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10 Creepiest Young Ghosts that Will Haunt You

10 Creepiest Young Ghosts that Will Haunt You

– Ghost stories have
been told for literally thousands of years, and
none are more unsettling than ones involving
the younger population. There are plenty of stories
about ghost of all ages, but for some reason the creepiest ones involve the spirits of kids. For evidence, simply look to Hollywood, or stay tuned. (ominous music) Here are the 10 creepiest young
ghosts that will haunt you. Number 10 are Girls On The Stairs. In 1974, author Stephen
King spent an night in the infamous Stanley Hotel in Colorado, later calling it the perfect,
maybe the archetypal, setting for a ghost story,
and used it as his inspiration for his best selling novel, “The Shining”. Numerous accounts of ghost
sightings have been reported at that hotel, but one photo
taken of the alleged ghost ended up leaving a
former FBI agent baffled. The picture was taken by John Mausling, who snapped a photo of his
family from the staircase while on a spirit tour. Of the 11 people present on the tour, none were the size or age of a kid. Yet the blurry image of the young girl can be seen descending from the steps. Former federal agent Ben Hanson
has looked into the image and found no evidence of
anything being altered, meaning what we see here is very real. Number nine is the Spy House. If you’re looking for an eerie experience, specifically one in which ghosts of kids are running around you, then
take a trip to Port Monmouth, a town in New Jersey where
one building is considered one of the most haunted places in America. Since the Monmouth County Park
System acquired it in 1998, the building has been renamed
the Seabrook-Wilson House, and serves as an activity center. However, locals still recognize
it by its previous name, the Spy House. Visitors have encountered
multiple ghosts there, but arguably the creepiest
of them have been those of the kids who
have been seen and heard giggling to each other as they
chase each other in circles. They’ve been known to
pull pranks, as well, untying people’s shoes, changing
the time on wrist watches, or making cameras stop working. Number eight is Ghost Boy Bridge. When it comes to the Ghost Boy Bridge, which is part of Clinton Road
in West Milford, New Jersey, there are actually multiple stories, each one more eerie than the last. Clinton Road itself is considered by many to be the most haunted roadway in America. But this bridge, which allows
passage over a waterway called Clinton Brook, has
ghost hunters flocking to it. Legend has it that if you
were to leave a quarter on the yellow line, essentially
the middle of the road on the bridge, the ghost of a young boy who drowned in the creek
below will return it to you. Other variations describe the
boy appearing before a person who leaves the coin, while
yet another tells of the ghost pushing the person into the water and potentially to their tragic end. Regardless, this might be a bridge you want to avoid crossing. Number seven are the Railroad Kids. According to legend, sometime
between 1930 and 1949, a bus carrying seven school
kids was driving along a road in San Antonio, Texas, when it broke down, coming to a stop directly
on a railroad crossing. The driver realized moments
after the bus stopped that a train was barreling down on them. So he attempted to evacuate
everyone on the bus. Sadly, there was no time, and the crash claimed 10 of the students, along with the bus driver. Today, it’s said that if you
park your car on the tracks and wait, the car will
be physically pushed until it’s moved out of potential danger. People have been known to
sprinkle flower on the back of their vehicles before
performing the experiment only to find multiple hand-prints marking where the students’ ghosts
have pushed it forward. Number six is the Andrew Jackson Hotel. As one of New Orleans’
most haunted hotels, it’s little wonder that
the Andrew Jackson Hotel has drawn so many ghost hunters and paranormal researchers to it. In 1794, two different
fires caused sever damage to the hotel and claimed the
lives of five young boys. The ghost of those children are said to still haunt the building to this day. Guests and employees of
the hotel have reported hearing kids playing and
laughing outside in the courtyard late at night, only to find no
