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탈북장교가 본 ‘한국 군’ vs. ‘북한 군’ / YTN

탈북장교가 본 ‘한국 군’ vs. ‘북한 군’ / YTN

She served as an officer for 10 years in N. Korea
and was promoted to a first lieutenant. This is the story of Kim Jeong-ah,
who defected the North in 2006. Having always wished to experience
the S. Korean military, her wish recently came true. She visited the S. Korean military. We’ve invited Kim Jeong-ah
for Armed Forces Day. – Welcome.
– Hello. Thank you for coming. Long time no see. Yes, it’s been a long time. – So, you visited the S. Korean military?
– Yes. Today’s the Armed Forces Day. I’m also a reservist sergeant
of the ROK Army. Really? Why and when did you visit the military? I was there for 3 days,
from Sep. 25 to 27. When I was in N. Korea,
I joined in 1993 and was discharged in 1999, but I spent 3 years serving as
a security general at the unit, so you could say that
I was still a soldier. And I went to a military unit
for the first time in a long time. I felt touched and overwhelmed. It reminded of the hard times I had
when I served in the N. Korean military. How old were you when
you joined the military? – I was 18.
– 18. And 25 when I was discharged. And then you served as the general, right? Yes, and I left the military at 27, when
I got married, when I was a security general. You’ve served in
the military for around 10 years. Why did you want to visit the ROK military? I’ve learned many things about the ROK military
by reading news articles and being on TV. And I wondered how much better the ROK military really was compared
to the N. Korean military. I thought the soldiers had
amazing working conditions. First of all, they served for a shorter period. Also, there were many military-related
problems so I wanted to see it for myself. I’m also a soldier to my bones. So I wanted to experience
what it was like to serve in a military that had good institutions
and that respected my human rights. So if the ROK military asked you to work for
the military, would you say yes? I want to say yes, but I’m not in good health. What a sudden change in attitude. I’m also now in my 40s. I’m not sure if the ROK military
will accept someone as old as me. But if they really do ask,
I’ll have to give it some thought. There are many problems inside
the ROK military. Some have been exposed. We’re not trying to say that there’s
nothing wrong with our military. We have to fix places that needs to be fixed. But from an outsider’s point of view,
how would you evaluate it, overall? Of course, I don’t expect you
to know everything since you only stayed there for 3 days, but could you tell us about how you felt
experiencing the military, and about your overall evaluation of it? As per my overall evaluation, if I were asked
to serve in the army again, I’d serve forever. I’m not exaggerating. I served in the N. Korean military
when the situation was dire. Of course, if you asked the same
question to someone in S. Koreans, they would give you a different answer. But I was in a military unit
with poor working conditions. So I was overwhelmed with emotions
when experiencing the ROK military. This is what a good military looks like. If people served in a military like this, they would feel great
loyalty to the military, I thought. What the N. Korean military teaches
its soldiers is stealing. The first thing they teach is how to
hold a weapon and how to steal. Soldiers steal because they’re hungry
but they don’t have food. So before learning how to hold a gun,
they learn how to steal. They learn about weapons
afterwards. The priority is different. But in the ROK military,
what shocked me the most is that… I visited the 51st artillery unit. The White Horse Unit. I was thrilled to visit
the famous White Horse Unit. And at the recruit training center,
where I received my training, there were soldiers who had just
joined the army a week ago. They were total rookies. But they were still allowed to
train voluntarily. So for close-order drills,
assistant instructors demonstrated the movements and ordered
the soldiers to train voluntarily, and the soldiers moved according to the
assistant instructors’ command. The military introduced this method of training to enable soldiers to participate in
