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  1. You Maam', LOL, like me , toss caution to the wind, and, rations to the side, to make room for more, LOL.   Marilyn, and Renee, are class acts, I know.    If I ever get down to your state again,      I will check out your favorite haunt, LOL.   With A name, like,    G.I. Joes, you Can't go wrong.   We had, years ago, here in my town, A true, surplus store here. The only, one we have now, well, sadly, sells Chinese, or Korean, Knock offs, of items.    No Mre's    .    We find them at gun shows, or, A   new supplier , at one of the local   flea markets.     Well done Zombie, well done.    Marilyn is precious, as you well know, Rebecca  and family.  You saw how she caught me so far off guard, that even , I,  was at A loss for words.   ,        .  I always speak, about class acts, in my reviews, about, well, members of this community.     People like her, are, why I do so.   I am unsure, if you have seen this?     The entire show is awesome, however, watch the last part.     You may see someone, or, hear A name, you are familiar with?   Hint.                         ,  Peace,   John,    Kentucky.

  2. Marilyn is the best!!!! I was told to heat the bars. It softens them. I didn’t do anything you wouldn’t do for me. Enjoy the cake and eat a piece for me. 😋 Ratatouille?!?! For me?!? Did I tell ya I love you? 😂

  3. Great unboxing video Rebecca. Never can have to many MREs. Great gifts from Marilyn. She's a champ. 😊

  4. Very awesome. You got the colossal Marilyn package! That is so nice. BTW, GI Joes is going to have to do better than a canteen cover if they expect me to drive down from Washington state to shop, lol.

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