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17. E.c.w.c.s – Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System explained.

17. E.c.w.c.s – Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System explained.

so welcome back to another video today I thought I would just talk quickly about layering your clothing for maximum protection against the elements and also comfort when you're hiking in the mountains sub-zero temperatures so let's just jump right into it first of all I'm gonna recommend a good base layer and what we're talking about is a base layer is a moisture wicking silk weight layer now the product that I use it's not very expensive available here in Canada from a company called Marx is their dry wear and what this is is a polyester nylon spandex but certainly not cotton so you can use different products Under Armour's got a good one but silk silk weight moisture wicking base layer summer winter always start with that so that's kind of the weight and feel of it that's what the package looks like Marx dry wear excellent product so this is the the base layer this one here I got a Bass Pro this is about 3540 dollars I got this one here at Bass Pro I haven't tried it yet and it's about twenty-five dollars sometimes you can get this on sale and and this is part of their EC WCS clothing system and we'll talk a little bit more about that in a minute or two so it's base layer very important second you want to go to a mid weight layer and this is also polyester not cotton cotton absorbs absorbed moisture isn't wicking and is not going to be very comfortable or warm for you so also fleece layer polyester just a little bit thicker than then your silk weight layer this is also dry wear from Marx now your second layer you know you can use a number of different things this is Under Armour basically just it's a little heavier fleece that's gonna provide you some moisture wicking a little more protection against the cold this one here I got a Walmart I thought it would be good but it's got cotton in it and let me tell you you sure the difference so that's second layer third layer we're talking about again 100% polyester high loft fleece this one here is military surplus as is this one couple of different colors both available at surplus stores in Canada this one I happen to get a princess Auto 30 bucks so I grabbed one of those but also very warm good moisture wicking and very breathable so this this third layer you want to be breathable that one there is Cabela's same thing how two percent polyester it's got a zipper so that you can open it up let some of that moisture and hot air out if you get a little bit too warm so third layer generally a zip top fourth layer I like to wear these it's military surplus this is actually a softshell this one is polyester/cotton blend 6535 and it's got a rip stop in it so this one is going to provide a little bit of protection you know it's a it's a more durable fabric so if you're sitting on the rocks leaning up against a tree you're not gonna snag up your your fleece when you come home you throw in the washer and also very breathable but this outer layer does have a little bit of cotton in it so this is a fourth layer I'm gonna skip fifth layer because that's a little bit of my own preference there and go to six layer six layer we're talking about an outer shell and this one here this is this is a gore-tex it's called a parka but basically 100% gore-tex jacket and this is going to provide you with your waterproof windproof layer and being gore-tex it's also going to be breathable so this one is military surplus these are just excellent if you can find them this is the multicam pattern available different patterns you can also get these non military surplus but they're a lot more expensive than than your military surplus so this you know it's not something that you're gonna wear to a mall when you're out in the mountains even if you don't like camel well pay your hike in the mountains so who really cares so this has just been excellent I carry this in my pack summer winter protection against the rain in the summer winter protection against the the wind so definitely very important to have a rain proof outer hardshell now in the winter time I add this one right here and this can be what what this is is this is your layer for warmth and this one you are not going to hike in it's just going to be too warm this is in a stationary situation when you're stopping for lunch for an hour or you know for whatever reason you got to stay over and right now you're gonna need a layer that's gonna provide you like easily an extra 10 degrees of warmth not for hiking this is for stationary and this is can be any kind of a an insulation layer that can be a Down Vest a puffy jacket I prefer prefer again polyester to down because polyester dries faster it when it gets wet it also provides some warmth and it's fairly inexpensive this this parka here I picked up on sale for $99 you can see how small it rolls up but it's but it's high loft very warm and is gonna provide that extra 10 degrees of warmth so this is my fifth layer and that's the one that is gonna keep you warm especially in an emergency situation just talk a second about pants I buy the polyester cotton 6535 rip stop these are baggy cargo pants extra protection and the knees and the seat cargo pockets can't go wrong with these these you can buy surplus and in here in Canada you're talking anywhere from 45 to 90 dollars but you will probably never wear these so I've got a couple of pairs that I've I've tried you know around my knees and on the butt and they just keep going you can get them different patterns or if you don't like the multicam there's a little bit of desert marpat for you and if you don't like any Camel these are the same pants in a green but also this made by a company called true spec I think these ones are anyway same product 6535 come in different solid colors these ones I paid $50 for again you will never wear those out if you don't even like green you can get the same thing in Under Armour 6535 made by Under Armour these ones you're gonna pay $100 for you don't even like coyote well you can get them in black these are made by a company called 5-1-1 tactical and 6535 cargo pants reinforced pockets I don't think these have any reinforced on the butt but but you can go black so that's what I wear for for hiking pants not as critical on the on the pant says as on the top layers but maybe just to finish off on the Pat's baggy enough that you can still get some a base layer long done underneath that you can throw in your pack and just add in the wintertime if you're getting cold but usually the top side is more of a concern so that's my layering system I hope you find the information useful and as always like share and subscribe thanks for watching

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  1. Thanks for sharing. You must live in the south Pole, layering anything over a vest and fleece in the summer or any other season outside of winter lol. I'm shorts and vest in summer, t-shirt and maybe a fleece in autumn

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