in the training voluntarily. Seeing this,
I was very touched. Why was I touched? In N. Korea, you can’t even imagine a situation
where the commander’s not there. They think that soldiers will not
do anything if they’re left on their own. But if someone orders you to train,
it makes you feel forced. But to allow voluntary training… If you look at this one way,
it’s respecting the human rights of each soldier. How did the training go? It went well. Unexpectedly well. A team leader and a class leader
are chosen among the trainees. When they said, let’s train in such and
such a way, the others listened to them. A close-order drill was scheduled
on the day of my visit. But it was scorching hot that day. I was worried about
the hot weather, because I had low blood
pressure and anemia. I thought of the dire condition
of the N. Korean military and was worried, but I realized after the drill that it didn’t feel hot and
I didn’t feel anemic. After I came to the South,
even if I wear summer clothes in July and August, I feel anemic
when I’m in the sun for 5 or 10 minutes. The first offer to experience
military life was in July or August. I think it was late July, but I said that
I would go to the military during the fall. So my military experience
was delayed. And on the day of the close-order drill, it was very sunny
and we trained from 10 to 12:30 for around 2.5 hours in the sun. And I realized after it was over
that I was okay. Later on I found out that the uniforms
were made of good materials. I didn’t know they were that good. I was definitely sweating,
but funny enough, I didn’t feel hot. I also had to wear a beret. I didn’t know why it felt cool. Cloth is thick. But the cloth was 2 times thinner
than that of N. Korean hats. If you wear a N. Korean hat, you
feel hot the minute you wear it because heat gets trapped. But the beret had ventilation holes. so my head stayed cool
even when I wore it. I was sweating only around here. I was amazed. What was more amazing was that they told me
to wash the military boots with water. I was so shocked.
I’ve never washed my boots with water. I saw soldiers
putting their boots in the water, but water didn’t soak into the boots.
It was amazing. N. Korean soldiers wear poor-quality
uniforms, clothes, and boots. Also, they don’t have anything
they can get changed into since uniforms are handed out
once every 2 years. But S. Korean soldiers had 2 military uniforms, a physical
training uniform, and a raincoat. I was surprised to
find raincoats because there were many times when
I had to stand in the rain. And I couldn’t dry my uniform
because I only had 1. I had to wear an undershirt or
borrow the uniforms of commanders. And if I had to
proceed with my next task, I had to wear my wet uniform
if it didn’t dry yet. A photo of it was shown just now,
but you wrote notes like a journal entry. We’ve selected some excerpts. You were shocked to see that
soldiers were washing their boots with water. Soldiers watching TV in barracks. Wearing track suits and
slippers inside dormitory. Soldiers with
weak mental strength. What I wanted to ask you is that,
compared to the N. Korean military, the ROK military has better equipment
and better conditions, but how is its strength? Strength may be linked to
the factors you’ve mentioned. What is your opinion on this? Regarding military strength,
I couldn’t feel any strength during my visit. It may be because the soldiers that I was with had joined
the army only 5 days previously. During the physical training period, we were asked to run 3 laps
around the barracks. The instructor asked those who
couldn’t run to step forward, but in my view, those who stepped forward
were perfectly capable of running. But they didn’t run.
I also didn’t want to run, you see. I didn’t really feel the need to
run laps to experience military life. How many soldiers stepped forward? A bit less than 10? One of them was wearing a cast on his leg. So I thought that everyone else
was capable of running. They could have given it a try. That’s what I mean. The least they could’ve done was to try, I didn’t approve of them. So I didn’t say anything. The instructors also didn’t stop me
from running, so I just ran. I ran 3 laps as I was told, and I was very exhausted afterwards. When I was trying my best
