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1960s Electric Chainsaw [Restoration] (Part 2 of 2)

1960s Electric Chainsaw [Restoration] (Part 2 of 2)

Stairs…they are always up to something… 3000 grit Checking electrical continuity using continuity setting Checking all bars beside and opposite each other on the commutator Resistance should be the same across everything Checking commutator to armature resistance No continuity is ideal Checking continuity in field windings and stator Just kidding! Unnecessary amount of a clear coat missing nut added later Luckily this gasket is here to stop sawdust from entering the motor… I forgot these pieces… MAXIMUM TAPE since handle is aluminum Brass brush This is called “Brassing” I replaced the rubber seal soft steel wool I want to keep the same brass rivets, so epoxy is the only option see description for more on the 1948 patent Upgrade! Not the best chain tensioning design Tool graphics by: Forma Graphics Link in description So fast! Maple I tripped the electrical breaker, I need a 120v 30amp one Chain is loosening as it heats up and is being used

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  1. ….and of course, the demonetization algorithm strikes again! I'm trying asbestos can, but apparently if I even mention asbestos in the video, it gets demonetized. I even posted it early to the patrons and it was fine. Bummer, since I started this one in April and it was a lot of work. This reminds me why the patrons are so important to this channel's continuation, especially as the projects get bigger. If you want to buy me a beer or just help out on Patreon I would massively appreciate it.

  2. I was wondering how you keep your hardware in order?  All my projects end up taking a sizable amount of time trying to figure out what screw went where… or what the orientation of something was.  If you have any tips or tricks I would much appreciate it! Great video… as usual!  Keep it up!

  3. это просто электро пила,максимум цепная!)))электрическая БЕНЗОпила ,это из разряда BRABUS AMG HAMMAN)))

  4. I would've sanded the brushes flat for better contact as they break in again, or just try to source a new pair. This video and part 1 make me want to finish restoring my old Homelite 150 chainsaw.

  5. Ты говоришь,что это не лучшее натяжное устройство.А какое по-твоему,лучшее?Где посмотреть?

  6. В электрическую бензопилу бензин нужно заливать в бачок для масла, подавать искру и будет достаточно эффектно.

  7. Специально для идиотов, которые не вкурили, что название видео и описание переводится автоматически Ютубом, оригинальное название "Electric Chainsaw" – электрическая цепная пила.
    Больше не пишите про бензопилу, Россию из-за вас и так все считают страной долбаебов.

  8. as Timothé Dorez suggested i repost this
    if we all agree to call in the future asbestos as besty, or betty, or asby, there would be no problem for you

  9. A perfect job! But as an electrician, for pity's sake, do not use tape as insulation (it dries and loses its properties) but the heat-shrinkable sheath …

  10. THe clutch pads don't "probably" have asbestos in them. The clutch pads ABSOLUTELY have asbestos in them. But as long as you don't touch them, disturb them, look at them, drop them, blow on them or breathe within 100 feet of them, NO PROBLEM.

  11. Hey buddy!! Did you forget the chain guards? And, turn that logdog over with the points looking up to be proper.. I have a Wright saw and i'm going to watch your redo on that machine. Thanks for posting!!!

  12. It would have been a lot easier on my eyes if you would have put the stator in first and then feed the wires last. 😁

  13. Much enjoyed! So smart to check all four of the wires in spite of reading continuity between the two ends and none between one end and the housing. Weird things do happen. One thought, in a splice like that if you need support or a wear point, you can wrap a piece of wire tie in the tape. You can even pre shape short pieces with heat before hand. Love your channel, keep up the great work!

  14. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👐👍👍👐👐👍👍👐👐👐👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👐👌

  15. Here's my question though…. you didn't fix anything mechanical and everything tested out fine. So why didn't it work to start with?

  16. 2:10 Should have put the tape underneath the heatshrink, that way when the glue becomes useless it doesn't matter, or use resin filled heatshrink.

  17. 10:10 Seriously? Buy a pair of crimpers and plastic sleeved crimps. You have some cool hexagonal manipulation tools, spend a bit on the electrics too.

