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– Some people think I have an obsession with collecting pillows (creepy laugh). I guess it is a bit of a problem. So, at some point, all of us have had a
collection of something. Like human teeth… That was a weird point in my life. No, but really though,
collections can be awesome! It gives up something to
work towards, it’s fun, and it can also be an investment, because sometimes those things
are worth serious money. But not all collections are simple, like stamps, coins, and cards. Uh-uh. No, some are rather unsettling. So, of course, today I’ve assembled a list of some of the strangest
collections out there, and I assure you these really do exist. So get ready, because here they are! 10 Disturbing Collections
People Actually Have. Number one is a two-headed
animal collection. Todd Ray from Venice Beach, California has a personal zoo of
22 bizarre creatures, all of which have two heads! He even has a turtle with three heads, four of which, of course,
he gave each head a name. Myrtle, Squirtle, and Thirtle. Todd, who is also a Grammy
award winning producer, has spent over $150,000
to grow his collection, which includes multiple
breeds of snakes, tortoises, two bearded dragons, and even a goat. Not one to keep his collection to himself, he joined the Venice Beach Freak Show, where the whole world gets to
view these living oddities. Just be careful if you go
there not to feed the goat, because I heard that the left
head has a biting problem. (goat sound) (bite) Number two is an armored
vehicle collection. Jacques Littlefield from
Portola Valley, California has had a lifelong obsession
with military vehicles. When he was a child, he
would build plastic models. In college, he assembled a lifesize tank that was operational via remote control. Then, at 26, he obtained his first full-sized military vehicle, a World War II-era M3 Scout Car, and from there, he was hooked. He grew his armored vehicle collection to 220 vehicles in total,
including 70 tanks, and keeps them all at
his home in California! Probably not the type of
neighbor you want to get upset. You know, he’s not very stable. Hey, you took my newspaper! Oh God, here comes a drone after you! Or should I send the tank, huh? Something’s comin’ for ya! Number three is the chewed gum collection. Barry Chappell quit smoking in 2006 after the birth of his daughter. A noble gesture. He began chewing Nicotine gum
to help him with his cravings, but during one airline flight, he had nowhere to dispose of
the pieces once he’d finished, so he began rolling them into a ball. Six years and 92,500 pieces of gum later, he had collected them into a
whopping 79 kilogram gumball, for which he received a
Guinness World Record! That is quite the accomplishment, and I’m proud of him
for quitting cigarettes, but this is unnecessary
and really unsanitary. I’m gonna vomit. Number four is the Dalek collection. Rob Hull from Doncaster, England is another Guinness World Record holder for his collection of Daleks. Now, if you’re a fan of the
long-running TV show Doctor Who, you probably know what a Dalek is. They’re an extra-terrestrial race of mutants with evil intent, which live inside robotic
shells similar to that of human-sized pepper shakers. Rob has been obsessed with
these robots since his youth, and over his lifetime has collected more than 1200 different
variations of these toys. What could be the strangest
twist in this story, though, is that he’s not even a
fan of the show Doctor Who. He just likes the Daleks. His wife isn’t too happy
about his obsession, either, as they have taken over
their house with one standing almost two meters in height. That’s probably enough to
exterminate a marriage. Exterminate, exterminate! Number five is the airline
barf bag collection. Dutch collector Niek Vermeulen has over 6,290 airsick bags from over 1,191 different airlines, and almost 200 countries. He’s been collecting them since the 1970s, after him and a friend made a bet to see who could accumulate
the most of any one item to set a world record. Niek and his family embark on multiple international
flights each year, harvesting sick bags along the way. Even his friends aid Niek
by bringing him the most unusual barf bag specimens that they come across in their travels. Ah, but his favorite bag
is an airsickness bag from the NASA space shuttle Columbia, which spent 16 days in outer space. Space Barf: the Final Frontier. Number six is a foot
fetish photo collection. Doug Gaines from Cleveland,
Ohio knows what he likes, and he likes it a lot! Maybe a little too much. He is a fearless champion
of the foot fetish, and started the Foot Fraternity in 1985, which now boasts over 4,000 brothers. Doug loves everything to
do with feet and footwear. In fact, his closets are
overflowing with boots, sneakers, and even pumps. But by far the most
impressive thing is that he has collected over 5 million photos of different feet. On top of all of this, he’s also obsessed with
the smell of the foot. He actually captures this
essence in dirty socks that he then Ziplocs away
to keep the odor locked in. So, if you ever visit this guy, make sure you keep your shoes on, ’cause he will be all up in your toe jam. Number seven is the belly
button lint collection. These people just keep gettin’
more messed up, duh-doo doo! 45-year-old librarian Graham
Barker from Perth, Australia has been collecting his
own belly button fluff for over 30 years. (gags) Back in 1984, he noticed some
lint had gathered in his navel and became intrigued,
wondering how much a person could produce in their lifetime. The amount of fluff that he
finds in his navel each night depends on the type of clothes
he’d been wearing that day, but he has noticed that
some thermal underwear is the most productive. (gags) Each night, he takes whatever he could find lodged in his belly button and stores it in a clay jar. And he’s close to completing his fourth, for which he has earned himself a spot in the Guinness World Record books, mostly because he’s the only
guy holding onto this stuff. (gags) I’m done. Number eight is the
celebrity hair collection. John Reznikoff from Fairfield, Connecticut is the owner of the world’s
most expansive collection of famous and historical
figures’ locks of hair. Don’t worry, he didn’t collect them by running around Hollywood
with a pair of scissors. Some of his most prized pieces
include Abraham Lincoln, Edgar Allan Poe, Albert
Einstein, John F. Kennedy, George Washington, Napoleon,
and even Marilyn Monroe. Okay, yes, this one is
clearly very creepy, but when they figure out cloning, he’s sitting on a gold mine. Think about it. Number nine is a penis collection. Dicks! Sigurður Hjartarson, a
former teacher from Iceland, has a strange hobby of collecting penises from different types of species. He opened a museum to showcase
his collection in 1997, showcasing almost 300 penises. It includes, prepare yourself for this, 17 different types of whale, one specimen taken from
a Rogue polar bear, 36 specimens belonging to seven different types of seal and walrus, and 115 specimens originating from 26 different types of land mammals. (crazy lip sound) Oh, and if you’re curious if there have ever been any human donors, you bet there have! Four, to be exact. Oh man. And Number 10, the love doll collection. 60-year-old Bob Gibbins
and his wife Lizzie have a collection of 240
different types of love dolls that can be found all over their quaint home in rural England. Bob acquired his first
silicone doll Beverly in 2007 for $4,000. This purchase sparked a
newfound obsession for him, for which he went out
and acquired everything from cheap blow-up dolls, to realistic silicone
ones that move and talk. All in all, Bob and Lizzie estimate that they’ve spent around… (sighs) I need to brace myself for this. $160,000. Bob says that he’s never
used one of his girls in a sexual manner. That’s even weirder! He does admit that he finds
most of them attractive, but considers them members of his family. Okay, list done! The weirdness is off the charts. Goodbye! And that, my friends, was the ten weirdest, most
disturbing collections that people actually have. What the hell is wrong with people? But seriously, thank you
guys so much for watching. Remember to click that
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will see you next video, with hopefully a little bit less mentally disturbing content. Peace! Ahhh!

