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10 Things Back to the Future 2 Got Right

10 Things Back to the Future 2 Got Right

Hello and welcome to this special episode
of China Uncensored. I’m your host, Chris Chappell. And I’m your producer, Matt Gnaizda. Chris, Have you ever wondered what the future
will be like? We live in the future, Matt.
No, I mean the future. With hoverboards. “He’s on a hoverboard!”
Actually, hoverboards have already been invented. This is a real video from last year of Tony
Hawk riding a hoverboard made by the company Hendo. But the downside is that it only works
on a special copper-plated surface. And not, say, on water.
Not unless you’ve got power! But if you’ve watched the 1989 movie Back to the Future
Part II—and surely you have—you know what the real future looks like.
“We’re descending toward Hill Valley, California at 4:29pm on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015.”
“2015? You mean we’re in the future!?” Wow. We are living in the future.
Yep. And that’s why today we’re going to look at the top 10 things Back to the Future Part
II got right. Number 10: TV screens everywhere
Given that this is what a brand new Magnavox TV looked like in 1985, it’s amazing that
Back to the Future was so on the spot with this.
“Channels 18, 24, 63…” Giant flat-panel TVs. Hundreds of channels.
Even a wide-screen aspect ratio. Wow. Number 9: 80s Nostalgia
So Marty McFly goes into the Cafe 80s. And in 2015, the 80s are back. People love the
80s. Well, the 80s did produce some of the greatest
hosts on YouTube. Yeah, anyway, once again we have jeans jackets.
Puffy vests. Goofy sweaters. Thanks, Katy Perry.
“Last Friday night” Number 8: Restaurants without waiters
Did you notice that there are no waiters in the Cafe 80s?
Yea, McFly orders a Pepsi from a TV screen. And today we actually have that in a lot of
restaurants. Like Chili’s—they have those table-top tablets.
It would be more fun to make President Reagan bring you a drinkm though.
Yeah, but then you have to interact with other humans. Which kind of defeats the whole purpose.
Number 7: Hands-free video games You know that part where the kids say:
“You mean you have to use your hands?” “That’s like a baby’s toy!”
Well, now we actually have things like the Xbox Kinect and the Wii.
Yeah, only babies use their hands for stuff. Number 6: Machines you talk to
“Hydrate level four, please.” “Hey Siri, do you like to talk with me?”
“I’d rather not say, Matt.” Number 5: Wearable technology
Wow, that looks surprisingly like Oculus Rift. But you know what makes this really accurate?
People paying more attention to their technology than their loved ones around the table.
Wait, what? Did you say something? Number 4
“Wait a minute. Cubs win World Series—against Miami?”
Amazingly, it is actually possible for the Cubs to win the World Series this year.
For the first time in a century. But…the movie got the dates wrong. So as
of this recording, we still don’t know whether the Cubs will win.
But you know what they did get right? There’s a team from Miami.
Yeah, Florida didn’t even have a baseball team until two years after this movie was
made. And they weren’t called the “Miami” Marlins until 2011.
Number 3: Surf Vietnam You might have missed it the first time, but
Doc and McFly are actually standing in front of an advertisement that says “Surf Vietnam.”
In 1989, Vietnam was not exactly a place where you’d want to go on vacation.
But now, well…Surf City. Number 2: Drone Reporters
Chris, remember when you used to be a reporter? Yes, I was replaced by a drone.
Well in 2015, a lot of people are using flying drones like this to take pictures and footage.
And even though it’s technically against FAA regulations for media companies do it, it’s
being done anyway. Well the most accurate part here is that human
reporters are being replaced by machines. And Number 1
Hey, what’s Doc Brown looking through? Why, it sure looks like an iPhone to me.
Boom. Considering this movie was made almost 30
years ago, they actually got a lot of things right.
But you know, they didn’t get everything right. And that’s why you should check out our other
video, “10 Things Back to the Future Part II Got Wrong.” Back to the Future predicted the future traveling
30 years ahead from 1985. So your prediction for 2045?
Everyone in the world will be able to speak Chinese. Totally.

Reader Comments

  1. One thing that will likely happen in 2045 is that a popular wedding date and want to be kid’s birthday: 01/23/45.

  2. The 80s aren't back in fashion. The 90s and 70s are. The 80s were in fashion in the late noughties.

  3. oh yes the future that was promised if Humans sought integration into Galactic Society. HOVERBOARDS FOR EVERYONE!

    Oh wait… we want our capitalism and we cannot have that in a future in which we have access to matter conversion technology. Our economic model depends entirely on resources being limited and not just limited in the sense that are finite, but in the sense that they require a medium of exchange called money. If you remove the necessity of money in the exchange of resources by allowing anything to be utilized as a resource (like your piss turning into gasoline for instance) then you don't need to make any purchases for these essentials. Get what I mean. People would still acquire resources from others, but it wouldn't be the same. You certainly couldn't put a price on anything as stated before, you can turn anything into anything. So take something that doesn't cost anything like air or piss, you can turn that into whatever it is you need. You can take dirt, which there is plenty of on this planet and turn that into anything you need or want. Thereby, again, making money non-essential.

    Nevertheless, the fear and desire to maintain control in the face of such an alternative reality is why we cannot have good things, like hoverboards and flying cars.

  4. Amazingly, the Cubs did win the world Series! Pity they leave that out. It was just won in 2016 and not 2015. Pretty damn close enough on that prediction!

  5. Probably take me until 2045 before I watch the video about 10 things that Back to the Future Part II got wrong, since I am savoring the moment of this one.

  6. This is so sad there trying so hard to be funny but it’s not at all it has the corniest jokes and they look so bored and stupid with there suits

  7. The 80’s were actually more popular in the 00’s. Now it’s all about “90’s nostalgia” which I love since the 90’s was my childhood. 👶🏼

  8. I love the part where they predicted fusion reactors… they are still 30 years away… (sarcasm)

  9. Maybe the people got the ideas from the movie, or was just a thought until it was possible to produce.

  10. still waiting for a re-hydration cooker

    also failed to predict the rise of nerds/geeks, and the obesity epidemic.

  11. You can have BttF2 2015-style hoverboards if you use magnetic levitation, meaning having a certain part of the ground be a magnet, and the hoverboard, on its bottom, having the same polarity so they repel each other. I think it'd be neat if someone did this, like as a tribute to BttF2.

  12. Nope, the problem with prediction is that the variables inherent in life are exponential. In other words, as events vary from those that would seem most likely, they in turn experience their own variations. This is simply indoctrination, making you believe in some fantasy that humans can predict the future.

  13. The fact that youtube recommends this future that is 4 years from the past. What is it with those dumb double tie?


  15. Half of these are correct due to predictive programming, the theory that the elite / illuminati introduce to society things overtime through fiction to make the concepts more interesting / unbelievable until they are ready to unveil it. Back in the day you could NEVER get to the table with so much as a gameboy or the family landline. Now a days folks either eat holiday dinners in front of TVs or are texting or gaming the entire time. Let that sink in how much technology dependence we have and how much we ought to appreciate life as a whole. Though the surfing one, that I must give them a bit of props for. It would be hard to predict that.

  16. I get the whole "let's tie a couple on and make a stupid video" sentiment, but really? You could have atleast mentioned China.

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