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10ème Anniversaire de la Chaîne Rubber ‘N’ Leather

10ème Anniversaire de la Chaîne Rubber ‘N’ Leather

Hello everyone, this is Rubber ‘N’ Leather! Today, I would like to point out that this month is the 10th anniversary of the Rubber ‘N’ Leather channel. Precisely August 11th. Let me know what would you like to see in the upcoming videos to the extent possible of course. As you know know, You Tube has become a very prude site. There’s not much that we can do now. As long as it’s doable on You Tube Would you like to see more to see more. Do you want more videos with narration like this one? More videos filmed in public? Keep in mind that I have a limited budget so if you want to see more elaborated videos don’t forget to make contributions… …it does help me to diversify the content of my videos. Happy anniversary to the Rubber ‘N’ Leather channel! Also, today is the last day of the Pride Week for those who live in the Montreal and in the Greater Montreal. Those who came to the Village on rue Sainte-Catherine, yesterday, which was August 17th… …you probably saw me at the BLUF booth. This year, I took part in the Community Day BLUF Montréal have been around for now three years!

Reader Comments

  1. Bon anniversaire à ta chaîne Jean . Bientot les bougies couteront plus cher que le gâteau 😀 humour belge 😂

  2. Joyeux Anniversaire chaîne rubber 'n' leather et Maître en cuir et bottes. J'espère de regarder beacoup plus de vidéos sur Youtube.

  3. J espere franchement que tu as d autres passions dans la vie car celle ci est un peu triste et sans interet …lol ok t aime le cuir et… je comprends pa le but de tes videos…sort amuse toi voit des mecs je c pa quoi mais profite…

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