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18 year old Marine Corps time capsule! (Old Seabag junk)

18 year old Marine Corps time capsule! (Old Seabag junk)

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  1. Thank you for your service. Great video. Great inspiration and I love your commitment to not only the corps, but to your family, friends, your country, and your community. Great share Daniel. Im glad you can revisit these memories and pull strength and share the meanings in depth with your audience.

    I am proud of my all my friends who left to serve and humbled for the ones who never came back.

    I appreciate your video the most as recently, Ive visited Ft. Rosecrans in San Diego to pay my respects in remembrance. I remember going through items for the reminders of small things like smells.

    Thank you again Daniel and Thank you for your service.

  2. Very good Marine! I served in 82-85. 2531 FROC at 29 Palms. Comm. They can talk about us but they can't talk without us. Then attached to tanks and AAVs. Went to Desert Storm in 90-91 as a civilian contractor for the Marine Corps. Was in TS 89 in Pohan, Okinawa, Sasebo, Guam, Saipan with the Maritime Preposition Forces as a tech rep shipboard. I still love those sea bags and still use them. My issued was canvas and only one back then. Semper Fi.

  3. Also the first time we moved in together we went through all of Ed’s seabags and that was an experience 😂😂😂 found a lot of funny stuff in there

  4. Lmao at that VHS tape! A huge thumbs up to the lost mini DV's. The close of the video is sick Bro!

  5. You have a gift of being so talented and gifted with these Vlogs that time flies! I thought it was 3 minutes left but crap it was over. Love the vlog and again Thank you for serving bro!

  6. this once a week shit ain't working for me….waiting…….i need my military fixed ……. just finished at the gym 430 shit sucks hahaha

  7. Dude watching this is making me realize just how much I need to do around the house. And yet, here I sit, still watching my favorite YouTubers!! 😂😂 Booyah!!!

  8. Loved this, love that you did this all on camera. Crazy how smells bring back so many memories. Loved all the memories, Daniel. Awesome stuff! Consider me a new follower!

  9. Daniel, I can't compare but can relate, I spent 5 years in catholic boarding school and I have this backpack I go through sometimes that just takes me back, I could almost smell that stuff with you, lol. Thank you for being soo amazing and for serving our Country of course!! You Rock!! BTW, I watched this a couple of times on my TV, I have a bad habit of doing that, so just now coming by to comment!! I don't delete my email notifications and that reminds me!!

  10. That was pretty dope Danny! This is Eddie from the gym. I love that IP remover! I remember having one in my pocket along with an ink stick all the time!

  11. Great video. Can't wait to see the old school footage.
    Went through Devil Pups in 1993. Up mount Mother F—– as a 15 year old. But I joined the Army and became a Paratrooper. Still in after 22 years. I have my box of stuff and someday I will be looking back on it asking myself, why did I save just one shoe? Sharing this with a Com Master Guns friend of mine.

  12. The black things for the shirt were like suspenders right?, ur teaching me so many new words on clothing lol!!, thumbs up for the VHS let me borrows those lol!! Jk,
    Selfie camera back in the day now that’s gangster lol!!! I use to have a vhs camcorder lol idk where it’s at now, can’t wait to see the footage no joke I seriously hope u post it lol!!!, I love watching threw whole video man I’m staying tuned and I enjoyed the time capsule :)!! I smashed that like button!!!,
    & talking from last time 0400 in Covina I have to get a vacation day to make it happen lol I didn’t know that meant 4am

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