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12 Harmful Things You Do to Your Dog Without Realizing It

12 Harmful Things You Do to Your Dog Without Realizing It

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Reader Comments

  1. Try one training method, and if it doesn't work, try another. Gentle physical discipline should not be harmful to most dogs, but don't use it on small puppies because they don't understand right and wrong yet and will just get scared and confused by it.

  2. my father hits our dogs when they do something bad and i tell him he shouldn’t do that but he doesn’t listen. I use the reward training for our dogs though, but it doesn’t seem to work. Every time i train them using rewards, they get in the trash anyways, because they think i will train them again and they get treats. idk how to fix this though

  3. Oh good because when you said that you should brush their teeth a felt guilty because I have never done that to my dog, but he has a major chewing obsession

  4. What they don't tell you is that the food that is bad for dogs is also bad for humans but we just abuse ourselves anyway.

  5. Raw Eggs, Meat and Fish. Lol WOW. My dog has been eating nothing but That since he was a pup lol. A pure raw diet consist of those things and more. The rest I agree. He is a 110lbs of pure muscle with super shiny teeth and beautiful coat.

  6. Sometimes we give our pups our leftover run bones but otherwise we don’t feed them much of our food (minus our brother) edit: my dads friend told us a story of how she got in a car accident with her dog and it sadly died. Now she always uses doggie seat belts

  7. 12. Choosing the right collar 0:59
    11. Leaving your dog alone in the car 3:07
    10. Neglecting your dogs teeth 4:13
    9. Letting your dog eat everything 6:08
    8. Bringing puppies to a dog park 7:46
    7. Using physical punishment 8:13
    6. Providing too little simulation 9:47
    5. Not securing your dog in the car 10:31
    4. Yelling when your dog does something wrong 11:04
    3. Skipping flea, tick and worming 11:29
    2. Leaving harmful objects around 11:51
    1. Neglecting breed specific health issues 12:22
    Hope this helps!!

  8. A dog can understand the words no okay yes hey come and even what are you doing and what did you do .. and they know when they are in trouble
    you don't have to yell ..

  9. When your dog is fighting or being aggressive you can pick them up and scratch their ears. It relaxes them and they will most likely calm down

  10. My dog on the other hand is NOT social. My family is all not social , my sisters, my brother, my mom, my dad, and even me. All of of don’t like talking. And when we got my dog she was the same. Perfect fit for the family 😄

  11. When I realized yelling (even though it’s not at them usually) scared my family dog it helped with my anger issues.

    Me: That’s the dislike button…
    Me: Can dogs do that???

  13. * Dog ripps up shoe *

    * throws dog outside *

    "Wait did I do something wrong? It's an animal. Animals belong outside."

  14. I taught my brand new shih tzu how to follow me, we got him yesterday and he’s attached already, my sister took a video of him running all the way down the hall way cause I wanted Kal to explore that part of the house, also, Kal wanted a toy llama and a chicken, very furry, will he choke on the fur

  15. I disagree, how do you use positive reinforcement to teach a dog to not do something?? Physical punishment is necessary but can’t be done just because you are frustrated by what the dog did, I’ve spanked my dogs and I’ve never had issues with them not trusting me but you cannot do it just because YOU are mad

  16. K-9 companion is that a reference to detective movie about a dog and a detective working together XD?

  17. Why are you repeating yourself? In the first minute you've said the name of the video three times. YES. WE GET IT. THINGS WE DO TO HARM OUR DOGS. THAT'S WHY WE CLICKED ON THIS, GET TO THE LIST ALREADY.

  18. So major misconception on pulling FYI! A dog that pulls naturally will pull harder in a harness! Why you ask?!? Because they now can achieve greater pulling with less discomfort to themselves. No tool will ever be replacement for training. If your dog is pulling that hard it’s a hazard to itself and you. Do your shoulder a favor And sink your money and effort into a good trainer not tools to skip the training.

  19. I feed my dogs Frigoles, arroz con pollo, and more Mexican food and they’re invincible to it and love it😂😂

  20. My dog has motion sickness 😂😂so every time he gets in a car he vomits🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️so it’s impossible to take him anywhere

  21. Number 11 got to me, not only is the dog alone in a car but it also has a collar on that jabs him when he pulls on his leash, totally uncalled for and painful for your best friend. Go buy a harness.

  22. Never give your dog cheese as a treat , or chocolate, or any food with onions , always never grow fox gloves in the garden as they are a danger to us and them , never run with the dog on a lead or behind a bike , make sure your dog is on a harness in a car and strapped to the seat belt , always give the dog fresh water make sure bowls are washed , if your dog is on a lead and it is attacked take the lead off as it cant defend its self on a lead , never leave the dog tied up when out of sight as strangulation can happen never give a dog chicken bones or sharp bones ,

  23. 2:07 It’s kinda hard to find a harness that can withstand a 140 pound extremely strong Rottweiler 2 year old, my dad ties the leash around his waist since he pulls CONSTANTLY, so if he runs and my dad is just holding the leash he could let go on accident, but around his waist if he runs, my dad won’t loose him since he’s pretty much attached to him

  24. Can someone tell me why my dog pants so much? Even inside, like I’m my thumbnail you can see him panting.. when he was in his cage.

  25. I mean, I have to yell a little bit at my dog when she comes over to my flowers and digs them out.

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