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10 of The BEST SCUM Tips and Tricks to get started – SCUM How to Survive Guide

10 of The BEST SCUM Tips and Tricks to get started – SCUM How to Survive Guide

Welcome to SCUM, an open-world survival game
with unprecedented levels of character customization, control, and progression. Knowledge and skill are your ultimate weapons
for long-term survival. Today, we are going to check out 10, or more,
tips and tricks that will help you in scum. Let’s start with fighting. In the very beginning of your journey, you
will have to defend yourself with the limited amount of gear that you managed to find so
far. This usually means that you won’t have much
more than your fists. Going into a fight with your bear hands against
a guy who has a hatchet isn’t a great idea and as you could have guessed, you’re at
a disadvantage. So take a step back and use that baseball
bat that you stole from babe ruth and do what he did best, start hitting things, preferably
the other guy’s head. Melee combat is like a dance, only this time
you won’t only have to hurt your date’s toes when you step on them, accidently or
not, this time you have have to make sure that you kill the other person or it’s game
over for you, well sort of. So move back when your opponent launches his
attack or block his attempt all together. This is a great moment to launch your counter
attack because he won’t be able to defend himself right after his attempt to hit you. This dance will continue for a while until
one of you decides he had enough, this means that he got scared and now the chicken wants
to make a run for it. The great thing is that he is injured and
that he can’t run that far anymore, so chase him down, and finish him off. Then it’s time to search his stuff and steal
everything that you need. This is a great way of gathering loot, much
faster than doing all of this yourself. Look at the bottom left corner, as you can
see I took some damage from this fight and my upper chest was injured. You can heal yourself with something simple,
for example with rag stripes, you can use this to patch your wounds and then you will
be good to go. Melee combat is something that you might have
to do in the beginning of the game until you find a gun. Keep in mind that you will still have to find
ammo to go along with your gun, otherwise, well, you can’t really put your sniper skills
to the test. After you found the right kind of ammo, put
it in your inventory, select your weapon and reload. Now you are ready to go prisoner. If you are lucky then you might find an ammunition
box, you can unpack this item and then you will see the ammo and you will also see the
paper that came with it. The next thing to do is to find an opponent. As is most games that you play for the first
time, the first kill isn’t going to be the most spectacular one. All I had to do was wait for a guy who was
running around like a madman through this town and then, well I had a shotgun so eum
one well aimed shot was more than good enough for an insta kill, specially from up close. The weapons in scum are pretty good, they
seem very realistis can they will do a serious amount of damage. You can also use your shooting skills to hunt
in order find food or to find a nice trophy like a bear hat for example. If you hear an animal in your vicinity then
you can try to find it on your own or you can use the focus mode to track down this
animal. Look around until you see the footsteps of
this animal. This is the quickest way of tracking down
your next meal. The animals in scum are easy to hunt down,
even the bear is easy to kill. These animals have a line of sight, but they
cannot see what is going on behind them. They can also hear so take it slow when you
get close, crouch and sneak up behind them. Once you are close enough then take out your
shotgun and do what you do best. One shot is usually enough to kill the smaller
animals, I even managed to kill a deer with a pistol with only one shot. Hunting a bear is slightly more challenging
but it’s nothing that you can’t handle. Use the same tips as before, get behind it
and then shoot as many shots as you can because the bear can take a lot more than a deer. Initially it will run away but if you caused
enough damage then it will slow down, stop, roll over and die. The great thing about killing a bear, besides
the 1000 steaks that you can now cook, is the fact that you can now craft your very
own bear hat, gloves and shoes. This is awesome if you want to scare somebody. In scum, you will have to manage your character,
this means that you will have to keep an eye out on your health, energy, hydratation. Your stamina has a huge affect your ability
to move and to do stuff. Keep an eye on what happens if I vault through
this window. My stamina went from 59 all the way down to
50 just for entering this house through this window. This penalty if I may call it that is relatively
big, so try to use the door whenever you can. This is how you have to manage your character
because every little decision that you make has a significant effect in this game. The developers made a super realistic game,
and if you had to vault through the window in real life then you would be a little bit
more tired than I you just walked through the door right. The same goes for climbing, try to climb a
ladder with a helmet, a few layers of clothes, a backpack full a stuff and 2 weapons strapped
to your back and you will get tired pretty soon right, same in scum, your stamina will
decrease constantly while climbing a ladder. Depending on the ladder, you might have to
stop for a while to recover a bit and then you can continue climbing. So definitely check you stamina before you
decide to do something like climbing a ladder if there are enemies in the vicinity. Going down a ladder has the same effect and
you might think this is easier, but no, you will still lose stamina at the same rate,
but this might be fixed in the future. Going down a ladder is much easier than climbing
it and if you know that the developers are going for super realism then it’s very likely
that this will be changed. If you have to make a quick escape while climbing
for example, then all you have to do is to press your jump key, usually this is the space
bar, and this will result in you jumping down the ladder. Just make sure that you are not at the very
top of the ladder, it might not end so well. It’s not exactly a brilliant idea to get
wet in scum, you will have to take off your clothes and stuff to dry them, if you want
to play this game ultra realistically. Usually the getting wet part can be avoided
by jumping over rivers, or by hiding inside when it rains. Since this is a survival game, you will also
have to deal with some physiological needs, like peeing and pooping. Luckily the guy still keeps his pants on but
then he still smells his finger in the end so, well, that’s survival for you. If you are trying to find better stuff then
you can also use your focus mode to highlight all the items in a room. This is an easy way to locate items that you
normally would have missed. An even better way is to do what most of us
did in PUBG when we wanted to pick up multiple items, so select your inventory and keep an
eye out on the top left corner, here you can see all the items in your vicinity, because
how many times did it happened in PUBG that you entered a room, you wanted to pick up
ammo with your inventory screen and hey look at that, I never saw that compensator lying
there. I mean, it happened all the time right. In scum you will have to craft a few items
on your own if you can’t find them lying around. This crafting system is pretty straight forward. You click on a thing that you want to make,
you can then see the required components and then you will have to find those items. But pay close attention to the components
because there are 2 tiny arrow at the bottom of some components, this means that you can
use a different tool or items to craft this thing that you are trying to make. This will save you a lot of trouble trying
to look for something very specific while you can just as well use something that you
saw lying on the floor a few minutes ago. Can you guys let me know in the comments what
you think about this game, and if you liked this video then make sure to like or subscribe. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching
and I will see you in SCUM.

