you look at Diego Garcia on Google Earth you can see WAAAAAAAAAY more cargo ships in the harbor than could possibly be necessary:)

  21. They have a chain around mother Gaia and they don't care about human race well they need to be catch them out what they are doing without us they won't be where they are now what could you said they are superior maybe not intelligent wise they're not

  22. after watching his eyes dart to the right , over and over again… indicates he's making this up….I think this is fabricated story

  23. This guys is lying his add off.
    Just look at how mixed up his story is… He worked this job for 20 plus years and can not remember what color his uniform was, come on bro.. Quit ur fucking lying dirt bag…

  24. I belithere is shit up there. But Damn this guy is full of shit. He can't remember stuff like rank an uniform. Yea I ain't buying his story

  25. I was stationed on Diego Garcia for a year and worked the flight line nights, spent many hours in Turtle Bay as well, my landlord is currently stationed there in a permanent position. Utter bullshit, including the curfew

  26. The secret space program isn't so secret, is it? Amazing that he is just able to tell this without being killed. Its suspect of all these so-called "whistleblowers". Give me a break, this is a disinformation campaign to fool the masses.

  27. still sceptical about all this but willing to admit that its possiable , recently learned about some tech thats been around since 30's that has to do with electro feilds for propulsion , is hard to believe that it wasn't improved on since then ,but all that has been kept quite , kinda explains why theres so many reports of ufo's and no contact ,actually could explain many things but its pretty hard to deal with , if true this planet, and everything on it is nothing more than a resource sorta alittle scary

  28. Something is with his eyes, its like he’s trying to send a secret message or something. Second, those who were on the German first gen space crafts have that awe full hot metal boiling water smell day and night. You smell it in your sleep, dreams, etc.

  29. its a underground base not a craft its all leis the aliens is demons and they vil not have eny of you to learn the trueth of the true God.

  30. All those years and you still don't know how to understand German, come on, you been dreaming on the sunbed for too long

  31. Thank you tony Rodriguez for your amazing tenacity and honesty after everything you have been through, i wish the world had more people as resilient as you. And for the people who are so quick to call bs, do your homework ! /dodiligence as all his info is obviously sincere and acurate , you can easilly tell he is recalling memories and how his answers naterally flow . He is amazing and only hope we hear from more people of such callibre, thanks again tony and also a massive thumbs up to an amazing channel.

  32. This may sound crazy….but I ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS….reason i believe this because he didn't know everything that was going on…..sounds like plausible deniability….but only to find out for sure….if he comes up disappeared….or mysteriously comes down with an illness….or thet may just leave him alone….thinking that everyone will think he's NUTS

  33. Those that do not believe any of certainly dose not read or intelligent enough to read history books and think outside to f the box. The human race are not the only race and for the most part the average person noes little as what is the realization or reality of what is going on in our solar system and beyound.👍👊🤘allein life

  34. How to tell when someone is lying; eyes move to the top left is Visually constructed; to the left direction across Auditory constructed; His eyes are constantly moving these directions; Conclusion he is a lying asshole

  35. Tony says that when they brought him. back from the 20 and back, he was 'age regressed' so does he mean his 29 year old body was organically reverted to that of a 9 year old boy, or did they transfer his consciousness from the adult body to the child body? And if it's the latter, then what did they do with the 'empty' 29 year old body?

  36. Without saying this man lies or tells the truth as he knows it… Question is.. Do you have any reason to believe this story? I see no reason to believe what he says. It doesn't mean he is lying or crazy or doing his best to say what he believes. The point is, I have been given no reason or evidence to believe this story. If I went through life believing things that I like, agree with or give me comfort and disbelieve thing I am against, were not what I wanted to happen or disagree with, I would be an imbecile and a moron. I wonder, for people who believe this, what convinces you? or what does it take to convince you of something? And what in this story, made the case for you?

  37. Hello Tony, what happened to the timeline of your parents? Is it kind of parallel timeline that we here are dealing with?


  38. Plumber 😀 on space ship, muffin's and coffee 😀 😀 😀 really!!! 😀 😀 😀 from where ? Local cafeteria or maybe galactic MacDonald's 😀 Full of shit dude

  39. I don't believe this guy he remembers to many specific details about stuff that happened 18 years ago according to him…
    So I call liar………. Liar liar liar

  40. Also someone walked into his room and jammed a rusty bar up his ass and made his asshole bleed and he had to get a bandade

  41. Memory retrieval and fractured timelines: when your own timeline snaps back…after the second you was sent back and reinserted in time, did you have an energetic rush or kundalini like awakening experience back on the earth timeline? I think this is true for me. Also, I am in contact with my oversoul…do you think this means I don’t need worry about QHHT and that the memories will coalesce in time, or would you suggest a more active approach to memory retrieval? Thank you for everything you have done and everything you continue to do every day. You are an inspiration.

  42. @GMAIL.COM
    -Dauntless Dialogue and ANYONE ONE ELSE..
    SHOOT ME 🔫 a Email . if ANYONE is interested in what i can say is some ("INTERESTING" literature or iNFO RE: DEIGO GARCIA & some SSP components)
    That I HAVE and willing to share .

  43. Check 0ut,

    ' Roger Morneau ~ Charmed By Darkness '

    He got involved with them in 1946 …

    ' Roger Morneau ~ Ex Satanist gives his Amazing testimony '

    ' Roger Morneau incredible answers to Prayer '

    How God intervened when One Man Prayed …

    If You find time the Abovementioned all amazing, on You Tube …

  44. So I guess people like Elon are merely propaganda and there is a whole larger picture being hidden from us with one finger

  45. Dude Tony needs the LOVE he is A HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did 8 Years Active combat NAVY I know what it feels like BRO…………..IRAQ Freedom

  46. Jesus, doesn't the interviewer have any curiosity? Tony mentions an ex WW2 German base number of times and I like many people I'm sure, want to know if they are still Nazis and how that plays out. Tony is great but the interviewer needs to wake up a little and ask more questions! Unfolding his arms and not looking so bored would be a good start.

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