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【Resident Evil: Revelations 2】No Escape/No Damage/All Medals – Episode 3

【Resident Evil: Revelations 2】No Escape/No Damage/All Medals – Episode 3

-Hawk Room Graffiti-

You should just accept your death–quietly.
Like a grown up. -Factory Chief’s Journal-

(Written in Russian)

I did everything I could, but it looks like I’m gonna disappoint my parents after all. I can’t save the family factory.

There are no orders coming in. Nothing I can do about that. It’s gotta be her fault! No doubt about it!

She’s been persistent in her efforts to drive us out of here. Looks like she’s gonna get her way. She’s knows there’s no way for us to fight back. Just who does she think she is, anyway? Acting like some kind of all-powerful dictator!

But the way things are now, it would be impossible to openly oppose her while living here on this island.

I don’t really have a choice. I have to do what she wants. At least she promises I can stay on as the chief… -Light Room Graffiti-

Lost in the dark?
Shed some light on your situation. -Factory Chief’s Journal 2-

(Written in Russian)

My factory is ruined! Ruined! And it’s all thanks to her!

What the hell is the meaning of all those traps she set? She says security. I’ve never seen security like that. What the hell is secure about any of this?

She’s got some twisted ideas in her head. It must be her parents’ fault.
Who knows what kind of horrible abuse they subjected her to. I gotta watch my temper. I went too far, started yelling at her.

She showed me, though. She reneged on her promise and now she’s running the show.

I don’t want to piss her off anymore so I keep my mouth shut. I know my place, and that place is staying alive.

After all, all I have left is my life. -The Four Gates-

To move forward with no knowledge is to risk your life.

Choose with the proper knowledge.

However, the answer may not lie before you. -A Eulogy for my Brethren-

We followed Master Alex to this island of Zabytij, which she has code-named “No. 46.” Our efforts have brought prosperity to the island, but more than that, we have come to help the Master achieve her goal of rebirth.

You have performed splendidly in your tasks. Even in your final task, to provide the Master with valuable data at the cost of your own lives.

We are bonded in our servitude to the Master. I consider you my colleagues, and my friends. I will help the Master to finish the work which we have all started.I promise that your sacrifices will not be in vain.

May you rest in peace. -Release Our Sworn Comrades-

If you wish to know the truth, swear your allegiance in order.
Only then can you cast away your shackles of sin!

To the first, you were always foolish, so you will have no grave.

To the second, you shall bear your visage upon your back.

To the third, you shall neighbor the fourth by three, but one row behind.

To the fourth, you shall lose your head. -Instructions for Stuart-


The samples have arrived from Africa. The infection rate is extraordinarily high–it has a lot of potential. I should have expected nothing less from a fellow Wesker.

Get this to the research chief and have the staff start working on it immediately. It’s only a matter of time before T-Phobos is completed. I have everything I need for the final stage of my plan. -Stuart’s Valediction-

Master Alex,

It has truly been an honor and a blessing to have served under you these past few decades. I consider myself lucky to have been witness to your scientific genius and your vision of the future. The world does need order, and I believe it is you, and only you, who is capable of accomplishing this feat. I, as well as the other researchers, are all bonded together in this belief.

To ensure your survival, we have worked tirelessly to complete the transfer procedure. The vessel we have selected is without fault. I have every confidence that the procedure will go flawlessly. To come this far, we’ve had to make countless sacrifices. My faith in your vision is resolute, so I prepared myself to shoulder the mental and emotional burdens of the sins that I would be committing. But I do believe that before your plan can succeed, we must first atone for our sins.

So I have taken the necessary steps for atonement. The remaining researchers have all been dealt with. And I, too, shall soon follow. This will also help you to perform the procedure without any distractions.

On behalf of those who have served faithfully by your side, we are grateful for the opportunity to help you accomplish your ambitions.

Eternally your loyal servant,
Stuart -A Letter to My Compatriots-

My fellow visionaries,

The time has finally come. Everything has gone as I said it would. All that remains is for her to hold up her end of the bargain. And then I can finish what we started seven years ago. Just one little sample is all I need to change the world.

But the world is already changing. And not in a good way. The latest incident in Africa is just proof. This kind of madness will keep repeating itself until nothing is left but tragedy and despair.

The world needs someone to take charge and lead it through these dark times. Lansdale was right, of course. What he tried to do in Terragrigia…people call him a villain. But he’s a hero. He was trying to save us.

I understood that, as do you. I’m will do whatever it takes to realize his vision. He was the only one to see that sacrifices were needed and that something good can be built on them, even if it means dealing with the devil herself to do it. -Neil’s Candidate List-


I’ve put together the list of Terra Save members who are most suited for this round of trials. They all have had experience dealing with bioterror an viruses. Their psych evals came out with flying colors. They face some unspeakable horrors and came out in one piece, indicating a strong resistance to emotional trauma.

