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-10C Solo No Shelter Winter Overnight / Canadian Army Sleeping Bag

-10C Solo No Shelter Winter Overnight / Canadian Army Sleeping Bag

that guy seems to have a disability badge on his car that's a legit way to walk his dog coming to you from bombing zero degrees Celsius Finland however we are set to plunge as low as minus ten seas tonight it will be perfect for camping I'll be shopping for groceries soon I think I'm gonna grill and an old-school burger happened to read an article about the first hamburgers ever served up it was two slices of bread and steak of ground beef and some fresh onion that's all that's everything Louis lunch in New Haven Connecticut they say it's it's their creation this happened in 1900 so that's the claim to fame there outside city limits I drove here I was able to bring my own firewood this is something I wish to burn I destroyed an old sofa a while back a friend of mine is he's paralyzed and he's got all the time in the world so his initial plan was to cut his so far to fingernail-sized pieces and was it down the toilet fortunately that didn't happen and I was able to salvage the wood exercise these skaters are essential otherwise the legs of your trousers will be soaking wet in no time using an LP we twist that's how I roll no shelter this time I'll be sleeping under the stars I've got a Russian blast balatka as a ground sheet and Finnish army ground pad from the 60s the Canadian bag it's it's in fully inflated mode button liner two bags and the hood a small accident here a torn in a bush pierced my thumb always take a first-aid kit with you okay got it covered I believe the Sun just went down I got the fire going and here's the original burger I like the simplicity no frills here it doesn't get lost with all the condiments so to speak another one shove it down the hatch soon but first this blasphemy and a violation no ketchup in the original burger for me there's always reason reason to season my belly is full it was a peek out literally ready to roll into my sleeping bag good old USA if there are drones I don't catch you their food will good morning everything's alright you know I had a knife in case of wolves I could have easily killed them from the comfort of my own bed Oh some Frost didn't feel cold at any point during the night you saw frozen Swede get the fire buoy baby can't go wrong with the Zippo and some birch bark while I warm up a quick shout out to uh english-speaking channel it's a German channel to channel aim for his video it was stealth winter camping close to the city in -10 seas with dutch army canvassed and the link in the description below of course other frost has definitely been visiting by the way this is american lbv it has an interesting tag made by the arkansas industries for the blind always support your local a disabled let's see the temp it's minus 10 our I've been watching this YouTube camping I wonder what this seems to be a white man's sport not really colored people make these kind of videos it's weird they outnumber us in this world now hit the like button or hit the dislike button click on the ads and watch the ads if you wish the channel to survive thanks for watching and see you in the next one

Reader Comments

  1. @6:00 I wouldn't recommend that method of keeping wolves away from you. You do know they hunt in packs and will attack by keeping their prey off balance.

  2. I'm sitting watching my wife amusing the cats with a piece of string as I try to watch you pull your frozen boots on – can life get any better. Some Great humour in this video 🙂

  3. Love your humour! I have taken a plastic bag and put my boots in it, then tucked them at the bottom of my sleeping bag. It really helped in the morning. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Maybe it's mostly a white mans "sport" because we have the most of Neanderthal in us. 🙂
    I like that idea of sleeping pad on army webbing. Was thinking about the same thing because my pack is to small. Some people fear it makes them look too "militarized".
    What kind of boots are those? I've been looking for a reliable thing with side zipper.

  5. The Ka-Bar MK2 type blade you were wielding would definitely dispatch of Wolves 👍. And all from the comfort of the sleeping bag lol. Great video 👍

  6. Love your accent, listening beyond that your english is excellent , congratulations.
    Just for the record 20 years ago I worked in Russia building the British embassy.
    Winter saw temperatures of around 30- at times 10 hour shifts
    ,this was hard living the Finns who we worked with were the toughest
    people I have ever seen .
    They were totally organised as well as acclimatized and we were a shower of incompetent planning
    wirh no effective winter gear.
    The Finns were very douer and you had to gain their respect , once gained then they were very helpful.
    They like a drink too. Respect.

  7. New subscriber, discovered your channel via SurvialRussia. Love what you are doing, and appreciate the wit and sense of humor!

  8. That was very inspiring! I will be looking forward to your next video while planning my first camping trip of the season here in central Italy (I'll bring my eldest with me for the first time).

  9. Found your channel a week ago and just finished watching all of your videos. Absolutely fantastic. I'll look forward to the next one.

  10. Always appreciate the lengths that you go to to show equipment under less-than-comfortable conditions. Never thought of having to heat your boots in order to get the leather to move! (Burgers w/onions looked good, too.)

  11. You are les testicules du chien monsieur! Love the vid which, as usual, made me chuckle. Take care, Des

  12. I'm still debating the whole Like button thingy…not that i dislike the video, i enjoyed it very much!
    I just think its better to say so…i need to get me one of those folding shovels, next time i'm in the big city of Billings MT i will stop by the local Military surplus store.
    The Canadian sleep system is a beast!…reckon the only way i would take one is if i could pull a sled…only way i could take a sled would be if i could get out of these mountains…to dang steep for a sled…Don't listen to Lars…the first hamburger was indeed invented in the USA…it was invented over in WolfCreek Montana by my great great uncle Caiaphas !
    taker easy, but taker pop!…woods

  13. 👍I love your Finnish humour. Always delivered dead pan. It's reminds me of the Varusteleka boys adverts. Hilarious. Thank you for the video and the link Sir.

  14. I like this video, nice camp fire, good food and the equipment looks very resistente! Regards from Portugal 🙂

  15. My daughter and her husband are both in the Canadian army and they on separate winter marches have slept in minus 25 c
    and have had no complaints about their army sleeping bags. They say those sleeping bags will go to minus 40 c with the special inner liner that is issued.

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