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1984 Chevy Chevrolet D30 M1008 Diesel Military Army Truck Pickup FOR SALE $4999 or??

1984 Chevy Chevrolet D30 M1008 Diesel Military Army Truck Pickup FOR SALE $4999 or??

this here is a 1984 Chevrolet D 30 M 1009 military army truck I don't know what you want to call it these things are bad all the markings on this one I believe it was ordered single color I'll show you the tag and I think it was the tan color they went over it with the white here truck looks good if you're looking for one of the here look check out these rough got the blackout lights in the bumper that the B rains and the hitch all your lighting hooked up bearing really good shape I'd say about 70% or so that's been used it's got some black stuff on it it's not all beat to hell and this trucks not rusty that's one of the main things it's get look at all these things here came from Arizona in the desert and anyone where these things get rust tabs corners and stuff it doesn't have it couple things as you can see underneath it you got get plates on everything guarding your tank the drive line on this thing is freaking huge dual exhaust all the way out very heavy leaves Google corporate 14 bolt rear end I don't know if you can see that with the lighting there but extra support bars this one's very clean underneath I'm going to do a flip around here trying to show you it's all clean it's not a link bucket there's no leaks under it here look at the size of the brake callipers on this thing it's just not a regular Chevy truck if you're looking to get like a civilian model get a civilian model and do that you're looking to get something that's just ultra reliable that's been maintained and has low miles I got four of these this one here has 54,000 on it and I believe it's true miles now she's got a little couple phases like this as they do just so clean amazingly clean I'm gonna go ahead and start it up for it it's got the 24 volt system and I'll tell you what it's got the generator one generator two button that's pretty cool but I'll tell you what when you crank this thing off it's right now I mean I'm gonna do that again for you just because it's so cool these old diesels I'm using the water one wrong this thing from right now I mean you have to live off the key immediately or I'll shoot his bride near starter these trucks are mean I'm gonna pop the hood show you under the hood I love the sound of a default like this under the hood who used to be for this bill that we put in there all the figures are soaring Thank You Queen what is formula tiger great shake the very well-maintained big all blessed bug in looking for a means not just to do some off-roading these are definitely the ones you want go ahead and give me a call anytime my name is Nathan four oh six five four four six nine one nine I have this one account flogged one and that blaze are right there it's coming on Metz check out my youtube channel here at serial marshmallows you also go to serial marshmallows calm and check me out there click on blog and you see a lot of the cars thanks a lot for looking and we'll talk to you later

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  1. The military is still auctioning these off, though there are fewer than in the past. I know there's a base in CA that puts them up for auction regularly. The basic versions are M1008 / M1028 (pickups, with some m1028's being dual wheel), M1010's and M1031's are ambulance and maintenance body versions, M1009's are Blazers. That auction website can be found Googling "Government Liquidation". There's also "GSA Auctions" which occasionally have some that were surplussed to local governments.

  2. Wish I could have one like this, too bad the fuel prices are way to high nowadays in europe and I bet this beast burns through it like nothing.

  3. top speed about 55-60 depending on the tire size your runing and how hard you want to push the motor…they have 4.56 gears in the axles so you can comfortably run up to 40" tires before you really start thinking about new gears for more power

  4. @gentriginus76 i dont know where your getting your info but the m1008 i bought straight from the base stated it came with the one ton axles right on the info plate……plus any website you look at (thats creditable) will tell they did come with the dana 60 front and 14 bolt rears…….ALL of the chevy trucks did

  5. That is a Chevrolet M-1008 CUCV 1-1/4 ton(5/4ton) Military Truck. 6.2L diesel, TH400 3pd Transmission, Dana-60 Front Axle, GM 14-Bolt Rear w/Detroit Locker, 4.56 Gears.
    I have two of these trucks. An 1986 M-1008 in full CARC camo with troop seats & cargo cover. And an '84 M-1008 painted white with all UN markings (it's the parts truck for the '86).

  6. I would love to get my hands on that truck. Driveline and Axles make me drool. I think you might be asking a little too much though :O

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