No. 06 hasn’t been directly involved in any bioterror incidents, but her test results were promising so I included her as well.

All things considered I think this is a pretty strong list of candidates. I’m sure you’d agree. It’s all in your hands now. I’ll be out there as backup in case you need anything. 01. Fisher, Neil
02. Redfield, Claire
03. Chavez, Gabriel
04. Foley, Gina
05. (Crossed out)
06. Burton, Moira
07. Fernandez, Pedro
08. (Crossed out)
09. Korda, Natalia
10. (Crossed out)
11. Thompson, Edward -The Old Man’s Journal-


I need practice my English, so I write in this journal on every day. Every day I write but have no words. Now I have good reason.
Today I welcome first child to the world. Her mother give her the name Irina. It was my grandmother’s name. I object, but I cannot win against stubborn woman.

She has eyes and nose of her father. But mouth of her mother. We will raise her to be healthy, strong girl.

This year island is have good spirits again. Mining business goes well. My life is pretty good for me now. I want to give Irina same feeling when she is older. It’s my responsibility now, as parent. 19-07-1994

Irina already six years old. How flies time.
She loves to imitate her mother. Her mother hates it. Probably because imitation is perfect. Little kroshka is very smart. She likes math. Her mother liked math too.

Irina’s smile helps to take mind off worries. The mines have become dangerous, and now they make no money. Island condition is worster and worster.

I might have lose job too. But this is no time for a worry. This island is our home. I want to give it to little kroshka in good condition. It’s my responsibility now, as parent. 19-07-2000

Irina now 12 years old. Already rebellious. More like mother everyday. I don’t understand women. Now I am embarrass to her. Until she needs money or a request.

Speaking of women and money, a woman comes to our island. She promises to bring back industry. I have job now, to help build new facility in the mine. I thought mine was finish, but she has a use for it.

She is loved by all. They call her savior, our benefactor. My mother always said never trust people with money. The poor worker is more reliable than rich capitalist. Is good advice. But the rich woman is helping us. 19-07-2008

It is Irina’s 20 years birthday. I should be celebrating. But I’m worried. Next week she will go work in mines. I was against it, but kroshka will not listen to me. Has not listened for years. Why start now?

Irina is stubborn. Just like her father, she used to always say. I guess she was right. Has it already been a year since you left us, my darling…

I don’t trust the people in the facility. There’s something wrong about them. But everyone else thinks me stubborn, old man. Maybe now Irina too. But I know I’m right. I just hope Irina will realize this too soon. 19-07-2009

I have not seen Irina in almost one year.

Something bad is happening to our home. People become sick. More things I cannot explain. I know is all because of that woman. She smells of evil.

This was to become Irina’s home. But too late now. I leave this town. Everything. But island is my home. I will not leave. No place to go. So I go to sewers. Things will get worse, I know it.

Irina…be safe. I will find you. I promise, kroshka. You are all your father have left. -Generator Guide-

・ All equipment in the facility, such as the lift and electric doors, is powered by placing the generator in its proper location.

・ If the generator goes missing or fails, there is a backup in the storehouse in back.

・ Using the conveyor belts to move it is recommended. -Irina’s Last Words-

(Written in Russian)

The bodies continue to pile up here. There’s so many. My God, what have we done?

That woman…that Alex…she didn’t come here to save us. She came here to destroy us. My father was right all along. All she wants to do is make monsters. And people die. We have been helping her do it, all this time. How could we have been so stupid?

She injected us all with something. I don’t know what it is. But they start to itch. Then their bodies…they just start to fall apart. Once the blindness sets in, that’s the final stage.

It’s just a matter of time…for me too…

Oh, Papa…I wish you were here. I wish I could see you again. this island is done for. there’s nothing left but death.

i don’t know how much time i have left can’t be long

legs already feelfunny itching started nofocus painpainpain in my joints
papapapapapappppp -Note on Corpse Disposal-

8 Feb. 2010

We had a lot of bodies to take care of today. More than usual. These T-Phobos trials sure can burn through the available subjects.

We used up 30 bodies in just 3 days. The only thing to do is keep bagging and dumping them in the pit.

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  1. Does going to the table and upgrading your gun also would count the time or will the game pause when putting the gun parts in?

  2. 6:10 Moira tries to fire at the token and remembers flashlights don’t shoot.

    But seriously I learn so much from watching these! I didn’t know you could stealth attack the Dhurlga either, never even tried shooting the fire extinguishers, and didn’t realise there was a military box on the platform above the blade trap room in the abattoir. Though couldn’t you avoid the Vulcanblubber fight by running back out to the courtyard, or would that make the escape harder since he’s still there?

  3. How to command partner? I never knew we could do that. I'm trying this on no escape and it's a BIIIIIIITCH! 😑

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