visible source for the noises when they investigate. And at least one guest has
seen the ghost of a boy after his television
turned on all by itself, and he moved to turn it off
only to find a young boy sitting in front of the device. The guest shouted, causing
the ghost to vanish into the night. Number five is Mommy? After he began having
that unmistakable feeling that unseen things were following him as he moved around his
apartment, Steve Huff, better known as the
YouTuber Huff Paranormal, started posting videos in which he tried to communicate with them. The Arizona-based paranormal researcher believes that the ghost, or
ghosts, that are haunting him followed him home from
a previous investigation as many spirits have
been known to do that. And according to his recorded evidence, at least one of them was a kid. After his dog began acting strangely and seemingly saw something
that wasn’t there, Huff grabbed his GoPro and recorded a few minutes of the room. What he got back were a few EVPs, or electronic voice phenomenon. The voice of a kid calling
out mommy can be heard along with some ramblings. – [Kid] Mommy, come out. Mommy, come out. Mommy, come out. Come over here. Come over here. I’m on the rug now. (door unlatches) Number four is the Ursuline Convent. Although it’s well known
for stories of vampires and casket girls, the Ursuline Convent in New Orleans, Louisiana,
has some additional occupants that are actually much creepier. Originally built as a religious
institution and orphanage, this building has been
transformed into a museum, but some of its original
tenants might still be around. Multiple guests and tour
guides, have heard the sounds of kids playing with the bulk
of the paranormal activity occurring in the building’s courtyard. Stranger still, though the
kids were not really there, the sounds they were making
seemed to get much louder as those who could hear them
approached the yard’s gate. Some visitors have even laid eyes on them. But are they ghost, or,
as some experts claim, just the past replaying
over and over again? Number three is the Begging Boy. The old ruins of a castle in
the village of Castlelyons in Cork County, Ireland,
are said to be haunted by the ghost of an unidentified young boy who goes around begging
people for something. But what makes this story truly unsettling is that the boy isn’t
begging for change or food like some other ghost that
have been encountered. He’s pleading for his life to be spared. The apparition, which has been given the appropriate nickname the Begging Boy, roams about the ruins
spreading an aura of depression as he moves along. It’s been said that from
the boy’s perspective, he keeps reliving the final
moments of his short life, begging for the forgiveness
of the castle’s former owner, which tragically would never
and will never come to him. Number two are the Black-Eyed Kids. Since the 1980s, tales
of the Black-Eyed Kids have terrified millions,
especially in 1996 when Brian Bethal, a
reporter from Abilene, Texas, encountered a pair of them. Bethal was parked in a
parking lot when two boys tapped on his window and
asked for a ride home. Right away, the man felt
like something was off. He then noticed the boys’
eyes, which were totally black with no irises or pupils at all. It didn’t take long for Bethal to decide to quickly peel out of there. While many claim that
these young looking beings are vampires or aliens
from another planet, the prevailing theory
is that they’re ghosts. But we really only know
what happens to those who refuse to provide help
to the Black-Eyed Kids, and it’s not good. And number one is Dear David. On August 7, 2017, writer
and illustrator, Adam Ellis, posted on Twitter that he was
being haunted by the ghost of a young boy with a misshapen head who meant him serious harm. For months, the New York
resident had been seeing the boy in his dreams, one of which presented him with the boy’s nickname, Dear David. But after Ellis asked him
one too many questions, David began manifesting
himself in the real world. Ellis captured pictures
and video of Dear David, posting all of it to Twitter. Dedicated followers of
the story began analyzing everything he posted and
actually discovered things not even Ellis had noticed, including silhouettes in doorways and David’s face in reflections. The entire Dear David incident
scared so many people online that it’s now being made
into a feature film.