Reader Comments

  1. Scum is fucking awesome. I'm already completely hooked on it. Another little tip for building fame points I've been doing is chopping down every tree I see which grants you 2 game points at a time. The smaller bushes grant you 1. It takes a while to but if it means I can spawn on a squadmate or a certain sector when I die then it's totally worth it.

  2. There are 2 ways to play scum. 1. Just run to the airfield naked and loot couple buildings and boom ur full gear. Happy days. 2. Pretend to be friendly with someone… and… well you can imagine the rest…

  3. Wow, scum is fucking shit if you don’t have a 10 thousand dollar gaming setup. I’ve been played for a day and the stuttering and lack of game tutorial + optimisation lacking makes it so boring.

  4. here is a random thing ive found…most bathrooms in the houses have a shower tray in the corner. each time i poop into a shower tray food and drinks appear where the poop should be. found by accident and its happened 4 times in a row for me haha.

  5. My first kill: used hatchet, got: AK47, Shotgun, full tactical gear, Ballistic vest and helmet, Hiking boots and backpack, then i died to a group of 3 with pistols bc i didnt know how to aim down sights 🙂

  6. I cant find shit in this game lol.. no food or weapons anywhere.. my guy died twice from starvation and , just keeps starving to death.. anyone having an issue finding ANYTHING to eat?

  7. Melee combat in this game is fucked, but it will get fixed eventually.. So far this is one of the best Survival games i've ever played. My characters lifetime is around 30 hours and i have nearly 500 fame points (And i haven't played in 2 days) I LOVE IT

  8. @FOG of Gaming any tips to improve FPS? I get under 60 in most cases and i have a i7 4770,1060 6gb and 8gb of ram,thanks in advance!

  9. I like this game so far but what is the goal of the game? Expect of surviving ofc
    I‘m afraid that it will get boring after a few hours

  10. this games map is too big imo, a server with 64 people is still really slow paced(which i know is what theyre going for but i have 12 hours and ive encountered 4 people)

  11. I only get 50fps on pretty much almost any setting above medium @gtx 1080 & i7 8700k. I hope they work on the optimisation or maybe it's just me

  12. It's amazing you were able to hit each other at all with all the netcode desynch.
    Singleplayer boxing is exactly what it should be. Works just fine for me.
    Multiplayer boxing (against players or puppets) is a bad joke.
    Take a swing (at a puppet or player)… looks like it should have hit (based on SP experience)… wait for lag… game finally hiccups and catches up… nope… that was a miss… but the puppet hit me…. 3 times!


    Don't get me wrong, SP is good fun. Game has LOTS of potential… but honestly, that's about it at the time I posted this comment. Potential.

  13. In my first game i spawned in some forest, made a backpack form my clothes, running around butt naked then a bear started chasing me and knocked me out.

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