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1851 Navy Colt Cartridge Conversion ( Taylor's & Company)

1851 Navy Colt Cartridge Conversion  ( Taylor's & Company)

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  1. You can get a shoulder stock that will fit on the 1860 & 1851 Colts if the pistol is cut to hook on the stock.

  2. I would have carried a No.3 if my life depended on it. Another shot, faster reload time, worth the extra cost. Maybe have a gunsmith cut the barrel down a couple inches too.

  3. I dunno well about guns, but colt navy that can fire cartridge is one of the most sexyist thing i've ever seen in my life.

  4. I want a cap n' ball six shooter wheel gun bad😍…theres something cool about taking it back to the old school cowboy days…I would mexican carry that baby for sure😂…she woud atleast be in rotation for cc.

  5. The original Colt 1851 Navy was a 36 cal. I guess they changed it so you could buy store bought ammo. The series #1 S&W was a cartridge revolver, but was only 22 short, and wasn't powerful enough for a military cartridge. The 1860 Colt Army was Colt's first 44cal. that wasn't a horse pistol like the 1847 Colt Walker. or the Colt Dragoons. Many homesteaders could not afford the Colt S.A.A., and therefore used whatever guns were available to them. Many percussion revolvers were used long after the Colt S.A.A. came out. Wild Bill Hickock's gun's of choice, were a brace of 1851 ivory handled Colts. The famous Davis Tutt shootout was with one of those guns.It is said, Tutt fired first, and missed, then Hickock took his time, and shot Tutt through the heart at 75 yards. The S.A.A. was not released to consumers for two years after it's release in 1873. When it was, most of them were 44-40 cal. so people could use the same cartridge as their Winchester 1873 rifles. The main market for the Colt,and the Winchester, outside the army, was law enforcement. The westerns you see where every man, and a few women have a Colt S.A.A. strapped on are not accurate.The gun cost a months wages, if you had a good jod, and most towns didn't allow gun's in town.

  6. I have a question I understand that when loading a black powder revolver normal you make sure that the projectile is firmly on top of the powder and wadding but in the cartridge is it also the same way and do you also use a wadding in the cartridge for 44/45 caliber or other?

  7. What I’m wondering is, just how many guns do you have to have in order not to find one? He mentioned he has an old Remington, but couldn’t find it.

  8. Y'know…..history like this makes me really wish I could hear old cowboys and plaines soldiers reminisce about their guns of the post-Civil War frontier-era the same way gen-X'ers and gen-Y'ers reminisce about the video game console wars. I wonder if there's some old recordings out there of what I'd like to hear?

  9. I just found out my papaw has a model twelve that he got when he was 17, this was back in the early 60's and he told me it was pretty old when he got it

  10. Antique firearms: "It does the job reliably, lets just roll with it and see how it goes." Modern firearms: "How can I be as deadly as possible within the law, and look cool doing it?"

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