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10 Items to Hack Your Uniform (Items to use for a Sharper Uniform)

10 Items to Hack Your Uniform (Items to use for a Sharper Uniform)

[Applause] hello today we are looking at 10 items that you can use for a sharper uniform most of these are everyday household items and can aid in making you the most squared away young marine at your next uniform inspection the pencil eraser it is two minutes into your unit performs the uniform inspection and one of your team members was not quite as prepared as you were and is missing one of their butterfly clutches yes that's the technical term for the turtles off of their ribbons what do you do you tactically go to your pack and grab your pencil bite that eraser off remember we are short on time then use this puppy to secure the ribbons in place with time to spare unfortunately now your pencil is without an eraser but you don't make mistakes anyways right a deck of cards not only are these young marine carts packed with useful ddr information they also serve as a backing for pressing the sides of your cover without burning your hands especially over those nasty metal eyelets rubber bands these bad boys are always a staple not for shooting at people but for an emergency boot band or hair tie it can also be used for storing your cover wrapped around a soda can or spray starch can to give it a nice uniform curve the next time you wear it coffee filters and window cleaner you get a two for one with this one after your paws are finished gumming up your patent leather shoes and anodized belt pieces with fingerprints you can make them shine again with a little Windex and a coffee filter but couldn't you just use paper towels you may ask sure if you like to wreak lean all the nasty fuzzies that leaves behind this gets it done right the first time I love a heat gun I would have placed this higher but not all of you will have access to one of these but it doesn't hurt to ask your parents or grandparents if they have one if not you can pick one up cheap at your local hardware store for less than 20 bucks I've been told that a hairdryer could also work but I have never had enough hair to purchase one regardless you start with a nice layer of Polish across the leather of your boots or shoes then let loose the heat gun to open up the pores of the leather and release that sweet sweet Lincoln wax into them don't have lincoln wax well that's your first mistake the second is not having this bad boy to melt it from here spit-shining gets a whole lot easier disposable Tupperware this can be used in combination with cardboard to protect your ribbons when not being worn stop sticking them in your pockets or tossing them unshielded into your backpack to wrestle with your schoolbooks with this armor on they will stay clean protected and ready to be deployed on your next mission that requires them it will also please your parents and staff as now you won't have to pay to replace them cuticle scissors these are used by first soaking your fingers in warm soapy water to soften okay I read that online just now I have no clue what these little curved scissors are supposed to be used for but I know I keep them next to my iron when pressing my camis to catch those pesky Irish pennants as I go don't tell yourself that you'll get to them later because you won't find them again but during your inspection you can bet your platoon sergeant will washable school glue no you don't eat it yes you instead use it to glue down the edges of your cargo pockets to do this first iron the pockets nice and flat like you normally would then put the glue along the outer flap and press it down repeat this for each fault with a hot steamy iron to dry the glue don't worry it's washable remember so it will come out the next time you throw it in the laundry you can also do this to the edges around your blouse pockets if you put too much on it and it seeps out just use a warm damp cloth to wipe it up before it dries Hair Spray the heavy stuff and the kind that doesn't smell like a midsummer breeze also don't grab the expensive stuff your mom might use use this cheap dollar store special unscented variety starch is great on camis but hairspray is the king when it comes to the creases spray it along the creases and press like you normally would now you have a razor sharp crease in case you forgot to pack your pocketknife and finally your champion the pizza box after successfully taking down the entire pie with a vengeance yes I have seen how some of you young Marines eat the box or any cardboard for that matter serve several purposes besides being awkward to place in the trash can it can be cut out and used to help shape your cover to do this lay your cover upside down and trace around it with a pencil then trim as necessary until it makes a nice tight fit you then want to cut the middle portion out so your grape doesn't press against it when you are wearing it and make it stick up another use for it is to prevent your iron from eating buttons shaped circles in your pocket flaps for this cut the cardboard and a shape like this making it useful for every size pocket while pocket sizes do vary I made a template for you to use to get started in the description below you can then trim it down to fit your uniform this is placed between the flap and your buttons when ironing the small side fits in your breast pockets the medium side fits in your lower blouse pockets and the large side fits your cargo pockets and finally you can cut this out in the shape of your ribbons and devices to make a nice backing to wear inside your uniform this helps keep them from sagging especially on your khaki shirts I hope these tips were helpful and will aid you in putting forth your best impression while in uniform if you have other useful uniform tips or have a recommendation for a future video please share them in the comments below Semper Fidelis

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  1. Don’t EVER use sharpie on your chevrons if the lacquer starts coming off. Take a small amount of regular black nail polish paint over your chevron and then while it’s still wet take a little bit of corn starch on a make up sponge and dab it on to make it matte when it’s dry wipe it off. 🙂 works in a pinch. Semper fi from a former YM First Sergeant.

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