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‡: Are US Military Bases and Embassies American Soil?

‡: Are US Military Bases and Embassies American Soil?

Military bases and embassies, contrary to popular opinion, don’t count as American soil; though, they’re close. The country hosting the base agrees that her laws don’t apply within the base, but the base is still on her land. That she owns. Because it’s hers. In her country. This is called extraterritoriality,
and it isn’t unique to the United States,
but it’s notable with her because of its frequency, and in one case,
(Guantanamo Bay, Cuba), contention. The short version of this story is: Cuba used to be a U.S. territory, (taken after the Spanish-American War
with Puerto Rico, and Guam, and Spain’s pride). Cuba eventually went her own way,
but the U.S. naval base, in Guantanamo Bay, stayed where it was and the U.S. payed to rent the land. But then, revolución, and
disagreement between Cuba and the U.S. over the rent, leading to the current awkward situation: where the U.S. says to Cuba,
“Thank you for renting us this land!” and Cuba says,
“We didn’t rent you that land.” and the U.S. says,
“Here’s our rent payment!” and Cuba says,
“We don’t accept that. Please leave?” and the U.S. says,
“Thank you for renting us this land!”

Reader Comments

  1. This is false. If you are born on a u.s base, territory, embassy you are born as an American not the host country you're in

  2. My Dad worked at that base and he said there was constantly Cuban military riding in boats outside the territory looking at them

  3. Bases on foreign soil operate as porperty of the nation who owns/rents/leases the land for the base. A US base on UK soil is considered US land, regardless of the fact it is in the UK. Foreign Embassies also act as foreign soil within the borders of the embassy. This video is wrong.

  4. America: hay here's some money because your long dead ruler rented us this. Ok
    Cuba: what we had a revolution
    America: here's your rent and we're not leaving

  5. They aren't part of the US because people from that country can sneak on there, give birth and technically have kids that have full citizenship.

  6. So why can people born on American military bases run for President? They’re not born on American land-thus cannot run for President…says this video

  7. Things are going to be that awkward with every country. Except with North Korea because Kim is such a great guy. says Trump.

  8. What does the fact that the soil still belongs to the surrounding State actually mean? Is it like a vestigial legal clause, or does it give the State some actual power over the base? Like, if a state wanted to evict all personnel and raze the buildings to the ground they can do it because the land is theirs (international diplomatic crysis aside)?

  9. And that's how you get shit done when someone doesn't want you there you ignore their request. It only works if you carry a vary large stick tho.
    and of course if you have balls of steel.

  10. Hahahahaha lol I've never heard it so simply put. Thanks a lot for creating these videos , I've been binge watching them , totally love educational video of this kind . Keep it up ! , If there is any more we can do to support you`all please let me know .

  11. Well look at it from America's point of view. They received the land from Spain and instead of turning it into a colony they gave the islanders their freedom. During the aftermath the Cuban government gave the USA permission to rent out part of its land for a navel base. The US poured massive amounts of money into establishing the base and building its infrastructure. Then one day the islands government is overthrown by a communist anti democratic regime. That regime starts being openly hostile to the US and funding communist insurrections in countries all around the US. It then tells the Americans to abandon their billion dollar base that they already invested in from before. This isn't even a legitimate government in the US's eyes so their eyes they have every right to tell them to fuck off.

  12. So, does this mean that on US military bases, the people living/stationed there are subject to US law, and if they get in trouble they will face trial in a US courtroom, but the country that the base is in can tax the people in the base?

  13. Little more context. Basically, at the end of the Spanish American war, the US issues what was called the Platt amendment which did a number of things that violated Cuba's sovereignty but for this story, it called US troops to be removed from Cuba and in exchange, they would give Guantanamo Bay on lease. After Castro came into power he said that the treaty was in violation of article 52 of the Vienna Convention which leaves the treaty under international law void (which it is but the convention also states that its terms will not be applied retroactively so it can't be repealed by it). Long story short if Cuba chose to kick out the Americans it would be within their rights, but because they themselves are voiding the treaty then it would be within America's rights to restation troops in Cuba as a whole.

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  15. government is a fiction everybody should govern themselves and effectively does the government has a little influence but of course kill the policemen with a shotgun if they come near your property amen

  16. Question: supposing cuba refuses to take america's payment for a long period of time

    Can America eventually claim ownership of guantanimo via (America's) law of adverse possession?

  17. It is said that until he left office that Fidel Castro's desk was full of un-deposited cheques from the US government paying the rent for Guantanamo Bay.

    It is said that these cheques still haven't been deposited or used and are still just laying around because both the former and current Cuban government does not want to acknowledge that the US is renting
    Guantanamo Bay because by accepting the payment they would acknowledge the US is renting the land.

  18. US: Thank you for your country.
    Natives: We didn't give you this country.
    US: Thank you for your country.
    Well, natives have left the room.

  19. United States: Thank you for renting us this land
    Cuba: We don't accept that, please leave

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