to finish my laps, the company commander came up to me
and said I didn’t have to strain myself. I told him that I was okay. I couldn’t give up in the middle,
so I ran all 3 laps. After running the laps,
I asked the trainees of my team: “Why do you think I ran until the end
even though I didn’t have to?” Then they answered:
“Because of comradeship.” I said to myself,
we only spent one day together. What do you mean by comradeship? You’re as old as their mothers. And then I told them that
that wasn’t comradeship. “I wanted to show you
the mentality of a N. Korean soldier.” When we were doing the
close-order drill, I told them how my lower body was
paralyzed twice during a military inspection. “Do you remember?” I asked.
Yes, they said. “I have low blood pressure and anemia
and I suffered from paralysis twice. It was difficult for me to run the
laps because of my health. But why did I run despite my health? It was to show you the mentality
of a N. Korean female soldier. I ran with a sense of purpose. It was so difficult to run,
and I could feel pressure on my knees. I really wanted to stop running. But why did I run?” I asked them to raise their hands
if they wanted to give up in the middle but couldn’t because a woman was still running, and some of them
really raised their hands. So I told them to remember that military life is not to make a perfect body. The most important thing as a soldier
is their mentality. That’s what I told them. I have another question. I’m not trying to criticize the ROK military, but
despite the good resources that we have, some people worry that our soldiers have
a weaker mentality than N. Korean soldiers. So if you compare their
overall defense and combat abilities, which military is better? The ROK military, of course. I can’t tell you all the details
due to security reasons but when I visited the artillery unit, I went to all different departments at different times. I talked with many of the soldiers, and was amazed by the high quality
of their equipment. Everything was cutting-edge. I felt jealous that they had
quick operating equipment. The artillery departments in N. Korea
start machines all the time. I was stationed at the 8.15 Training
Center’s mechanized armor infantry division. But armored infantry units rarely
started their machines. We were responsible for a pincer operation
so we worked with the 2nd battalion. We talked about this often. As officers, we were curious
about the armor. We couldn’t see them often
even though we were officers. We asked how it works and when it was last turned on. They couldn’t because
they had no gas. The problem of resources and management. ROK soldiers have nothing to worry about
in terms of fuel. All they need is a stronger mentality. And this isn’t the problem
of all ROK soldiers. Most trained soldiers are confident. But trainees still need a stronger mentality. They need more training. How was the food there?
You must’ve had severals meals there. The food was very good. I even asked for a second dish. What was shocking was that
they handed out milk, canned foods, and even
something called deluxe rice. I would be happy to serve
in the army with such a meal. There are many people who are worried about what’s happening in the military
due to recent news reports, but I think the incidents only account for
1% of all military life and for the most part, there’s nothing to worry about. You look very good in a military uniform, and looking at this photo,
it makes me think that you’d have been an excellent soldier
if you decided to serve in the ROK military. Of course, it will be difficult for you to join
because of your low blood pressure and age. Since you visited the army recently,
could I ask you to make a military salute – as an expression of loyalty to the country?
– Sure. White Horse! White Horse,
because you visited the White Horse Unit. We’ve talked about military life today. Today’s also the Armed Forces Day. Through the news, we sometimes criticize, sometimes appreciate, and even worry
about our military. But all of this is based on our affection and appreciation
for our military that protects us. I would like to ask our military to safeguard
S. Korea and extend our appreciation. Thank you for coming, Ms. Kim. Thank you.

