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1994 AM General M998 Humvee HMMWV Midwest Military Equipment

1994 AM General M998 Humvee HMMWV Midwest Military Equipment

hi guys this is Joe Thatcher with Midwest military equipment at a lab in Missouri behind me here is a 1994 and general ex-military Humvee we recently finished with completely disassembled the trucks added a bunch of new options that we're going to walk through and show you today on it and these options you know are available to purchase where if you've got your own Humvee and you want to build it to look like this we can set you up with all the parts or if you're looking for our dream zombie we can certainly build one like this for you first off again we've upgraded the light on the front end of the truck to LED headlights and LED front marker lights we've gone through and replaced the reflectors and light housings all the way around the entire truck we've added our eight bench aluminum car top which allows it comes with a rear wall feel which we'll show you later on in the video that allows you to seal your cab up tight it's also got our quarter inch thick aluminum and any hard doors they've got a locking door handle any needing three bolt hinges and an interior cup holder if you want to come check this out we've also completely disassembled and repainted the whole interior with new upgraded aftermarket seats donford replaced a lot of the fasteners as you see on the truck itself interior wise on the rear we've got the same upgraded seats 42 by 12 inch sliding rear window we recently just put on a set of brand new 37 1350 R 20 gladiator MT tires on a 20-inch Hostel wheel as you can see what to get back to the details we change out all the light fixtures all of your plastic buckets new reflectors new tailgate chains this particular truck is powered by a 6.2 liter GM diesel motor with a three-speed automatic does about 55 to 60 very comfortably down the highway 65 you decide you want to push it run while as you can see on our rear wall on our 18-inch aluminum parts out we've got a rear wall floor seal that allows water and debris from keeping and sliding forward into the cab like a lot of previous soft-top models had issues with it's got a 50 500 pound capacity rear receiver hitch we've added our own custom midwest military equipment tailgates into it and if you need any more information on this particular truck or any truck like it or any of the parts that you see in the video or if you got to contact us directly at midwest military equipment comm or check out our Facebook page and Instagram for more awesome bills

Reader Comments

  1. Prime example on this video you talk about upgraded seats but you don’t show video of the interior
    As I said you products are awesome but your videos need some help

  2. Such a gorgeous Humvee. How much did it cost to update it to look like this? How come you guys can't invest in a $150 gimbal? So the footage is not so shaky? And a nice microphone for $100?

    Does anyone know if there is any way to make a Humvee street legal in Washington State? I heard that WA and CA are horrible when it comes to trying to make them street legal. (Not Off-Road) If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks a lot.

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