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10 Insane Law Enforcement Vehicles

10 Insane Law Enforcement Vehicles

insane once Olympiakos but first thanks for leaving us this comment on our unbelievable discoveries in the South Pacific video we'll be sure to rock on and you guys can keep expecting great unique videos from us we won't let you down number 10 u.s. standard police car to start this video we thought it'd be a good idea to show you how your average day police car looks like in the u.s. most of these vehicles are well equipped to handle high-speed pursuits and also answer routine calls traditionally the US only uses american-made vehicles such as chevy dodge and Ford although there are a few exceptions this photo here taken of the Chicago Police is a good example of Chevy Tahoe is being used in general standard cop cars aren't always easy to spot since the models that they use are used also by civilians cop cars in France for example you generally take this shape and are less intimidating each paint scheme in the u.s. is generally determined by the jurisdiction standard equipment in each vehicle in the u.s. includes a 12-gauge shotgun a radio a flashlight a dashboard cam and a bad guy in the back seat number nine Humvee police cars now you know what the standard police car here in the US is like it's time to show the crazier stuff Humvees were mass-produced especially to be used in the wars in Iraq with somewhat of a surplus of these vehicles the police have decided to slowly start adding them to their sleep with more rugged terrain in the state of Colorado the city of Lone Tree and Central City added a few of these this photo here shows a Hummer being used in the city of Highland Hills in Ohio this one here appears to have been donated from a National Guard and not bought with taxpayer money this one here was used by one of the county sheriffs in Texas with 700 horsepower and a v8 you don't want to mess with Texas or the Humvee some of these Humvees like you see here are even used as sleeves cars in China number 8 Salinas armored truck this massive armored truck was donated from the military to the Salinas Police Department in California the tanks like vehicle is worth $650,000 and can provide armored protection against bomb rifle and pistol fire although it was technically a donation and not from city pair money the keep in maintenance of this thing as a heavy price tag and someone is going to have to pay for it number seven bulletproof patrol car in an effort to make patrols a little safer for police in the US they began to develop bulletproof materials for standard patrol cars that can withstand shots from armor-piercing rounds here in this photo we see the types of ammunition used during the testing process in Michigan for security reasons they didn't say exactly which caliber it wasn't able to withstand but do the materials it's made from my guess would be that it can stop a shot from the ak-47 the cars doors are fitted with ballistic panels that have two layers of Kevlar this was fired at close range with many different weapons including high-powered rifles like each the year number six the MRAP and our most expensive military machine video we mentioned how em wraps were making their way from the battlefield and into the hands of law enforcement these extremely well armored mine-resistant vehicles are not only extremely powerful but also intimidating they can withstand the blast of a claymore mine when riots began to get out of control in Ferguson Missouri the st. Louis County Police sent out this MRAP in response to shots being fired the EM wraps have apparently become highly demanded by police departments in recent years which almost makes you believe they're preparing for a full-scale breakdown of society or something between 2012 and 2014 over 465 cities in the US have requested to add one of these to their fleets with each one costing about five hundred thousand dollars each it's going to take a little bit for your department to get one of these you better believe though that the FBI got their hands on one of these in order to receive an MRAP the jurisdiction must meet certain requirements such as shooting and also SWAT operations the loudspeakers heavy fuel requirements and emergency lights can easily set them back an additional 70 grams this MRAP that you see here on the left was dispersed during the dakota pipeline riots and is actually equipped with a sound cannon that will emit a horrifying eardrum bursting noise that many compared to as being loud as a jet take nominal miss number five doraville police vehicle cities who have more police shootings and drug problems might have good reasons to obtain military-grade vehicles but why would the small town of Doraville Georgia be able to obtain such a massive Beast this thing is completely capable of plowing through walls and writing over cars with ease this little suburb of Atlanta didn't have one murder from 2010 to 2013 and a population of roughly 8,000 people the Chief of Police claimed the vehicle had been a valuable tool for Public Safety a video online of a SWAT team was posted in 2009 showing the vehicle sheer force this appears to be an m113 armored vehicle which has been used as far back as Vietnam although their website doesn't appear to show too much specifics on what kind of vehicle it is or if they still have it during the Obama administration he attempted to ban tracked vehicles for police but most em wraps that we saw in number 6 don't even have tracks number four the rook so what vehicle do please use when they're about to conduct a siege on a two-story building they call in the rook this vehicle described by its manufacturers is six tons of pure responsive force for 250 thousand dollars the rook can bring in for SWAT team members close enough to someone's second-story window with the security of steel armor the extendable platform can reach up to 11 feet and they mostly use this in case of a big standoff with police where they believe that suspect is armed it's almost like a bulldozer that's used to shield the SWAT team if it wanted to we're sure it could flip over cars and destroy your house as well it has a few special features such as cameras gun ports dual joystick controls and air conditioning number 3 water cannon vehicles riots ibogaine out of control lately the law enforcement figures that may be free hose them down a little bit they'll get mad that they're dripping wet and go home recently in the city of Calais France police began to bust out water cannons when violent clashes with migrants and activists break out the water cannons are pretty high-powered but don't seem to be quite as bad as gain pepper sprays these are basically like fire trucks that police use for writes other types have been made that would actually add electricity to the stream of water and potentially taser the entire group in South Korea some agencies added pink dye to the mix to help them mark the riders making it easier to make arrests this one here from Germany cost about 1 million dollars each and the German government ordered 78 of them each one is made of steel and weighs 33 tons it's capable of firing 22 litres of water per second what do they plan I'm using all these vehicles for number two uh-1 helicopter with the surplus of military vehicles it makes more sense for those who get put to use by the police right they seem to be able to get away with it by labeling them as donation and here you can see a case where a military grade helicopter conducting a search and rescue operation was donated to the Milford Connecticut Police Department in 2011 this former Army helicopter was given a new paint job to look more police like the helicopter is worth about a million dollars it's now equipped with a spotlight for catching bad guys at night this was donated to a city with 52,000 people and a crime rate 58 percent lower than the rest of Connecticut please claim that criminals have changed their ways and they need this to stay one step ahead of the game and number one police drone don't you feel safer with some police drones flying around the sky the next time you think about committing some criminal behavior in your backyard you better think twice thanks to advancements in drone technology police can have more eyes in the sky than ever before this has rose to popularity in Britain especially in London and along the English Channel residents have apparently gotten fed up with the drones there and there were over 900 complaints over the phone in the year 2015 similar to undercover vehicles the drones are rarely marked and there's usually no way of knowing if it's a cop or not as of right now there are some laws on where people are able to fly drones and this may restrict cops from catching on to the idea with advanced cameras night and thermal vision these could really become a force to reckon with you