Reader Comments

  1. 김진태의원님 통일부장관에게 아주큰소리로 호통잘첬습니다 국민한사람으로서 속 시원합니다 계속해서 분투해 주세요 김진태의원님 존경합니다

  2. 2000년대 이전에 군입대했던 한국사람도 지금의 군대 편해졌다고 생각되는데 열악한 북한의 군대에서 몇십년은 군생활을 해온 사람은 오죽할까

  3. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 육군이 샤워하고, 똥 싸고 있을때 전쟁나도 북한따위 갈아서 빨아 마신다.

  4. 한국의 인권은 형식에 불과 함에도 좋게만 느끼네 세계최악의 인권국에 살던사람의 표준은 많이 다르구나 …솔직히 한국은 오직 힘으로만 정해진 서열의 짐승사회 이고 실제상의 인권은 존재 하지도 않는다 .

  5. 탈북했으면 남한말투로 애기하세요 ㅡㅡ 공적인 자리인데 연습이나 하던가 듣기 거북하네요

  6. 솔직히 말해서 저 북한 여군 말을 들으니 우리 어릴 때 대한민국 국민들의 일반적인 생각을 듣는 듯하다. 그래서 요즘 젊은 애들 너무 나약하다고 생각하지.

  7. 군인들 숙소 문제부터 해결좀 하라고. 숙소에서는 자율성을 줘야지 숙소도 군대같이 하면 사람이 미치지.

  8. 우리 대한민국 다수의 젊은이들은 지금누리고있는 이 풍요를 당연한것으로 알고있다. 이루어진 과정도 모르고 알려고도 안하며 감사도 모른다. 또 언제까지나 계속되리라고 생각한다.

  9. 군인이탈북했으면 조용히살지 방송에나와서 (북한군이도적질부터배운다) 부끄럽지도않나 북한군출신이

  10. 내하고 한번해볼까요ㆍ방독면쓰고 군장메고 뛰어봤어요ㆍ
    얼굴에 땀. 방독면 쓰고 구보

    질식상태로뜐다는걸 알아야

    미군들은 무기가좋지만 공군력이우수 하지 함대전쟁ㆍ

  11. 북한폐습독재정권 군부해체시키고 우리민족 자유대한민국 안보튼하게지켜야만할것이다

  12. 제가 어렸을때만 하더라도, 남과 북이 전쟁나면 누가 이기나가 또래의 화두였어요.
    학교 선생님들도 누가누가 이기네 하며 반공교육에 열을 올리던 꼴통 보수정권의 국가 분위기였지요.
    허나, 현재의 남북 전쟁론은 북의 일반인 피해 최소화, 남한 경제의 피해 최소화가 화두지…
    남이 이기네 북이 이기네 하는 논쟁 자체가 의미 없지요.
    현대의 전쟁은 육군력보다 해군력과 항공력을 바탕으로 레이더 및 미사일 기술을 앞세운 전투력이 승자입니다.

  13. 89~91년 군생활중 북한군 1명이 철책을 넘는 사건이 생겨 사단사령부로 데려온적이 있는데
    160cm될까하는키에 너무말랐고
    우리 군인들을보고 너무 놀라고 무서웠다고함..

  14. 전면전으로 전쟁하면.. 정말 북은 3일이후엔.. 힘도 못쓸것입니다. 그러나 북은 그런전쟁안할것입니다. 나같은.. 아마추어도… 그런생각하는데…

  15. 참,  질문수준도.. 북한군과 남한군 어디가 더 우월하다고 보냐고 하는 유치한 질문을 하냐? 내  참.!!

  16. 문재인 정권 무너지는 날이 재인 재사날이 아닌가 싶다 사사건건 하는 짓거리가 귀가 잖다 소도안고 유치원생도 알고 있는데 망쬬가 들어도 집안 구서구석 다 전염병 처럼 번졌다

  17. 대한민국 국군을 탈북자가 감히 평가한다는자체가 어불성설입니다!
    대한민국 국군은,
    조국수호의 의기로 뭉쳐있습니다!
    북괴던 왜적이나 중공 러시아등….
    그 어떤 침략도 단호히 분쇄해내고
    국민의 생명과 재산을 잘 지켜낼것입니다!
    북괴군 출신따위가 감히 대한민국 국군을 평가하는것에 대다수 국민들은 동의하지 않을것입니다!
    YTN 정신 차리시기 바랍니다!

  18. 요즘은 포, 전차, 장갑차 전부 좋은거고, 소총또한 가볍고 좋아졌어요.
    급여도 많이올랐고요. 복무기간도 짧고요. 군복 군모도 많이 계량 됐지요.
    저는 민무뉘 전투복 마지막 세대입니다.

