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Как Живут в Германии. Улица Красных Фонарей

Как Живут в Германии. Улица Красных Фонарей

-This is Max.
-He’s been living here for 21 years. Alright guys, we’ll try to record the Red Lights District from the car… -It’s a heroine square, right?
-Yeah. Let’s beep at him, maybe he will come, come over here! They go to doctor’s and they’re given a syringe. It’s all paid by the city capital. We’re going to the downtown, where all the parties happen and students come. Answer in the comment what car is this… Here goes… Quiet, quiet! In Germany feeding pigeons will fine you 35 euros. Any other interesting fines here? We want to enter this Hitler-tower… Around 70 years ago there was Hitler’s residence. -Sehr gut.
-Sehr gut… My main concern is that we might get in trouble walking on this lawn. You can’t see it on Google Maps, it’s a secret zone. -Good morning!
-Good morning. When you’re doing some extreme sports… -I’m putting it on.
-Then you should put it on. It even has a zipper to loosen it if you’re getting pressured by it. Here, see? Click… Yeah, i get it. Gray-to-gray… It’s like quadrocopter blades. -It’s just painful…
-Do it while exhaling, Nastya. -Here…
-Gut, gut.
-You gotta hold it like that, it will be easier that way. Another try at recording a video, guys. I’m going to McDonalds. Also, if you aren’t subscribed to my Instagram yet, then make sure to, i’m doing livestreams here… If you want a meeting with me, then make sure to direct message me, i answer to everyone. I will meet someone today, you’ll see for yourself. We’ve come to excruciate Nastya again. Every day, it’s work-work. Good job, look, she can do it herself now. We’re going to a party! Nastya, are you coming? Oh, screw you. Get me some cheese. Lamberz, okay. Bye! We’re walking down the streets of Achim and saw a mouse. Kaput? Kaput! Alright guys, we’ll try to record the Red Lights District from the car… -This is Max.
-He’s been living here for 21 years.
-Yeah, in Achim. [Max Zaplet] He’s shown me some cool places in Achim, but i didn’t really record them. Also, it seems like he’s like me or it’s me like him, but we both in lives have some kind of braids. -We can tell about them for days.
-Yeah, we both are. We’re trying to record the Red Lights District, but it’s f*cking dangerous to go there, so we will record from inside the car. Do you see these 2 slightly opened windows right here? See? They knock on this windows right here, and many not know it, but here people buy heroine! So it’s a heroine square? Yeah, you see, they’re packing them…
-Holy crap… They’re sitting there smoking pipes, you can see it. Let’s beep at him, maybe he will come, come over here! -Oh, you’ve seen that? He ran away.
-He’s going away… -He shows us a middle-finger!
-They buy the syringes in the medical vending machines. From these machines… So they don’t get ill.. It’s just a regular machine, they throw the money and like they would be getting cigs they get the syringes. Here’s one with tape on it, you can see a syringe logo on it. -Holy crap…
-And here they sell one-use syringes for heroine injection. -That’s crazy…
-You can buy a lot of them and get high. Can you imagine it, the drug addicted get methadone in mornings They go to doctor’s and get a syringe… It’s all paid by the city capital. They get high on it, go to the city, relax, and then by their own methods make money for more heroine injections. In this country drug addicts are considered mentally ill, so they have to help them out. -Everyone pays their taxes to support drug addicts.
-Yeah, and them also. -Where are we going?
-We’re going to the downtown, where all the parties happen and students come. Yeah, we will show you a more civilized life of normal people. Here people, just like in Russia, drink energetics with vodka. -And we just drink beer.
-Just beer! Look guys, the car is taped for a reason, do you know what car is this? Answer in the comment what car is this… It’s taped so that people won’t see it’s figure? Look at the steering wheel – it’s taped as well. Everything is taped… -So my rear joint got patched up, right?
-Yeah. -Forget about it.
-No, what if i do exercises? Will it grow again or something?
-No, no, no, we have a guarantee for 12 months. And you can get it wet, you can take a shower once you arrive home. No saunas or cold or hot baths yet, at least for 3 days after the operation. -Do we have to treat it?
-No, no need to. There’s no need to treat it because inside it is a tube with antibiotics that prevents the flesh from rotting and makes it heal. They put it right inside to not harm the stomache with pills or creams. Hello Max! Why are you changing cars like gloves? It’s for the weekends, the previous one was for work. -Ah, i get it.
-The work one isn’t insured for weekends. Our battery’s low. -C’mon!
-Accelerate a bit harder. -F*ck…
-No results… -Quiet, quiet…
-Oh, here. -We did it!
-We did it. We are going to show you an interesting place, where Hitler made a camp for children. It’s the same as we had during the Stalin years, pioneers, octebryata… Hitler had a similar system, from their childhood kids had been taught how to live by a specific system… Our senior citizens always drive Mercedez cars, it’s like a holy grail after the war for them. -Before they lost the war.
-Yeah. -There are a lot of russians in Achim?
-Yeah, there are whole neighbours of russians, with russian shops and barber shops. -Write in the comments what you think about Max, if you like him then we might collab in the future, going to Poland and Paris…
-Yeah, we will of course. I will take my friends and we will go visit Paris, which is built on bones. -They have a gallery with bone statues.
