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저격 vs 저격 vs 저격 [남과북14]

저격 vs 저격 vs 저격 [남과북14]

view secure, sniper target Check. An instant wind, stand by The seniors and juniors helped me out. as a model again he’s famous camouflage factor
(I went to Hangzhou.) going to North Korea for the purpose
of dispatching overseas?
(Thanks to the help of a lot of people) Comrade Seo Sung Yoon Go home and stay healthy.
(I think so to going that…really) no instant wind, shoot! gunshot..? Isn’t that a shotgun? yeah, I want to go fast..well.. Comrade Sung Yun! There’s another one sniper? three o’clock direction,a building roof a shoot around here? No way. How much is the kilos from here to Kimpo Airport? Four hundred meters away, can see what the heck is that guy? (PBC is reported in the field alone) (was gunshot at the departure
point at Gimpo Airport a little bit ago.) (Actor Seo Sung-yoon died in the process.) there you are He didn’t see us. Objective the roof at 12 o’clock.Execute immediately. (PBC reports live from the field) what the hell is that! We’re exposed! He’s attacking us.Get down! Comrade Lin Min-wook, keep an eye on him. Ugh! I got it…Kim Kwang Je Without a Scope…? what the hell is that guy? a companion Kuk please do me a favor. Go to the Jukyumi house near your house right now. There’s a double agent there.Don’t let
me run away until I’m gone. have no time to explainYou can put down
easily because of an injury. I’ll be right there. Seong-yoon seo is dead. Begin phase two. If you’re going to kill me, kill me quickly. We’ve created a massive hacker unit in preparation
for this information age. i’m your man..i’m your man..dear..

Reader Comments

  1. Secret video –
    10km를 저격한 그. 400m는 노스코프 껌딱지였다★

  2. 전쟁에서 승리한 경기에서 선발 출전해 평균 트윗 주기 위해 열심히 일 해라 오늘 신규응결제 설비 입고로 인원 정리 하겠습니다

  3. 근데 김광제도 김민수랑 같이 영화 배포한 놈이잖아 제도 무표정이고 정체를 알수없는캐릭인데

  4. 조준경 없이 단거리 저격 가능
    조준경 있게 10km 최장거리 저격 가능
    = 저격 괴물

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