  19. 원래 약한놈이 쎈척하고 순한 개가 짖지. 외부 손님이고 훈련소라 예의상 점잖은 모습 보였겠지. 정신력 운운하는데, 실전 상황에서 옆 전우 전사하는거 보면 그때부턴 인간아닌 상태로 다 똑같게 되지.
    전쟁의 승패는 무기체계와 보급이 중요할듯. 보급의 중요성은 삼겹살에 소주 함 먹여봐 일반보병도 특전사급 빠이팅 상태된다.

  20. 맞습니다 박정희대통령이
    우리나라에서 제일잘한대통령
    입니다 이런관점에서 박근혜
    대통을 좀관대해 주시어석방

  21. 국민은 러시아푸틴정부 초청장 전달 & 차이나 시진핑정부 초청장발부을 먼저하는. 국가에 우선적 계약체결토록 합니다ㆍokay

    ㅡㆍ국민은 선초청 긐가와 서면계약서을. SIGN. 40 체결합니다 .okay . 오삐는 신세경님이 모든 계약서 체걸에 동반자로서 동행토록 합니다ㆍokay 본계약성사후 세기적 결혼 10조원투입 ㅡ문화공연결혼식을 거행할 것이다ㆍokay. 결혼식은 중국ㅡ주례사는 시진핑주석님이 주도합니다ㆍokay

  22. 김정아 대한민국 국군을 바로보라 정신력은 북한 괴뢰군이 나약하지 국방력도 후진국 수준의 북한군이다 알간?

  23. 여자 나이는 10년 감추고 늘어지게 할수있다. 얼굴인식기은 과학이다. 마음을 속일수 있어도 지문 얼굴 형태는 수술을 하기전에는 속일수 없다. 육군에 귀순한 대위 웅평미보다
    늦게온놈 전방 시찰하고 북으로 넘어간놈 이게 북괴의 가짜 귀순자다 .한부로 판단하지말고 경ㄱㅖ을 해야
    자유 대한을지키는거다. 인권에 마음베풀면 당한다.

  24. 19살 북여군이 영웅될라고 금강산 놀려간 아줌마 총으로 쏴서 영웅대접 받았다던데 정부는 머하는 놈들인지

  25. 김정아씨 한국군경험진심으로감사합니다 한국젊은이에게좋은 귀감이돼었을겁니다 감사합니다

  26. 너가 간첩이냐 사회자님 탈북여군이 존말만하지 나쁜말 하겠어요 북과 남은 100분의 1 환경차이다
    묻지도말고 전부가 가식적이다

  27. 병영캠프 다녀오고 그런말하지마라 하신분도 계시고 어찌보면 우리 입장만 생각해서 말들 하시는데 저분께선 열악한 완전 악조건에서 생활하시다가 전혀 다른환경에서 일단 옷보급 생활용품 보급 식사라도 제때제때 그것도 밥 국은 본인배식 음식 메뉴라던지 국,반찬에 고기 자체가 들어있고 케찹조차 식사메뉴에 들어간다는게 저분에겐 상상할수조차 없던 이상적인 군대에요
    우리 국군도 현역땐 짬밥 맛없다없다하다가 사회나와서 맛있는거 마음대로 먹을수있고 있다는거 자체가 좋고 행복하듯이 저분도 그렇게 느끼는겁니다
    사람이 처음부터 느끼다가 다른 좋은환경 가니까 느끼는거고 우리가 너무나 당연하듯이 이 정돈 누려야되고 받아야될 혜택이라고 생각하기에 배가불러서 이런소리 하는건 아닌가 싶네요
    육.해.공.해병대 다녀오신분들 이라면 훈련소에서 조교,간부들이 항상 감사히 잘 먹겠다고 묵념시키고 오감사라고 하루 감사한 일 쓰라하고 사소한거라도 하루하루 감사히 살으라고 배우셨던 기억들 있을거라 생각합니다

  28. 탈북민들이 주체가 되어 북한을 통일 시켜야 한다.대한민국에는 북한을 제대로 모르는 얼빠진 혁명주의에 빠진 한심한 좌파 일색.위선자들만이 있다.

