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1945 Dodge WC62 6×6 1.5 Ton Cargo Truck and Willys Jeep – Military Vehicles

1945 Dodge WC62 6×6 1.5 Ton Cargo Truck and Willys Jeep – Military Vehicles

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  1. We are now restoring our wc 62. Can u upload some photos of the hood. I want to see the mechanism of the hinges in the hood

  2. @RamblinAroundo there still sweet…nice restoration jobs…yah we gotta work on it and we r picking it up tuesday so if u wanna see a video ill prob upload it tuesday night

  3. @hockey37lax14 No, these aren't ours, I was just showing them at our local classic car dealership. That's cool that you have a WC62. Thanks for watching!

  4. nice vehicles…are they urs…and also my dad picked up a 1942 wc62 and i cant wait till i see it…lemme know if u picked it up

  5. Excellent, I really love old military vehicles, my personal favorite of all is the GMC M135 6×6, that was a proper truck πŸ˜€

  6. Those are pretty cool! My dad years ago bought an old Army jeep and painted it pink and white and my mom drove it to work all the time and we lso used it to go to the beach as well.

  7. @hallsy154 Yeah, I've always been interested in military vehicles myself. That 6×6 is pretty cool…kind of like a mini deuce and half.

  8. @mitym64 It's funny you would say that, I already have the olive drab paint to do it. I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

  9. gotta love those rugged military trucks and jeeps. didn`t they use power wagons too? ur ol ford would look cool done up military!!

  10. My brother is into military vehicles. I'll send him this video. They are both in remarkable condition for vehicles that are more than 60yrs old!

  11. @805ROADKING I can't even imagine rolling over in one of those. He was lucky to make it through that one.

  12. My Dad rolled one of those Troop Carriers during the War and spent 6 months in the hospital. That's why he never liked me buying convertibles. Great video!!

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