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10 Tattoo DON'Ts!! How To Avoid STUPID Tattoos

10 Tattoo DON'Ts!! How To Avoid STUPID Tattoos

gentlemen so check it out I like the idea of tattoos whenever I see a guy and he's got like some sick-ass sweet sleeve I think dude is a badass but there's a razor thin line between badass and dumbass I should know because I was the proud owner of super Sikh crescent moon on my leg and a bumblebee on my back mm-hmm you bet I was making the ladies swoon with those two sweet pieces gentlemen the total cost of my two amazingly masculine dancers a hundred and fifteen dollars the cost to remove them eight hundred plus two damn years of painful laser removal treatment so as you see I have a love-hate relationship with tattoos I hated mine I love some other peoples but I also see a lot that I just go oh dude you the gentleman in an attempt to keep you from making the same mistake I did today we're going over ten tattoo don't tattoo don't number one don't ever get your girl's name tattooed anywhere on your body I know she's magic he met three months ago and she is the love of your life will dude marry her just don't get a name tattooed because a marriage is a whole lot easier to get rid of than somebody's name tattooed on your body besides trying to explain to your new girlfriend that Sheila with the heart tlf was your cat it's kind of a tough sell tattoo don't number two three and four don't tattoo your face your neck or your hands who are you pissed at why would you think in the realm of tattoo placement options that your face your neck or your hands is a good option you've got a sea of skin on the rest of your body but if you can't cover it with the dress shirt you don't need to be doing it you want to single handedly eliminate 95% of your potential employment options tattoo your face neck and hands dude that's discrimination if I can't no dude that's stupidity on your part tattoo don't number five no what we're back tats that is a tramp stamp and that for chicks tattoos don't number six do not get your fraternity letters tattooed on your body here do and that way I know that I don't want to actually be friends with you um I wish I could say I'm kidding but whenever I see a guy and he's got like Singapore Sigma Pi or Beta Kappa Epsilon delivery I automatically think that the guy is a douche I am probably totally wrong but in my experience well it's actually pretty accurate tattoos don't number seven dude get portraits of your kids now it's a loving gesture and I know you absolutely love your kids but I've never actually seen it not look weird all the kids faces never look natural they're always like kind of smiling distorted just where they look to form if you're ever wondering why when you show people your daughter's picture they go aimes of your kids cool pictures of them don't tattoo Doe number eight don't go with what's trendy and popular and if you don't believe me just ask all the dudes out there with barbed wire bands tribal anything or Asian symbol stork dork dork dork I can say that a bumblebee in a moon for God's sake Tatsu don't number nine don't get anything on your body that you wouldn't be proud to show grandma Nana last but certainly not least tattooed on number ten don't be impulsive take it from the king of impulse tattoos you need to think through what you're getting on your body because unlike piercing your ears unlike cutting your air tattoos they're pretty permanent the best tattoos have a story have a meaning are special to you and those are the ones that you're going to be proud to wear for years to come one say you're just like yeah I like that put it there those are the ones you tend to regret bringing us to the very important point never go to a tattoo parlor when under the influence of anything including lust like when you're like no definitely don't do that gentlemen here's the deal if you've got a tattoo that you're absolutely ashamed of and you wish you didn't do there are some options treatments out there to get them off of your damn body and I actually did a video where I did a bunch of videos I took you through the process of me having laser tattoo removal done if you want to check out the last video and then you can find all the other videos there's a link down below in the description gentlemen tattoos when done right and appropriately oh so damn cool but there is a fine line between great and god-awful please do us both a favor next time before you go and send the chair think before you ink

Reader Comments

  1. Face and neck tats, stupid. Hand tattoos on the other hand, not stupid… but fuck it, do what you want! Don’t listen to this Beta dude.

  2. As someone who has a tribal half sleeve I still love it, it’s not your basic all black tribal but it’s tribal nonetheless. I say if you like it go for it. But I do agree with the face hand and neck tattooos

  3. I believe tribal tattoos(especially native American) are acceptable since they are representing their tribes
    I plan to get a wolf tattoo(since my clans symbol is a wolf) and so does my dad. Two that represent me and my older sister.

  4. The only thing I don’t really agree with that you said is when you mentioned tattoos having meaning and you shouldn’t just think it looks cool and slap it on. I agree you should think it through but ultimately in the end it’s art which often has meaning but can be just as appealing and cool/beautiful without a meaning🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. If you’re Native American it’s cool to get your tribal seal, that’s what I’m doing. I don’t know why you said no tribal anything

  6. He's wrong about the neck face and hands you can actually get really fucking good ones and plus that's just how your expressing yourself on how you feel.

  7. Im currently having a left arm full sleeve project… still not done with it yet. Tought trough witch theme I wanted for over 5 years, and I couldn't get more happy with it now that I finnaly got it 😊 patience pays

  8. While I was getting my tattoo I told my sister how I would never get a tattoo of somebody's name and the guy giving me mine said "I've covered those up too many times" he seemed annoyed that he had to do those and I found his reaction funny

  9. The bumblebee tattoo was my elementary school mascot look up wwk8 elementary and middle school if you dont believe me

  10. Anybody with neck tattoos is cool if they get a cool one that's cool looking. Goes with hands and head too.

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