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$170 1911!!!

$170 1911!!!

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  1. Best deal on the same spatter targets I use here:
    USA Made glasses from AO found here:

  2. Hey BC. I have been saving up to buy a Pieta 1858 Brass Frame BP revolver for $229.00 at Cabelas.
    I was waiting for them to put Black powder revolvers on sale as they have done for years. Usually they would discount the Pieta 1851 from $199.00 to $149.00.
    However since Bass Pro Shops has bought Cabelas they no longer are putting BP revolvers on sale as they used to.

    Ok Now here is why I am commenting on your Star BM page. I am torn between buying the Pieta 1858 and the Star BM 9mm.
    In 2012 I moved from Houston, Tx to Cherr'ville, NC. I had to sell all my guns to help finance the move. I even had to sell my sweetheart.
    You know how we all have that one gun we have a big attachment to. Mine was my Detonics Combat Master .45.
    I live on low disability income now so there is no way I could afford to buy a Detonics now. The Star BM 9mm looks like it is about the
    same size and weight of the Detonics. It is in a price range I can justify paying.

    I was wondering what Grade of condition was your Star BM. J&G sales has a G grade for $179.00. They have V grade for $219.99.
    Gunsmith project grade for $149.99. I don't mind honest wear on a surplus gun. Most of these were issued to Police forces so probably
    spent most of their lives in a holster. I am even considering stripping the bluing and rebluing or just polishing the hell out of the bare metal as I have seen someone else do here on YT.

    I appreciate your input. I am leaning more to getting the Star BM anow and saving for the Pieta 1858.
    The great prices on milsurp guns have a limited lifespan. Cabelas will always have the Pietas.


  3. Hey BC. I re-watched your video on the Star 9mm. Before i moved here to Cherr'ville, NC from Houston, Texas back in 2012
    I used to be a 1911 guy. I loved my M-1911A1 and I even bought her a nice present one day. I got her a " Mech-Tech Systems "
    Carbine Conversion Unit which made her into a cool 16" .45 Carbine rifle.

    My sweetheart gun ( we all have one ) was my Detonics Combat Master .45. It was the first commercially made compact M-1911
    style semi auto made. Mine also was 70's vintage. Sadly I had to sell all my guns to help finance the move from Texas to NC.
    Funny how I had to drive over a thousand miles North East to get to the Deep South.

    Well there is no way i could justify the expense of buying a Detonics now since I live on a low fixed income.
    However………I was thinking that the Star BM 9mm sure looks like it is about the same dimensions of the Detonics Combat Master .45.
    I bet with the steel frame it is about the same weight. It certainly has the same " swagger " that my Combat Master had, hehe.

    I will have to keep an eye out for one on sale. Right now I am setting money aside every month to buy the Pieta 1858 New Army Brass frame
    black powder revolver. Cabela's has them for $229.99.

    Hey…..a guy has to think ahead.

    Oh one question……what does the BM stand for? Bella Machina?

  4. I bought one of those and the first time shooting it the extractor pin came out and the extractor went flying. The slide stop keeps engaging too. I bought a new extractor and extractor springs (took a while to find the springs) but can't find what size pin to use. I tried a couple of different size roll pins but they keep coming out too. I was trying to decide what to do and just ended up buying another pistol last night. I figure I'll have one that works and another spare for parts. If the new one works well enough maybe I'll sell the other one for parts.

  5. If you look on the front of the trigger guard on the right side it will have the date it was made stamped into it.

  6. Is it smaller overall than a 1911, or just as thick with a shorter slide and grip frame ? I have a Femaru P37 .380, that's like a scaled down 1911. Always liked it, and it is very accurate.

  7. There are some companies that sell parts for this gun. I contacted Classic Firearms, and Matthew gave me links for 3 different sources.

    Best of luck, this is a great video, thanks for posting.

  8. I have one my father gave me that is pushing 40 years and has never been shot. I am going to take it to the range sometime soon just to put a box of ammo through it.

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