Reader Comments

  1. im not scared if its a ghost kid but if its a demon pretending to be a kid then okay im scared 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Wow creepy 😱😱 also one thing is. We also have a little boy, a woman and a man's ghost in our house. The man is the freakiest one 😱😖 the boy is also a joker also call you on name and also little laughter some time 😧

  3. AWWWEESOME!!!! Man I love these kinds of stories! I'm a fan of T.A.P.S. (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) and miss their weekly show on SyFy network. So this was right up my alley Matthew. Thank you so much for posting it. As a matter of fact, T.A.P.S. did do an episode on the Stanley Hotel and they confirmed it to be haunted! Think you might do a part 2 to this? Or even just another ghost video? I'm such a geek when it comes to this kind of stuff!

  4. The author of Dear David admitted it was a made up Creepy Pasta. I followed that story from day 1 and it was great!

  5. Thanks Matt I’m glad you realized again that you’re completely worthless unless you make a top 10 for the people. As long as we get our top 10’s.. we don’t care about anything else! So keep me coming you robot you haha. 🤖

  6. The ghost tracks in sa are basically in my backyard. Tourists have ruined the spot and I always find full containers of baby power so I guess it's a win lol

    But it's been debunked for a while now.

  7. If kids start haunting me. They not be slamming doors in my house lest they be paying rent! Also taking away their toys and TV privileges.

  8. I took a picture at the Andrew Jackson Hotel of a ghost of young boy going up the stairs. Didn't see it at the time but visible when I reviewed the photos.

  9. That guy from twitter admited he made up the whole thing. As far as Clinton road, nothing really. Creepy yeah, but it's mostly high or drunk kids looking to scare their friends or their dates.

  10. You expect me to believe number 5 considering I see the TV turned on and the fact that he did record outside his house.

  11. I wasn’t scared by this 😂 but I started to freak out when I couldn’t find my Pepsi that was right behind me…

  12. Is it just me or did you say a bus carrying 7 school children and then you say that the bus/train wreck claimed 10 school children. Doesn't add up. But great video Matt.

  13. Dear David isn't real. The Illustrator even said/admitted that it was just smth he illustrated it to make a scary story or smth like that.

    ♡ I really love your vids, ♡ but somethimes.. well rarely more likely, you should check everything and also tell it, so we don't just have like half or 3/4 of smth

  14. As a paranormal enthusiast living in the boring state of North Dakota, I used to think that there wasn't anything particularly ghostly nearby.
    Gods, was I wrong.
    According to multiple sources, the Yunker Farm Children's Museum in Fargo (I place I have been to many times!) Is haunted by two ghosts. A woman, dubbed Vanessa by the Staff, is known to haunt the upper levels, occasionally interacting with children, playing with them, or leading lost kids to their parents. I think the ghost is of Mrs. Yunker, who loved children in life.
    The second ghost is of a little girl, who drowned in the nearby well. Guests and ghost hunters have reported feelings of coldness, shortness of breath, and fight chests. I haven't heard of any sightings of sounds just yet, however.
    The next time I go there, I'm going to go up to one of the Staff members, and quietly (so the kids don't hear) say, "I know about Vanessa."

  15. I like how he used images from the movie "Village of the Damned" for the black-eyed kids. In the actual movie, it's actually opposite-their eyes glow orange and green when they are killing people…or making ppl kill themselves to be more precise. Great movie. I actually watched it last weekend with a friend of mine which is kinda weird.

  16. Number 9 is in my home town. Its right on the beach and me and my buddies used to play Pokémon Go there a few years back. I remember one night when we were walking around trying to catch Pokémon all four of us undeniably saw a Civil war era soldier, about 40 feet from us, walking toward the house then went thru the door. Never hung out close to it at night again.

  17. The bus crash happened sometime between 1930 and 1949??? That many kids died, but they can't even pin down when it supposedly happened to a specific year? Like they didn't have reporters and newspapers, etc, back then to cover tragedies as big as that? 1930 to 1949 wasn't far enough back, that people from that time still wouldn't be alive and remember it. There would be a public record of something like that, even if it happened way out in the countryside. When things are made up, the details are always "vague".

  18. Every region seems to have their version of the bus story, just like the hitchhiker and the hook etc. I saw a show debunking the railroad kids years back. The location they investigated was one where it looked flat but the road turned out to have a very slight grade, so the car rolled of its own accord. Railroad crossings are also sometimes slightly raised, so that could also do it. And they also did the baby powder thing, easily explained. Human skin has oils that linger on the trunk of a car from you closing it. The baby powder soaks into those oils while you’re busy gasping in horror at seeing your car rolling all by itself and by the time you return… dozens of mingled handprints have appeared. Still, if you wanna scare some bros, this one is perfect. Just try to find a track that’s out of service.

  19. The story about the bus in San Antonio is just a tall tale. There is no news in any S.A. newspaper about a bus accident from that period ( or any period actually). Though it doesn't look like it, the road does dip downwards.

  20. 2:57 lol the most haunted road in america is named Clinton road? That must be because of all of the folks who have dirt on them committing "suicide". That's why there are so many ghosts lol

  21. really good video i always enjoy them. I think just about every state has a version of the school bus on the tracks urban legend just like the girl hitch hiker in the party dress who gets a ride and vanishes at the cemetery gates.