Reader Comments

  1. Are these little sugar bags or something worth any money??😂 Btw I'm collecting them and at the restaurant I always have to chech if there's some little ahugar bags or whatever they are called

  2. Ewwwwww i knew somebody who collected dead ticks he would keep them in his car in a broken light bulbs ewwwwww what a freak !

  3. So, the tank collection isn’t all that disturbing to me because museums also have tanks. They have them for their collections

  4. I once had a huge collection of beanie babies when I was six. Every single one of them came from this giant antique store that me and my mom used to go to.

  5. I have a collection of Godzilla figures
    I’m pretty sure you guys were thinking I had
    The actual GIANT GOD LIZARD…
    But no…

  6. I don't think the Armored Vehicles Collection is too bad.:-) The Nicotine Gum Collection is gross.I think:-O:-O:-( Wow!Daleks.:-):-D:-O Okay,That is too Many Daleks.I think.:-O:-oHow did that guy get the NASa Space Bag.:-O:-DNo to Belly Button Lint.EEEWww.There really is a Celebrity Air Collection???:-O:-O:-D:-D Leave Penises alone,please People.:-O:-O Do I want to know what the guy does with Sex dolls??:p-O

  7. I got a nextdoor restaurant my summer house. They collect pigs. Porcelain, plastics w/e. Last I remember the collection was over 10.000. They have 4 real pigs aswell. Somewhat weird. She holds the world record in the most "pigs" collected. Can be found somewhere in guiness world records.

  8. Naw, the most disturbing would be someone that collects and has a poop collection from everything and anyone they could get it from! ROFLMBO. But these collections were, well some weren't as bad as others, some were just downright disgusting, like the one I started this comment with, but wasn't in your video. LOL

  9. Naw, the most disturbing would be someone that collects and has a poop collection from everything and anyone they could get it from! ROFLMBO. But these collections were, well some weren't as bad as others, some were just downright disgusting, like the one I started this comment with, but wasn't in your video. LOL

  10. Naw, the most disturbing would be someone that collects and has a poop collection from everything and anyone they could get it from! ROFLMBO. But these collections were, well some weren't as bad as others, some were just downright disgusting, like the one I started this comment with, but wasn't in your video. LOL

  11. There are really three categories here.
    Number one is extravagant, Daleks and Tanks ( what guy wouldn't like to collect military vehicles).
    Number two is a little eccentric/interesting and good for a laugh, Celebrity hair (could be valuable) and barf bags (a little random and funny).
    Number three is absolutely disturbing, such as a ball of chewed gum, belly fluff , foot odor, sex dolls and penises.

  12. Bob AND his wife Lizzy? He better never get a divorce, cause ain't nobody else ever gonna deal with THAT guy.

  13. The famous hair collection is probably already very valuable. Creepy, but valuable. Wonder if he has Elvis or Beatles hair.

  14. I collect animal bones, teeth, wet specimens (all collected from naturally deceased animals)…

    Geez….I must seem weird-

  15. My husband and his mom have issues with being too eclectic. It leads to hoarder home syndrome and it is SO hard to combat that ish!! I try so hard all the time to keep my home from being filled with stuff!!😕😒

  16. Giant gum spit ball, gross🤢 6 years of old spit 🤢
    And it probably stunk 🤮
    Then we have belly button fluff, which stinks 🤢 and then Penises!! Omg, these are some of the sickest hobbies I've ever seen. 🤮

  17. Waiting for someone to make a collection of dead bodies.101st way to have nightmares everyday for that guy 😂😂😂

  18. This is interesting however I literally had to stop watching halfway through to keep myself from throwing up. Now I need an airsick bag 😆 😉

  19. I love your videos! And this is not a hate comment but seriously your trying way hard to be funny just make a joke or too and that would be great! I love your top 10 so please dont stop what you do!

  20. I have a collection of Magic the Gathering cards, a few pop figures, and stuffed animals. I'm probably gonna make a huge collection of cosplay tho because my favorite part of Halloween is dressing up. One time I even went to bed in my costume. So uh… probably gonna get into cosplay and I'm probably gonna become broke every year until I get a job. (I'm a teen but not able to get a job yet for reasons.)

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