-We will do it in summer, we will make decisions in May. We’re on the petrol station. Max told me an interesting thing that during the school days, teachers told them that being a rat is a good thing. “I’ve got some money to buy sweets for my class, once i get to the counter one of the teachers grabs me…”. That’s their ideology. Even if your friend does a bad thing, you must tell about it. Max, don’t you dare to rat on me. Yeah, right here on the petrol station. In Germany feeding pigeons will fine you 35 euros. Any other interesting fines here? Dropping a cigarette on the floor – 10 euros. Pissing in the bushes – 15 euros.
Crossing the road – 10 euros… Talking on phone in inappropriate places – 80 euros fine. Wherever you go you will get fined. Look, all these spikes is the old border of the Germany with Belgium. Hitler built all that. We want to get on this Hitler-tower, where he was standing and watching. These are the barracks where young people lived. -They say that americans had won the war.
-Yeah, they say that americans did all the job, and soviet forces only got to work in the end. -They had just put their flag.
-Yeah, that, and everything else did americans. There’s a watchtower near the stadium, where Hitler was looking at the young people. Such a great view, and then there’s glass shards on the floor… Also here’s a cafe. I’m curious to see what’s inside… Wow! A toilet! 70 years ago Hitler was standing there and was watching the preparation of his doings. That’s quite a nice place he chose. What you just saw is a picture of how aryans must look like, that’s what’s left of it. Look at the bullet holes here, these are the real bullets… -Here was the eagle, right?
-Oh, here it is?
-Eagle, yeah. They’ve broke it head as well. True aryan: curly hair, blue eyes, tall, and tough. I want to tell you that i’m not a real aryan. I’ve been told that these signs are a protest against nuclear plants. -How is it really?
-In Belgium they have an atomic plant. -Teoschi.
-Old one, yeah?
-Old, right… And if it blows up, Achim will just cease to exist. Actually, the plant itself works well and is safe, it’s just people making up a panic so that they close it down. -And bought energy from Germany?
-Bought it from Germany, exactly. This place is a SS camp, where neo-nazis still come to this day with swaztikas to let people know that they still exist. We will now go upstairs and enter a room where they were having feasts and meetings. Here the german SS soldiers have been feasting. These red-black bricks look amazing though. -And here they were smoking and saying “Ja-ja”.
-Ja ja, ser gut. Ser gut. We’re going to an american graveyard. We’ll see how cool it is there. Guys, we’re crossing the border with Belgium. -The customs officers will now inspect us and our cars.
-Get your passports out. I’m kidding, this is how the border looks like. Nobody stops anyone and no walls. -American flag there, it’s like we’re in the US, not in Germany, right?
-Mhm. You can smell the americanism. First name, last name… Cause of death: bombing. German Schozef Walter died here, he was a german born in America. Everything is solid – like in America. One David’s star, two David’s star… Three… A lot of battles have been there. Massachussets, Louisiana… California, this one died in October 3rd, 1944. Write in the comments if you know whether these graves are real or not, maybe they took the bodies and just places the graves here. Memorial for those who gave their life away for their country. And an american flag… My main concern is that we might get in trouble walking on this lawn. It’s like a rug of grass… Miltoj G.S. From New-York, died on October 16th, 1944. And what does PFC 2-4 mean? Maybe squad. Write in the comments if you know what that means, are we right assuming that it’s their squad where they fought? This is the Invasion of Normandy events. Oh look, these are the battles near Achim, right? Yeah. You can check the years, let’s say, 1942… Typical belgian city with wires on the pillars, they don’t have that anymore in the rest of Europe, right? Yeah, everywhere else these wires are underground, but here they still connect them by pillars. The gardens are blooming, look at this beauty, cows… Alright guys, we’ve come to a place where acquaintace of Max resells military machines. -And he doesn’t know what is being delivered to him, it can be helicopters, vans, jets…
-You can see a bit of them, although the containers are closed. Oh, it’s closed, huh? -Why won’t anybody buy this plane?
-How? You have to transport it somehow. -You have an opportunity to see this with your own eyes, you can’t find this place on Google Maps, it’s top secret.
-Yeah. -We’ll go to our brothers, he owns another shop like that.
-Let’s buy a machine gun! Two machine guns, let’s go for it! Fresh cars, look at these trucks. -It’s quite in a good condition, isn’t it?
-It’s good. -And this is your brother’s?
-Yeah, it’s his, he does the same thing. Planes too… Cabins… Oh look, you can buy a pilot uniform. -Catapults, huh?
-Catapults here, yeah. You can buy some water flasks… Military canister costs 18 euros. Military boots, Timberlands. Today we’ve been to Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. -We’ve crossed the border of Belgium like… 4 times?
-4 times, exactly. -What do you say?
-It’s a farewell, but not a long one i hope.
-Yeah. -I’ve shown you everything i knew.
-Nah, Max, thank you very much, you did a great job. -I did my best.
-It’s a good thing i have my subscribers who can help me make new content. I hope you enjoyed this episode, even though it’s not over yet, as we still have to go to Belgium for our plane, as we depart from there instead of Germany. -It’s time.
-It’s kind of sad to be honest.
-Time to go. -Don’t you feel sad?
-C’mon. -You’re so sentimental, i’m amazed.
-C’mon! I’m about to cry. -Goodbye!
-Thank you! Good job! Good day!
-Thank you. Thank you… Because of the recent terrorist attacks it is prohibited to park near the airport, instead you have to park near that parking lot over there, see? So we’ve made a carriage of what’s been left of Nastya’s stuff, and let’s go! Wohooo! That’s how i roll, yeah. It’s not really comfortable, but what can we do? I’m finally home, here our episode ends. Goodbye and good luck!

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