  18. Haha er traut seinen eigenen Fähigkeiten als Elektriker nicht und trägt erst einmal Gummihandschuhe bevor er einen gewischt bekommt.

  19. Стремновато как-то, электрическая сеть и алюминиевая ручка.. А если ещё после дождичка.. да проводок какой пробился….

  20. Its an electric chainsaw, dont expect much, but it is really cool to see one from the 60s, and you did a fantastic restoration but I've seen a few of your videos so i know thats just normal.
    Oh yeah and dont cut your cord! Lol

  21. WRAPLOCK! Man I haven’t used that stuff in years. I probably still have some in a warehouse somewhere. I see that Commscope has discontinued it. Brings back scary memories of hanging antenna cables on towers, trying to measure it out, cut it and not drop the ratchet tool in the process.

  22. I hope you didn't blow the brake shoes out with compressed air as that era is probably asbestos! Lovely job from start to finish!

  23. yikes, the terminals on that switch have to be like 1/2 a millimeter away from the aluminum standoff for the screws

  24. 303056972601
    Wondering if you copy paste that number on eBay you can find me. I had that generator restored a number of years ago and I want her done over all again with top half message me. The engine is good she runs she never gets used starter her for a gallon of fuel each year then she sits. Want her over hauled I will pay you happily no issue …

    Message me here or there appreciate your channel

  25. Bravo sir Bravo. Nice refurbishing job. However, I am not sure I could afford the loonnngggg extension cord to use such a chainsaw…

  26. I thought I saw a grommet for the wire & two thin plates that went between the cork gasket and the bar! Still ran great! Good job!

  27. You tube can kiss my [email protected]#*ing English arse. Please keep doing what you do. People in authority bloody well always trade common sense for political correctness. People are generally not stupid (lol, USA.) But no need whatsoever to demonitse just for the mention of ASBESTOS. More power to your elbow chum, as we say in England.

  28. I just have one question, as you were putting everything back together, how in the world do you manage not to scratch the paint and not to spill the fluid?? I was biting my nails.

    Nicely done, that is one hell of a tool. : ))

  29. The chain oiling device and the electric cord give it a bit of a steam-punk look, wouldn't you agree? Great job, great video. Thanks!

  30. Зацените качество болтов и крепежей шины да и в целом, даже если смотреть по ручке то она не убита ни разу, вот раньше делали чтоб служило не одному поколению. А сейчас, электро пилы 2-3 сезона активной резки едва держат (ну максимум 5-6 лет, это если не перегревать и резать не большую мелкашку)

  31. You know I just realized that this guy really likes chainsaws. I mean he really likes them. I am a bit worried about his love of them.

    You know who else loves chainsaws? Lumberjacks and that reminds me of a song.

  32. Link to pictures of a US Army model:

  33. I'll buy the damn thing.
    I use hardwood for heating 7 months a year: mostly dead trees.
    How much do you want for it?
    I've got 2 electric chainsaws already but this one looks more heavy duty.

  34. 7:24 вот это ты поставил прокладку 👍🤣, теперь точно опилки не попадут

  35. Great project that was very well done. Love your presentations. I use 20W50 Rotella oil in my motorcycle. It has a fruity taste with a hint of cinnamon.

  36. Hola hand me gusta mucho tu programa. Te sigo desde Colombia y tienes ideas muy creativas. Porfa trata de colocar los vídeos con subtítulos en español. En mi caso soy mal lector de ingles, gracias

  37. Es increíble que en esos tiempos ya existían esos equipos eléctricos… Esta claro porque en esos días no se masificaron..

  38. I really like watching your vids. I like looking at all the different ways you are able to fix a wide range of items and it just boggles the mind how some of the things are able to be resurrected but you bring them back. And your wrenches youre selling are not only good as a tool but they also are great just having them displayed for decoration as well. Thank you sir for all you hard work to entertain us like you do

  39. Тупой, как бензопила может быть электрической? Тормоз, поменяй название. Пила, бля, или электрическая, или бензиновая? Всосал?

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