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  1. I tried not to cry, but when I saw them and especially in the RM section, the army and other members … filled that part … they sang together, thank you 😭💜

  2. 내가 방탄이라는 존재를 모를때도 저친구들은 저렇게 멋졌어!!세상에~~뼈부서지겠따!!무대보고 감명받아서 새벽에 댓글쓰게 하는 내가수!!멋져!!!

  3. That's why they're faking their smiles 😔 you can see it in their face. Maybe RM feel so bad about his bangtan boys. 😥

  4. BTS hrs nya tampil di akhir acara ini tpi namjoon cedera, jadinya penampilan mereka dibatalin sm pembuat acara nya TANPA MEMBERI TAHU BTS. jadi nya yg tampil itu Psy. jadi mereka undang BTS ke acara ini tpi engga membiarkan mereka untuk tampil satupun. ya army marah, jadi mereka membiarkan BTS tampil OFF-AIR. alias TIDAK LIVE, tidak direkam. mereka tampil dgn lampu mati, confetti bertebaran di panggung bekas artis lain tampil. BTS udh jelas diperlakukan kayak sampah. dan mereka rela tampil kaya gini demi ARMY. DAN INI TAHUN 2016.
    (dan lu bisa liat ini mereka tampil pake baju biasa)

  5. Its quite amazing to see the ARMY always in rhythm n beat during fanchat Love u Army coz its BtS +ARmy that makes them unbeatable 💜💜💜

  6. Is it just me or they are so f*ckn hyped in this performance? Or was it just me because i was so enraged when they were cut out? 🤔

  7. I love them in casual clothes. It's like their not putting on a show for us, though I never feel like that. Great performance.

  8. This was the first time I watch BTS without one member omg 😪😭😭 It wouldnt be Bangtan if its not seven members huhuh I feel incomplete😥

  9. The fact that they didn't even clean the stage for BTS while there was confetti all over the stage is just fucking bullshit. They could've got hurt and that was really carless and selfish of them. The boys still killed it and didn't give a shit so i am proud of them.

  10. Bukanya ini yang bts tidak di panggil buat perform sampai acara selesai. Tapi ahirnya bts perform buat army yang sudah datang ke acara tersebut. Waaahhh terharu

  11. jimin is really in good mood to make it harder.. how amazing performance, but its like bad memory i thought before.. u know guys *bts its about our really great memory for us for army now.. how big u are, all i can see in here

  12. I just realized how ironic it is since one of the lyrics is "i reject rejection", they got cut from performances, and they still performed anyways. Proving them wrong one performance at a time.

    Edit: They still look fuckin boss af even with casual clothes

  13. SBS ngk adil, klo misalkan mereka batal tampil knpa ngk diberitahu? apa salahnya coba bilang baik2, apa mereka sbs ngangap bangtan sampah, heloow…..??? yang kalian sbs ngangp sampah sekarg suadh terbang tinggi diangkasa , sekarang giliran mereka sbs, senior, media korea pansos soal Bangtan…, ingat mereka itu manusia, sehumbel2nya mereka, mereka (bangtan) tetap ingat gimana di injak2,ngk dianggap dll, hargai manusia satu dengan manusia lain =='', sekarang katanya sbs mau nayangin bts dari sejak debut smpe sekarng yang performence paling bagus????? helooow…??? telat lu pada ==", sekalian aja video ini di tampilin =='''',kan katanya ini video paling bagus, nah ini paling bagus, bagus ngecut mereka tapi ngk bilang2 =='', ige mbuya ige… ==''

  14. Did RM get injured when they were already there so they went to perform but ended up getting cancelled or did he get injured before they went and they found out they weren’t performing when they got there or they knew they weren’t going to but ARMY didn’t?

  15. ナムさんがいないのは何故ですか??
    最近 armyになったばかりで分からなくて、、😞

  16. 모로코와 해외에서 밴드 BTS에 한 달을주고 전폭적으로 지원하기 위해 내 채널을 지원하기를 희망합니다.

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