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Hey, what’s up YouTube! Hi, I’m Soshi-Muzic. The other day, there was a Nerd-Unit popup at Laforet Harajuku, and BB attended the popup in Tokyo. I couldn’t attend the popup, but, BB sent a video and it seemed like it was very popular. I’d like to thank the people that went to the popup. I sound like I’m part of NerdUnit, but I’m not! So today, I’d like to show what BB bought me for a souvenir. The souvenir is this one right here. So, BB bought this MA-1 for me. So, on the left chest area, there is a NerdUnit logo and on the left arm area, tags are attached. I’ve always wanted a MA-1 jacket but I didn’t have the chance to buy one. So, I am happy to get it. Without any more talking, I’ll wear this. So, it looks like this. I bought a size large. There is nothing on the back, but the inner colour of the MA-1 is orange Left side looks like this. There is a zipper like so. And there are no compartments on the right arm. If you want to buy the MA-1 jacket, this is the size chart for it. Size large looks like this I’ve really wanted a MA-1, so this was perfect. How did you like it? While shooting the scenes in Osaka, something funny happened. and it’s this one right here. I was using a tripod to shoot this scene and a drunk person passed by and casually raised a peace sign I always double-check the video I took, and this was pretty funny to me. I’ve added a link to the Nerd Unit site in the descriptions below. So, please check it out! It seems like Nerd Unit is going to hold several events in the near future So please check the brand So, today I’ve shown the MA-1 that BB bought for me If you like the video, please like the video! If you haven’t subscribed already, Please click the subscribe button that appears on the bottom right hand side after the video, Or subscribe through pressing the subscribe button in the description I also have Twitter and Instagram account, so please follow these accounts as well. If anyone has any jackets, or outer clothes that you are aiming for, Or just interested, Please comment down below! I’m just curious about what people are aiming for. Ok, that’s it for today! See you later! Bye Bye!

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  1. 作りがどうしてもチープに見えてしまう、ベルシュカのMA-1の方が安いのに高価に見える、なんかDISってすいません

  2. Tシャツを購入したらサイズ表と大きさが違くて残念でした。品質も対応も良くなかったです。bbさんがモデルをしていたりして、かっこいいと思っていただけに残念です。

  3. アルファのスカジャン刺繍のma1カーキかっこいいんで是非購入してレビューをお願いします。めちゃ似合うと思います。

  4. ちょっと大きいね。

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