  29. 인제 탈북자 방송하지맙시다 게네들은 중국을 믿고사는 족속들인데 북인민군 중국중공군들이 남한 군인 민간인 죽인것은 있었냐

  30. 문재인과도라씨해밨오?똥돼지하구많이했는데.탈국자한사람.한사람씩한테평균10번씩이라도받아내야되지않소?나는조선족이기때문에께임이안되구나.나는매일닭발하구뽀뽀두하구.도라씨두하구.

  31. 신병자율훈련이라는 게 훈련의 목적을 달성하는 데 효과가 있을까? 아무리 그래도 군대인데, 갈구지는 않더라도 군인으로서의 자세를 갖추기 위해서 명령 복종 훈련이 무엇보다 중요한 곳 아닌가?

  32. 여러 예외도 있지만
    탈북자들 지가 북한에서
    얼마나 잘나갔는지 떠드는거 보면
    지금 이것도 출연에 환장한 미친년.
    남은 가족들 다 뒤지라구?

  33. 진짜 이분은 존경할만하다 90년대 국군대 개차반인데 고난의 행군기 시절 북한군이었다니

  34. 소총같고만 싸운다면   우리 군인은  거진 전멸… 왜냐면  너무 무서워서  혼이 나간 상태에선  고개를 못들어 재대로 싸울수가 없을뜻 … 그러나 북한군은  너무 고생해서  죽음이 두렵지 않키에  정신력이 강해서  무서움이  그다지 많치 않아서   잘 싸울뜻…

  35. 100년간 같은시간 다른장소

    1조..년간 같은시간 다른장소



  36. 천국군대 vs 지옥군대

    죽는것은 정하신것이요 그후에는 심판이있다 히9 그리고 ᆢ

  37. 20대 신병 훈련의지가 약한게 아니라 적성에 안맞는거지 징병제에서 많은걸 바라는게 이상함.

  38. 이분의 생각은 이분이 탈북민이시고 군대에서 장기복무도 하셨고 엄마뻘 되시면서 건장한 아들같은 어린 친구들이 군대에 왔으면 군인다운 모습을 보여줬으면 좋았겠다는 아쉬움 같네요 잘봤습니다

  39. 요약해드릴게요.
    1. 이렇게 좋은 자유국가에서 자꾸 군대 문제가 불거지는 이유가 궁금해서 체험을 시작했다.

    2. 북한과 달리 남한은 지휘관 없이도 병사들끼리 자율스럽게 제식하면서 훈련하더라.

    3. 군화를 물로 씻는게 문화충격이었다. 군대에 비옷이 있는 것도 상상 못했다. 운동복 차림으로 생활관 활보. 남한군인들 의지는 좀 나약해보이더라.

  40. 남자는 의무 최소 2년 2개월, 여자는 자원 최소 1년 2개월 복무가 제일 적당하고 안되면 모든 여자는 의무 최소 1년 2개월은 안보교육을 받아야 훗날 위기에 빠지지 않을겁니다

  41. 맞습니다 ~정신력이  첨단 무기보다 더 중요하고, 승패를 가름할 수 있는 최대 요인이지요.

  42. 염병하지말고 거짓말하지말고 간첩행위 한것같은 분명 북괴가 보낸사람임에 틀림없다 이나라 공무 인간들부터 빨리 쓰레기청소가 중요하다

  43. 북괴는 육군.공군.해군 사관학교가 있는가?
    신병교육대가서 우리군을 평가하는건 오지랖이네~

  44. 미친년아 니 조국을 배신하고 너혼자 잘살겟다고 튀쳐나온년 다시북으로 보내야한다 세금 한푼도 이런년들에게 쓰이는게 아깝다 탈북자들 배신자들 또 배신할것이다

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