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1945 US Military K Ration Supper Food MRE Review Antique Americana Vintage Nestle Candy Unboxing

1945 US Military K Ration Supper Food MRE Review Antique Americana Vintage Nestle Candy Unboxing

this is an original World War to us issue K ration the K rations burst major production started in May 1942 three were issued to a soldier per day breakfast dinner and supper this being supper he got a can of meat the cold or after heating by boiling can and water or after frying in its own fat with added biscuit crumbs and you also get coffee biscuits bullion confection cigarettes sugar and chewing gum confection probably being candy chocolate packed by the crackerjack company Chicago Illinois the three main producers for the K ration worth HJ Heinz the crackerjack company and patent food products notice mosquito bites cause malaria if you're in a malaria zone keep your shirt on in your sleeves rolled down use mosquito repellent one out-of-doors between sunset and sunrise here's another notice open the inner bag carefully it may be used as a waterproof container for matches cigarettes and other items for a security hide the empty can and wrappers so they cannot be seen this is a late war production morale series when they start adding color this one was Green dinner was blue breakfast was a kind of brownish red and they had the Stars and everything the whole designs before this it was just very standard just said supper ration type K just across the front and that was it thinking about the K ration was it was only about 950 calories per ration still not nearly enough for the soldiers that were fighting these things were only intended to be used for the first several days of frontal assaults that the K ration turned out to pretty much be the main feeding source for a lot of these guys and and menu fatigue was common because only three menus also if you were lucky you'd get a little heating stove for your can and some heating tab these are the original hexamine tablets check that out this thing is is uncommon as the ration itself if not even more so sometimes guys will be issued heaters and this is a example of one United States Marine Corps in 1943 alright let's open this thing up the inner box was always waxed for waterproofing let's check this out Wow definitely a good bit of leakage in the container that's not surprising we're gonna have another s oh wow look at that hmm there's a nice little library smell Hey look at the rust getting a lot of that out desiccant wasn't in these things so it's to be expected see a little bit of damage it's not easy to get that thing out of there we'll give it a shot there was the key there we go oh boy cigarettes are cooked I can bet on that jeez look at those things they've seen better days hmm I think there's a piece of gum stuck in there see if I can get that out yep Wow now it's empty now this here I'm just gonna reglue keep sealed pretty much the same exact thing as before now we get to check out the contents and take this mask off now that the weird old rust food dust stuff is kind of subsided a little bit check that out that thing used to be beef and pork loaf look at it now it's just total fossil that's actually kind of sharp rusting metal – no geez look at that gnarly and because this is an unused example I'm not going to actually eat this fuel tablets but you can see here you just set the fuel tab right in the center and that can if it weren't completely rusted out I would have been able to show you but here's with an RC I can through 1955 you you can see the spacing excellent design alright so if you didn't see it before here are your Wrigley's PK and camels look that that's something and this has your crackers confection which I believe are Hershey's tropical bars let's check this thing out you know an old laminated cellophane pack weather it over time just peel a little back might as well just check this stuff out why do that hey I recognize this there's a guy who makes reproductions huh yeah I got this out on my look at the reproduction and it's this guy here invictus Chris at or action comp yeah this guy makes like all sorts of reproduction items it's a decent example look at that I'm gonna keep this one sealed you want to see what that looks like I have a reproduction here made by ration comp there's this information this guy makes some of the most top-notch exact replicas him hot dog and a couple other guys you know check them out you know look around there are reproductions of the stuff made fine granulated sugar but that is pretty much exactly what this is here I can imagine yeah it's the same stuff I mean it's just a little bag of sugar oh wow this is in decent shape not gonna open it cuz it's in fantastic display shape a classic Nestle sweet chocolate bar made in Fault in new york storage conditions may cause the surface of the bar to whiten this does not affect the eating quality you get two of those chocolate bars in the second one the bullion Leon powder to be expected and here's a nice sight oh those are so stale not gonna try that at all these things have to be preserved get him out of that packaging where it was just sitting and festering reseal the main pack get this stuff out it's your best bet really so you get more of these crackers they smell real stale – one ounce chocolate bars 23 grams of granulated sugar pack of bullion PK gum cigarettes oddly enough there were no matches in this box not a bad example of a world war two K ration supper other than the cigarettes and the entree going bad and those chocolate bars I actually feel are in better shape than I would have guessed excellent display items here the crackers also those things are gonna be good to go for display for a long time the original box once I get that reglued no one's gonna even know that it's empty until you pick it up and for display purposes this is perfect so really I feel like I gained this out of this now it's you bad about this entree but like 90% of these K rations that are still around are in this kind of condition or worse I just realized on the back of the bullion was a pack of soluble coffee product yeah it's no good you can tell it's been done for years let's just look at these cigarettes oh jeez that's like horrible definitely not even gonna smell em let alone smoke him and check out that wooden spoon that was your eating utensil if you didn't have your mess kit you could use that very simple easy to mass-produce the iconic feeding staple for the World War 2 US ground soldier the K ration and in this case supper this is Steve 1989 auf dem re info thanks so much for watching hope you liked the video and I'll be coming back at you with something new we rolled see ya you you

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  1. Binging old videos and I just figured out why I like these so much. Yeah, it's fun to see what comes in various rations, but seeing Steve try so hard to preserve older packaging reminds you how much he respects his hobby

  2. just recognized that thay give away such a ration in epsisode for of band of brothers, to a woman from the netherlands while operation market garden

  3. Nestles had a chocolate factory in Fulton NY until the late 90s early 2000s. The town always smelled like a warm brownie.

  4. Wow, with all that sugar, those soliders must have had a sugar high. Is that or invietus? Wouldn't mind contacting him.

  5. This is terrific!  Not surprising that there was so much deterioration.  when you opened a can of B Rations, all was intact. But as this K was packed in cardboard…well.  And NOW I know why my dad (South Pacific Theater)  smoked Camels <smile>  THANK YOU for this window into our past!!

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