  22. I'm not sure what you guys are talking about. My video started right away with no blank black screen for 30 seconds.

  23. 3:45 This one is fake. The actual incident happened in Sandy, Utah. The tragic crash was shown on a San Antonio newspaper. The crossing is at an angle so that your car rolls off.

  24. You should explain the true stories about the thirteen ghosts, each ghost have their own horrible backgrounds and I love how you tell the stories. You’re awesome at it! ❤️

  25. i was half way through this vid when the light of my room "coincidentally" turned off on its own. Was trying to turn it on but it wouldnt. Now im hyperventilating 😂😂 sht

  26. Ghost kids are only creepy because as a race (the human race) [mostly] the thought of killing a child or a child dying is unthinkable and inhuman.
    *I added the "mostly" because though in our minds we don't want it to be true, serial killers and other human monsters are part of our species.

  27. The kids on the school bus thing…… I think there must be the same or similar legend in every state.
    (Kind of like the ghostly hitch hiker)

  28. Matthew Santoro, why aren't you working more in the movie business. I.E. like the Scary Stories type stuff. I think you have a huge passion for it.

  29. "ghosts" are apparitions caught between two lives; their previous earthly life and the life they are supposed to go to next. Sometimes they do not know they are dead so they do not move on. They linger here and become "ghosts". The so-called violent ones are just seeking attention because they do not want to be here but they need help to move on. Pray with them and help them move on and they will go away. I do this quite a bit.

  30. Ghosts of children are quite pitiful… They all met tragic short ends to their lives. Who knows how many children died either due to calamities, accidents or murders…

  31. I hope I can sleep tonight! I heard "Railroad Kids" on Art Bell. Apparently it is a very sad real story. Some young guys tested it and it really happened so they tried over and over, in end they could hear the young children's crying. The guy who called Art was laughing saying how funny it was, and obviously Art was furious and shouting at the guy.

  32. I found out about you when I was in 3-4 grade and I sort of fell out in 5th grade when i was no longer allowed on the internet and I just thought of you again out of nowhere !! I missed you !!

  33. Ghost tracks in San Antonio true story 🙃 on Halloween people line up to get their car pushed but they tore down the tracks a year ago everyone was pissed lol

  34. you head movement while you speak is very tv like , and the voice is truly tv like ….. what im saying is your a try hard….and stop saying your bold, we know and its getting old watching your vid's and you referring to it as a joke….its lame at point , but please stop trying to sound like .. eddie murphy …its sounds like him when his playing a womens part…. it just makes you sound like a complete tool , so stop doing it try hard

  35. Matt, I hate to say this, but Stephen Huff is a fraud. His "paranormal" investigations are hoaxes. His "spirit box" is a hoax.
    I asked Mr. Huff if he could contact my mom ( long story short, I had thought for a very, very long time that my mom died thinking that I never loved her ), because I wanted to know if she had actually thought that. Mr. Huff wrote saying that he was unable to do that since he gets many requests for him to contact their deceased loved ones. However, every single one of his videos, he's NEVER doing a spirit session on the behalf of one of his viewers, which led me to believe that he couldn't do it, because he didn't know anything about my mom, or anyone else's deceased loved ones.
    He had "contacted" Amy Winehouse, XXXTENTACION, and a few others. While conducting these sessions, nothing that they said made any sense. He even claimed that XXXTENTACION's family and fans requested that, but I found absolutely no proof of it.
    So, I hope that nobody actually believes that this Huff character can actually contact the deceased, because he can't.

  36. S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    Forgetting,…that happens now// haa,i bet they do/and make weird noise at you too// they dont really forget// I cant see an assault with him// // I think.he was pi k to br manipulated ,because he a lil more gentile

  37. #7 at 3:40 i remember this being on the Spanish news, I think Univion or Telemundo. They actually showed how they parked their bus there, put flour on the car and then it was slowly moved, on live television. Years ago but I never forgot that. I want to know the exact location now so I can go.

  38. You really do an amazing job, i love your Videos…and you are really a hottie 😉…keep on rocking..lots of love from Germany ❤

  39. Hi Mathew.
    I love your videos and I would like to make a suggestion. There is a subreddit called r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix which is a sub that talks about glitches that happened to people in real life. You will find many stories that may make it to one of your videos.

    Please consider it because I read most of them and will love to hear them by you.

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