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모바일 배틀그라운드 재미있는 순간들 #86

모바일 배틀그라운드 재미있는 순간들 #86

PUBG MOBILE Playing. LOL (This is a previously recorded video.) Ah.. LOLOL? Please.. (Comfortable) Ah.. Ah.. Hacker.. I think I saw something. Hacker? Uh Uh hahaha Uh hahaha haha One more time? LOLOLOLOLOL Do not use hack. Please!

Reader Comments

  1. Кто русский лайк!! Кст как он играет в заражении его же убрали

  2. Don't say them Hacker coz a hacker have good knowledge some of them mis use of their knowledge.On pubg they are cheater

  3. هلو بوبجي هلو حبيبتي عليكم السلام عليكم ابو محمد عبد الله رح على فيس علاوي اكلك راح فيسبوك صوت فروا بس اني مادمو

  4. On behalf of Vietnamese players, I'm so sorry that player named TLTThu is using cheats to ruin the game and I feel ashamed because of that act. I wish that player would be banned for 10 years and other hackers either. Truly sorry for players who got ruined their games by those cheaters.

  5. 헬로님 간식줘님 아시나요?
    저 그사람 만났어요
    그레서 헬로님아시냐고 물어봤는데 아신데요!

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