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  1. 7:03 That's nothing to brag about, the fuckin National Guard gave counties Sheriff department a UH-60 Black Hawk

  2. 2:04 Ok Armored vehicles aren't tanks, there APCs

    1:59 If you're wondering that vehicle is known as an Mrap

    2:04 That's a Bearcat tactical unit, which is a totally different vehicle than the Mrap

  3. I am depressed 😢

    My granddad passed away
    My girlfriend broke up with me
    I won't eat or talk
    The last two days I've been crying and thinking to myself

  4. 6:27 Some departments add electricity to the water stream? Hahaha, that is fuckin perfect. That needs to be widely done, taze all the protesting/rioting idiots.

  5. You are sooooo stupid
    Calls what’s clearly not an mrap an mrap
    Says it can probably stop an ak round while the dude shoots an ar-10

  6. By there's no way it's stopping an A.P. 5.56 round which is smaller than some of the round you showed there

  7. police water cannons (insert Gta fire truck vs pedestrians here)
    Seriously, that is genius, getting blasted by a fucking water cannon is sure to teach people a lesson, especially if they bring their phones. Person to Phone insurance: Yeah hi, i was rioting with the buddies on the street and a fucking police tank blasted me with water and destroyed my phone, i need a replacement. Phone insurance: (hangs up)

  8. 1:39 thats a humvee not a hummer. a hummer is a piece of shit made to look like a millitary issue humvee but it is not. 1:44 thats a hummer

  9. The vehicles are awesome and if I was rich id buy a couple in case society falls apart. But the militarization of local police forces seems like a bad idea overall.

  10. As a St. Louis county resident, the MRAP scared the shit out of me when I saw it on the news in Ferguson.

  11. The drone idea would be a horible idea in America. Majority of Americans who own guns shoot down drones that are near or above their house. Trust me.

    P.S. RIP drone

  12. Lot of mistakes: Lenco armored vehicle is purely law enforcement vehicle, not a MRAP (you show LENCO during the Dakota pipeline rally and say that it is MRAP. MRAP is the right hight armored vehicle in desert color). And many more. Although good and interesting Viedo!

  13. American Eye i live in Salinas and im amazed that you went this far to looking into researching different police cars

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